Sunday, January 08, 2017

BAD COPS & the Department of JUSTICE

I suggest several things -

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2. understand the POLITICAL ENVIRONMENT to Make America Great Again #MAGA
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5. We are called Northwest UFO Chasers
6. VIDEO of a true Extra Terrestrial
7. try to understand the TIMELINE tool
8. is GOBEKLI TEPE Evidence of SACRIFICE Altars that GOD had us build?


The ONLY thing POLICE DEPARTMENTS DO is get people KILLED & the same DEPARTMENTS CAN'T PROVE a BENEFIT TO SOCIETY either FINANCIALLY or in anyway plus they are KILLING PEOPLE, and NOW again they are getting themselves KILLED. It is all EVIL STUPIDITY! the BA - EL or BROTHER GOD Satan the deceiver is at work! 

We the People want statistics collected on the BAD COP VIDEOS by the Department of JUSTICE to provide a mobile application that shows the American people something is being done to change corrupt cops behavior.

When a POLICE OFFICER stops you and asks for IDENTIFICATION - 
  Terry v. Ohio 1968 The Supreme Court Precedent Cases - [ RECORD NO. 26 in #BADCOPS OUT OF 26 ]

Remember anything you say WILL BE USED AGAINST YOU by the POLICE including your IDENTIFICATION - 
  Miranda v. Arizona 1966 The Supreme Court Precedent Cases - [ RECORD NO. 27 in #BADCOPS OUT OF 27 ]

BAD COPS & the Department of JUSTICE

If YOU DO NOT LIKE Bad Cops or Bad Police behavior or LAW ENFORCEMENT that DOES NOT understand the CONSTITUTION of the United States of America then support Van Jones on NBC and call / EMAIL, TWITTER your SENATOR!

Hillary Clinton won't help the same individuals because she is LYING about a CLASSIFIED E-MAIL that refers to INJURED by DRONE STRIKE in Pakistan 2007 as Independent Contractors working for Theater Medical Information Program Telemedicine Advanced Tectical Research Center DARPA JOINT BASE LEWIS MCCHORD by offering them PTSD TBI treatment through the Veterans Administration.

Hillary WONT get Medical Marijuana off DEA Schedule 1 for the same Veterans INJURED in WAR Theater to alleviate PAIN.

Hillary PAID for a foreigner to sit on the State Departments INTELLIGENCE board at the State Department with NO REPURCUSSIONS.

When PLANNED PARENTHOOD does an illegal abortion nobody is held accountable within the GOVERNMENT and that should be HILLARY.

Hillary Clinton wont tell you why AIRCRAFT is polluting your skies and PRIME CONTRACTORS are illegally getting FEDERAL GOVERNMENT CONTRACT with Favoritism through the Clinton Foundation, just ask the MEDIA RESEARCH ANALYSTS +CNN like +WolfBlitzer

NO JUDGE wearing a BLACK ROBE should preside over a case if they have RACISM as JUDGE CURIEL is found to have a reverse form of disc rimination which is the ISSUE of BIAS raised by +Donald J. Trump for President

Hillary Clintons pick for VICE PRESIDENT shows that Elizabeth Warren worships the JUDGES in BLACK ROBES and has done NOTHING in the SENATE for the American People just look at her RECORD. If +ElizabethWarrenForMA is willing to LIE for HILLARY there is something weird about this and it is the deceiver SATAN also known as BAAL or BA - EL or in HEBREW Brother GOD and then you add CANAANITE for the mark of CAIN and you get CANA - BA - EL or Satan and that is who the BLACK ROBED JUDICIARY is being corrupted by.

The WORSHIP of BAAL by the CANAANITES who established BLOOD SACRIFICE of CHILDREN, WOMEN & MEN on SLABS just as ABRAHAM was going to SACRIFICE ISSAC or IS - RA - EL or Geneology of ISIS SUN GOD or the people of the BIBLE! Many ANCIENT CULTURES, IE: the Aztechs SACRIFICED HUMANS to BAAL. The WORSHIP of BAAL is a SECRET SOCIETY that has infiltrated the United States through the legal system and here is HOW! The United States GOVERNMENT tries to convince that there is PROFIT in LAW BREAKING so you go to court. The JUDGE is in a black robe if you come in under common law you are looking for standing in that court and sometimes if you say the right thing the JUDGE leaves and comes back to establish STANDING but now under Maritime Admiralty. This is all based upon MAGIC taught by THOTH of EGYPT to the world. THOTH explains how he built the PYRAMID on the GIZA PLATEAU and WHY after completion a distribution of the priest knowledge to the world was critical but he said follow the light and they were corrupted by SOBO - EL or SATAN and began SACRIFICING HUMANS for which GOD brought the FLOOD all over the planet. Remember the entire SUPREME COURT wears black robes, Hillary Clinton has worked as a LAWYER, Politician all of her life. Some WORSHIP BAAL or BA'AL or BA - EL or CANA - BA - EL or SOBO - EL or SATAN the DECEIVER! What Cananite BA EL really means is BROTHER to GOD. What we have found is that SRI RAMA KRISNA who lived in the city of DWARKA off the coast of INDIA was brother to SHIVA or King Nimrod or NEMRUT. These ancient cultures and civilizations modified the human genome and produced GIANTS from the MAGIC of THOTH or Hermes Trismegistus. The HERMETIC PHYLOSOPHY of SATAN the brother of GOD! By the way I Follow the LIGHT and just one of those frequencies is 432 Hz for a reason. If we know the Speed of Light calculation we have both to conclude an immediate answer to the third, velocity (v) of cycles per second and the inverse property of frequency or the band width. This communication to GOD is very real and some think they can tap it now! The ARCS in the sky and on the ground are ancient symbols of LIGHT in a 360 degree protractor or circle but marked by twelve constellations as they rotate across the earths HORIZON or Horus and as the Great SPHYNX sees or gazes up at angle off the HORIZON to see one of the twelve constellations. This SECRET told to us by Hermes to follow the LIGHT and never become corrupt.  

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