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There are two things the President of the United States should do immediately to #MASA or Make America Safe Again!

1. BUILD Electric DEPORTATION City that creates a place where illegal and legal immigrants can be VETTED for reintegration into society. GOFUNDME.COM ELECTRIC_DEPORTATION_CITY built by +Elon Musk & +DonaldJTrumpUpdates called the TRUMP / MUSK Electric Deportation City built in the DESERT but with houses, WALMART but again where any ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT can turn themselves in and maybe with children and again, built by USA labor foces funded FEDRERALLY.

IDEA number 2. is a TRUMP / MUSK HYPERLOOP Electric TRAIN WALL, YES I said ELECTRIC TRAIN WALL built by United States Labor Forces that connects Washington DC to Seattle, Los Angeles to Miami, Miami back to Washington DC. Funded Federally this kills many hurdles for the +Donald J. Trump for President Presidential Administration. MUSK submits CONTRACT and USA gives him preferential to build a NON-PROFIT ELECTRIC DEPORTATION City! TRUMP Electric WALL Train station in DEPORTATION CITY, where any illegal immigrant can turn themselves in and be VETTED!

President of the United States of America 
Donald J TRUMP
Making America Great Again - #MAGA

1. Immigration is being handled and We the People are GRATEFUL to OUR President!

2. NO ACCESS to the Veterans Administration for me a DISABLED VETERAN, STILL TO-DATE!

3. #DEEPSTATE = @CIA @NSA @FBI and one of it's AGENTS committed a FELONY when they LEAKED CLASSIFIED INFORMATION to the +Washington Post and / or the +NewYorkTimes Press - read more PEACE -

4. SAI Stratospheric Aerolization Injection (Chemical Trails) MUST BE HALTED IMMEDIATELY - by ending Air Force, Raytheon, Monsanto, ETC..., CONTRACTS!

Stratospheric Aerosolized Injection or SAI = Chemical Trails

To Eddie Bravo, Joe Rogan & Alex Jones -
Dr Lenny Thyme in this VIDEO says that he believes that the United States Department of Defense are dropping metal chaffe so that EXTRA TERRESTRIALS or ALIENS from Outer Space can't find Earth!

In the following VIDEO Dr Horace Drew states that the EXTRA TERRESTRIALS that have already found us and made contact are communicating that either we DISCLOSE their EXISTENCE or we suffer the consequences of destroying the Earth because the knowledge that the EXTRTA TERRESTRIALS gave was to go to EVERYONE on the planet! That has NOT happened yet but maybe eminent that President TRUMP (DISCLOSE) or release the UFO FILES!

ALL YOU TRUMP SUPPORTERS, better understand the nature of
BIOLOGICAL WARFARE in the United States against IRAN +Iran ♥ (ايران) , Russia +Russia Beyond the Headlines , Syria +Syrian Network for Human Rights , CHINA +China Digital Times  & KOREA ! find out more here -


is SAI or Statospheric Aerosolized Injection Chemical Trails REAL?

To Eddie Bravo, Joe Rogan & Alex Jones -
Dr Lenny Thyme in this VIDEO says that he believes that the United States Department of Defense are dropping metal chaffe so that EXTRA TERRESTRIALS or ALIENS from Outer Space can't find Earth!

In the following VIDEO Dr Horace Drew states that the EXTRA TERRESTRIALS that have already found us and made contact are communicating that either we DISCLOSE their EXISTENCE or we suffer the consequences of destroying the Earth because the knowledge that the EXTRTA TERRESTRIALS gave was to go to EVERYONE on the planet! That has NOT happened yet but maybe eminent that President TRUMP (DISCLOSE) or release the UFO FILES!

