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Net Neutrality - Aaron Swartz - MURDER or SUICIDE?

YOU missed my point entirely. What I stated CLEARLY was that Aaron Swartz VIOLATED the LAW. Yes he was a proponent of NET NEUTRALITY which is REGULATED by the FCC. The LOBBY'S include Time Warner Communication, VIACOM, and basically ABC, NBC, CBS (the all seeing EYE) spending money to CONTROL the FEED of information that you see. The CONTROL is first through BROADBAND TELEVISION and then they have picked away at what you can and can't watch or see over the INTERNET NOW. Aarons focus was at REDDIT where he had developed a mobile application so people could submit. This is the GREAT LIE. There are truly only three types of DATA, PICTURES (jpg's,png's,gifs), TEXT (doc,txt,etc), VIDEO (mp4,etc,etc). The ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE we programmed in the 1980's called ARPNET on a Sperry Univac 1100 at Mare Island Naval Shipyard became the INTERNET in 1991 using the PROTOCOL TCP/IP. The AI seperates information acccording to categories listed above. TODAY the AI on STEROIDS does facial recognition through analyzing VIDEO FILES captured anywhere anybody is connected to the INTERNET. Aaron knew all of this, BUT he learned from a guy like me who actually did it all with Bill Gates. Bill and I used discs called CPM discs which are bigger than 360k floppies and went into the Sperry Univacc 1100. My point is that YOUR life is now being run by AI and the AI is funded by the CORPORATIONS opposed to Net Neutrality and some believe that Aaron was MURDERED by them. He was NOT! Again Aaron broke the LAW, FEDERAL LAW of regulations put in place to CONTROL the masses with their AI. I know all of this seems like a lot but actually this is the quick and dirty version. Illuminatti Bilderberg members own CBS the ALL SEEING EYE and know everything that YOU DO! They want your SOUL or SPIRIT literally and want to give that to their DARK LORD of the Rings = SATURN = SATAN. I HIGHLY SUGGEST that anybody interested in the REAL WAR between GOOD and EVIL for your very SPIRIT or SOULS watch the following video by David Icke here -

We (Department of Defense) are finding that BREAKING the LAW is being taught at MIT and other UNIVERSITIES with political agendas but the LAWS are being created by ABC, NBC, CBS (the All Seeing Eye) illuminatti who wants your very SPIRIT or SOUL.

illegal criminal activity is NOT justified because someone thinks the law is wrong! We have the same scenario and trap for both illegal immigrants and what Aaron Swartz did. He broke the LAW and tried to justify it. Then he got the SHEEPLE that followed him to complain about the enforcement of the LAW by the Justice Department and again WRONG target. I FAULT the Educational system and MIT for teaching only one side, TYRANNY. We have LAWS that Aaron VIOLATED Federally and he knew it with INTENT. It was an easy case. He wasn't murdered he committed SUICIDE!

(BOZO) you wouldn't even have the INTERNET TODAY unless we programmed it first on a Sperry Univac 1100 with the protocol TCP/IP on Mare Island Naval Shipyard and I have documented proof in my RESUME here - and by the way Bill Gates, Elon Musk and I have all been friends and worked together many times. I grew up in Santa Clara California and graduated with the highest scores on ever in the California High Scholl Proficiency EXAM that allowed me to have the career as a NAVAL OFFICER and developer of Artificial Intelligence! - My RESUME - You should think before opening your mouth and inserting your foot, and all your body parts will tell you that the ASSHOLE is in charge and that includes obviously your brain connected to your mouth BOZO!

The Story of Aaron Swartz, The Man Who Could Change the World - Documentary