 The Department of Defense has no capability to STOP the RUSSIANS or any aircraft over the NORTHWEST USA from flying lower than 22000 ft over the United States Air Space. This is a TRUE BIOLOGICAL WARFARE GAME with IRAN, RUSSIA, KOREA & CHINA. EVIDENCE PROOF HERE in this LINK -

CHEMICAL TRAILS or Stratospheric Aerosolized Injection SAI DATABASE LINK -
We the People have EVIDENCE that Bill / Melinda Gates through the United States Trade Patent Office has and owns HUGHES AIRCRAFT COMPANY. The Gates Foundation is working with MONSANTO to develop the only known CURE for TOXIC METAL POISONING coming from Stratospheric Aerosolized Injection also known as SAI.


Do you have any of these symptoms RASHES, GUT ACHES, FLU & COLD?

When you go outside is it always a dark cloud cover?

What we know for a FACT so far is that MORGELLONS is brought on by

SOLUTIONS to include POTASSIUM IODIDE, IODINE, EPSOM SALT BATHS, using the OLD BORAX laundry soap, as we TARGET a FUNGAL INFECTION brought on by Electronic Biological Warfare Chemical Trail Dumping also known as #GEOENGINEERING!

We are called Northwest UFO Chasers because the GOVERNMENT in 2007 made me set up a fictitious business entity as an INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR to conduct operation under TMIP TATRC MEDCOM JBLM or Theater Medical Information Program - Telemedicine Advanced Tactical Research Center - Medical Command on Joint Base Lewis McChord.

MY GREATEST CONCERN is that +POTUS ㅤ +Donald J. Trump for President recognizes this as his internal THREAT to his administration and MONSANTO, HUGHES AIRCRAFT COMPANY & Bill / Melinda Gates really want to #geoengineer TRUMP out of office. There are literally millions of people overwhelming the hospitals with symptoms that are not cured with standard anti-biotics. My thoughts are these sir and I highly suggest you talk with Michael Cohen right away on this, but we can take any CIVIL ACTION and move for JURISDICTIONAL AUTHORITY under Maritime Law and gain INSTANT RELIEF through the Federal Courts by of course a true Maritime Admiralty Officer, like me CMDR Gregory M Volz, however I suggest taking this to the THINK TANK and determining outcome after much input from Alan Dershowitz, Michael Cohen & Jay Sekulow. To come forward to the American People after stopping these, in my OPINION, illegal CONTRACTS with the Air Force, NOAA & Dept of INTERIOR! This Shadow Government is real sir and they mean to take you down. I am sorry for my outburst on video complaining about NO VA but this issue would take precedent.  

We are being poisoned by the illegal dumping of chemicals Barium, Aluminum, Strontium and other nasty nano particulate matter that was developed by MONSANTO who is working in collaboration with Bill / Melinda Gates Foundation with CONTRACTS going to the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration, the United States Air Force and the Department of the INTERIOR who have CONTRACTS to dump these chemicals across the United States of America on unsuspecting CITIZENS. 

I began to feel tremendous health problems and they describe it as a CHEM TRAIL FLU, but the truth is we have had Doctors analyze the findings for which I have provided the best VIDEOS here on this page. If you are suffering health problems related to CHEM TRAIL FLU which NO ANTI-BIOTICS will cure and you qre DESPERATE fpr a SOLUTION, then hang in and read on & watch the video Is Chem Trail Flu Real with Dr. Ed Group. 

There is a SOLUTION video called CHEMTRAIL Do you have it, find out here, where you can get something that binds to the NANO particulate matter. 

I would like to state here that the Government was sold a bill of goods and is destroying land permanently. 

This video makes sense when you understand who the SHADOW GOVERNMENT that is trying to corrupt the TRUMP ADMINISTRATION is and that again is Bill / Melinda Gates, Hughes Aircraft Company & MONSANTO with the #geoengineering of Stratospheric Aerosolized Injection - SAI (NANO PARTICULATE that only Monsanto can cure get it!) and the Global Elite all buy the STOCK!

This is the one where I put 2+2 together, watched the ROUGUE Shadow Government put an X in the sky and found out BARIUM is RAT POISON. 

About a year ago the Navy Warfare UDT teams tried to leave a message for me, but I AM CMDR Gregory M Volz with a COSMIC ULTRA UMBRA Top Secret CLASSIFIED CLEARANCE in the @DoD Department of Defense. I was injured by IED blast as AO EOD in WAR Theater Commander in Wasabi Pakistan 2007, for which the DoD holds my CLEARANCE to DATE! 

I suggest several things -

If after reading this article you wish to PROTEST here is the LINK to your SENATOR so please call them and tell them to STOP the SPRAYING of AEROSOLIZED ALUMINUM & BARIUM (Rat Poison) as Stratospheric Aerosolized Injection or SAI for it is causing destruction of our Atmosphere or the Air we breathe! LINK HERE -

The AIR that we BREATHE & the Water that we drink is under attack by the ROGUE SHADOW GOVERNMENT!

HUGHES AIRCRAFT COMPANY, Bill / Melinda Gates FOUNDATION are delivering Stratospheric Aerosolized Injection in the Northwest skies over the State of Washington. These are illegal CONTRACTS and I have personally NOTIFIED Jay Sekulow, Alan Deshowitz & Michael Cohen as an Amicus Curiae to the Federal Government. Jay Inslee, Patty Murray & Maria Cantwell may be involved. There needs to be an INVESTIGATION IMMEDIATELY and these illegal government contracts put to a halt on the delivery. We the People have EVIDENCE from the United State Patent & Trade mark Office. Can you please take this very seriously as it is causing great health affect in DISABLED VETERANS in Westport Washington state.

CMDR Gregory M Volz

PS I voted for YOU, & President Donald J TRUMP, James Mattis & General McMaster.

Somebody somewhere needs to take this seriously as it is destroying our ATMOSPHERE or the AIR we all breathe.

Save these links, absorb the VIDEOS, and share the links with friends and family.
We are called Northwest UFO Chasers

I suggest several things -

CONTACT YOUR Senator tell them Stratospheric Aerolization Injection MUST END NOW! -

@POTUS @realDonaldTrump @MichaelCohen212 @AlanDersh @JaySekulow @SenateGOP @SenateDems @ABC @nbc @CBS @CNN @fox HAVE BEEN NOTIFIED that You & I need representation in this CLASS ACTION law suit against HUGHES AIRCRAFT COMPANY / Bill / Melinda Gates Foundation along with the United States Government for the HEALTH AFFECTS that the illegal Chemical Spraying of Aluminum & Barium (Rat Poison) on unsuspecting disabled United States Citizens. They by passed the SUNSHINE LAWS and nobody that I am aware of was notified that THEY the @NSA Brennan were going to do or allowed to do any illegal spraying of Chemicals like Aluminum & Barium which he admits in the video below! PLEASE COPY CUT & PASTE this if you want to join the Class Action against this illegal action by our own government! Its called #GEOENGINEERING and you MUST call, Write, Notify your Senators and Congressmen NOW! 

EVIDENCE going before the Federal District Courts

Connection between HUGHES AIRCRAFT COMPANY & Bill / Melinda Gates Foundation

POSSIBLE SOLUTION if you have the CHEM TRAIL FLU in your body!
TO ORDER the Product Cure & we make NO MONEY off this -

is SAI or Statospheric Aerosolized Injection Chemical Trails REAL?

Brother, Sister I have come to know you through praying to GOD and of course watching many videos. I have been studying the Beattitudes and I think that there is one BIG thing missing by everyone professing to be a CHRISTian. GOD's SON Jesus said at the sermon on the mount in Mathhew 5 - PRAY for your enemies and here it is MAKE SACRIFICE to your GOD right after. In the Old testament they sacrificed lambs, sheep to GOD and they sacrificed GOAT HEADS to BAAL and many pray for their enemies but never make the sacrifice of anything to GOD. I have felt the Evil Opression by the ones who manipulate the weather and sit above the clouds so I pray for them and I make SACRIFICE to GOD. I am no one special but I can tell you that my ANGER has subsided and GOD has answered my prayer because I have PTSD so bad I go around shaking my fist at the CHEMICAL TRAIL AIRCRAFT POLLUTERS dropping Aluminum on us all called #GEOENGINEERING by Bill Gates. This is the enemy working for SATAN that we need to pray for but we also must make SACRIFICE of something dear to our heart to our LORD the one who created us if we expect to see a glimpse of heaven. To my BROTHERS & SISTERS in CHRIST AMEN! My prayers go something like this I pray for Russia, China, North Korea & IRAN and then I find something that I have made and make SACRIFICE OFFERING to my LORD. AMEN
Save these links, absorb the VIDEOS, and share the links with friends and family.

You already have failed because not one of you bastards tells me why the veterans administration keeps denying my service to this country and I'm tired of pods of whales dying and flocks of different species of birds while you protest over trump and these illegal contracts continue. Then the banks shut my credit cards off for no reason other than a three dollar discrepancy, this crap is getting ridiculous!

+ABC News +NBC +CBS Evening News +Fox News +CNN
TO: +Morning Joe You finally got it!

NEITHER the CONGRESS or The MEDIA understands the VOTER.

Making America Great Again - BUT NOT YET!

I'll admit it, I am at fault I voted for TRUMP and YES I AM a DEMOCRAT!

TRUMP is still a LIAR until he helps me, I was injured in WAR THEATER Pakistan 2007 while working for the Department of Defense and to date DENIED by the Veterans Administration even with my DD 214's!

illegal Weather Modification government CONTRACTS MUST END

I have already run into Alaska but now live very tip NW Washington State but the illegal immigrants have flooded the Canadian Border and people up here are just starting to lose their jobs and wake up to this nigtmare which is worse than OBUMMER because its the TRUMP BUMMER! Guns being pulled on Citizens in town by Mexican ISIS and their is NO ICE UP HERE!

These OPERATION dropping Aluminum & Barium are meant to AGITATE and you and I were programmed by the Navy, WAKE UP!

JADE HELM 5 15 & 20 are all real and they are going to kill a population of people soon!
The Navy uses HEAT SIGNATURE no matter how small you are on Earth they TAG then have you identified by Satellite as a unique heat signature, ESPECIALLY when you are a UDT CMDR Gregory M Volz and they are so worried that I am going divulge CLASSIFIED about LRAD, RAILGUN, SECRET SPACE CORPS, and so much more! I got the EVIDENCE in locations secret and they try to infiltrate befriend and get but they DO NOT succeed. I was trained well and we use it now against the enemy and I hate to think that is MATTIS now!

FT Detrick NSA DoD Pentagon went rouge and is the SHADOW GOVERNMENT, ever since FLYNN was set up by TRUMP. the MSM will NOT REPORT the TRUTH! MANY now have turned in their RESIGNATIONS to TRUMP and nobody is reporting it, like PATREUS said NO, KELLY said NO, FLYNN Resigned, much more to come but somebody is screwing TRUMP and they own NBC, HUGHES AIRCRAFT COMPANY for which it might be BILL GATES himself.

I used to just want to go kill a deer or elk and go off grid until they proved to me that there is no where to run and relax because they fly right over the top in WHITE UNDESIGNATED aircraft and drop the Aluminum & Barium.

I ain't no world war II vet I am a distinguished current UDT CMDR for the Department of Defense who has conducted operations in WASABI Pakistan, Afganistan, Libya, Iraq, Syria and have killed many ISIS only to find threat ISIS has infiltrated through the Mexican Mafia and are the illegal immigrants with criminal intent to HARM BEHEAD MURDER and RAPE YOU at gunpoint!

Praying aint cuttin it for me right now as I scream where the FUCK are YOU GOD?

I got PTSD so bad and am a known threat by local government who tried to have me detained for 72 hours and take my weapons away but I dismissed the case under Admiraty law and restored my weapons under the CONSTITUTION and boy they hate that big time. I HATE men period and if you are a dude don't touch me or you end up on the ground begging me to let up as I arrest. I am a very bad man who was trained, Im Acrive and Ive killed and the VA denies me and puts me out there as a threat. I LAUGH at their stupidity but luckily the same PENTAGON gives me my credentials and trained me in Anti Terrorism and how to kill people very well.

like I said, I originally called a Senator or Congressman to find out why the VA lies and taunts me on TWITTER?

if YOU are a PROTESTER then YOU should be Targeting +RepublicanSenators +Congressional Internet Caucus Advisory Committee & HOUSE REPUBLICANS for NOT drafting LAWS to help protect Americans from illegal immigrants with CRIMINAL INTENT & LEGAL IMMIGRANTS so that these families DO NOT keep getting ripped apart. It is time to join forces both REPUBLICAN TRUMP & DEMOCRAT PROTESTERS to take on CONGRESS!

CAN YOU IMAGINE IF We JOIN together against CONGRESS as We the People? Call a SENATOR, Call Your CONGRESSMAN, EMAIL twitter message but DO NOT STOP because we need to SOLVE this stupid problem in the UNITED STATES of America

DEMOCRATIC PROTESTERS that DO NOT understand American Soldiers FOUGHT to keep American Citizens from being RAPED BEHEADED or MURDERED!

Trump shook up the defense industry once again on Thursday when he tweeted about negotiations for fighter jets, pitting Boeing and Lockheed Martin against each other, reports Reuters. "Based on the tremendous cost and cost overruns of the Lockheed Martin F-35, I have asked Boeing to price-out a comparable F-18 Super Hornet!" tweeted Trump, who has been holding meetings with aerospace execs at his Mar-a-Lago estate.


Remembering the Past -

NSA Secrets Spying Edward Snowden & Julianne Assange Wikileaks

BAD COPS Policing the Police

see TOP TWO IDEAS at TOP of Page!


Remembering Financial Disasters of the PAST -

IMMIGRATION illegal IMMIGRANTS with Criminal Intent

listen I get worked up but YOU and I are really on the same page and I appreciate your arguments but the first thing you learn in law school is that you have to understand the opposing sides position and CONGRESS has NOT provided DUE PROCESS for IMMIGRANTS which causes all of this confusion and two individuals like us that VOTED for TRUMP. AGAIN there is NO PROCESS for Legal or Illegal immigrants with criminal intent and NO KING in this country with single AUTHORITY Established in the CONSTITUTION for OUR FREEDOM on PURPOSE! That's why we have a TRI-PARTATE JUDICIAL SYSTEM with Checks & Balances! I Aced all my law courses. Sincerely, CMDR Gregory M Volz - Independent Contractor to the Departments of Defense & Justice - MY Resume - …

I THANK YOU and basically agree with everything you state. You are a very intelligent MAN! This all played out in the 1930's with Elliot Ness and to this day some argue that CRIMINALS should NOT get DUE PROCESS but the one time an INNOCENT MAN is convicted it over turns the argument. OBUMMER created this scenario called GLOBALISM. The PEOPLE or We the People and our Federal Attorneys that represent us must establish that the immigrant entering, and this the important piece NOT MUSLIM or other derogatory name either has or does NOT have the Criminal Intent. We the people need to start calling them illegal immigrants with criminal intent and establish that and the PROCESS or DUE PROCESS Legislation. Even though YOU and I can argue that side the one time a child is HARMED which is what the opposing side presented and the reason you say the attorney for the Dept of Justice was bad is because he was NOT able to provide EVIDENCE at the TRO hearing and they pushed it back to DISTRICT for each of the sides to present EVIDENCE which on OUR side will be an illegal immigrant with criminal intent or TERRORIST from one of the SEVEN COUNTRIES. Like YOU said hopefully while waiting there is NOT another attack but the FBI can't stop everything! I also just want to say on a personal note you have made me feel better than I have in a long time. I hope to call you FRIEND

After sustaining BRAIN INJURY in WAR Theater Pakistan 2007 they tried to retire me. I went back to school to become a FEDERAL ATTORNEY. At the same time I always wanted to answer the UFO question which they would NOT let me pursue in the Department of Defense, the strange thing that happened was I created the business Northwest UFO Chasers which became my Independent CONTRACT identity as a FEDERAL ATTORNEY working CONTRACT LAW in Washington DC. It gets there attention when I use the legal system of shepardization on legal case precedents IE: TRUMP vs Wa St XXXXXXXXXXXXXX with EVIDENCE to support existence of Extra Terrestrials. I was able to get documents released at the CIA & FBI pertaining to the real ALIENS or illegal immigrants from outer space with criminal intent. I hope you are laughing about now but I am dead serious and they have had to take me seriously in the FEDERAL DISTRICT COURTS. International LAW at the United Nations now has process for, YES you guessed it ET'S EBE's Extra Terrestrials ALIENS. So now I am hoping you see that this is all a circle jerk by the deceiver BAAL or BA-EL or the CANA-BA-EL or Canaanite Brother to GOD known as SATAN the deceiver. That is why judges wear black robes and wave magic wands. How to end STANDING in Federal Court from Civil Procedure to Admiralty and force government to apply RELIEF because YOU dont know that you gave up your rights when you got your birth certificate and established citizenship. The baby floats in water and the areas of law are CIVIL, Criminal, Admiralty, Family Matter, Estate Planning Taxation. Remember BLACK ROBES and Magic Wands! 8m 8 minutes ago Northwest UFO Chaser Best thing YOU and I can do is hammer our Senators with the question, where is the DUE PROCESS IMMIGRATION LAWS for legal with NO criminal intent or illegal immigrants with criminal intent at? Who are your Senators? Which state do you live in? TWITTER & GOOGLE plus those Senators and state that YOU are We the People. Thank You friend Sincerely, CMDR Gregory M Volz


Oh and by the way, OPERATION FORCE DOME PROTECTION funded by BILL GATES & PRIME CONTRACTORS to deliver CHEMICALS to conduct WAR OPERATIONS over the United States of America is in full swing and We the People have EVIDENCE

Seems like HELL might be a real place in the Earth.
There is also a full blown genetics HYBRID program being conducted in AGARTHA ANTARCTICA ATLANTIS which is the CONTINENT that plato wrote about being swallowed by water overnight and freezing in its NEW southern location after the CATACLYSMIC EVENT

 The END GAME comes when the People WAKE UP and start listening to +David Wilcock 2016 ! The END GAME is an infestation of the BILDERBERG Satanism that worships a Canabal who drinks blood inside the United States Government and the RICH ILLUMINATISTS who are funding these COSMIC TOP SECRET Government Contracts to deliver Chemicals from aircraft pollution and the HYBRIDIZATION of the human or homo-sapien species, but I laugh Out Loud when the ILLUMINATIST NEANDERTHALIS ALIENSIS islamic black eyed creatures infiltrating society at a location in SYRIA and AGARTHA ANTARCTICA ATLANTIS.

This puts the entire picture together for you (the People) so please WAKE UP to the War between GOOD & EVIL as it is very real. 
The Biggest story should be the TRILLIONS of DOLLARS wasted by AIRCRAFT dropping pollution on your asses and the MILITARY PENTAGON CONTRACTORS convinced OBAMA & now TRUMP that they can modify the weather. NO they can't modify the firkin weather but what they are good at is POLLUTING with JET & AIRCRAFT EXHAUST which is known to cause ANXIETY in TERRORISTS and it AGITATES BLACK & MEXICAN ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS to rape your children because they are delivering drugs like HEROIN COCAINE METHAMPHETAMINE to the SANCTUARY CITIES, but TRUMP don't want to do nothing about it just like OBAMA because they are all firkin crooked. FAKE NEWS my ASS when INFO WARS +Infowars  gets a bigger audience than +ABC News +NBC News +CBS Evening News +Fox News +CNN International

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