Sunday, June 25, 2017

VA Accountability and Whistleblower Protection Act of 2017

As a DISABLED AMERICAN VETERAN who worked for the Department of Defense in 2007 as of today I still have had no access to the Veterans Administration for medication and help at American lake Washington state. In Fact I sit here BLEEDING out of my ass as my intestines are twisting inside of me. I have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder so bad and Traumatic Brain Injury. I need some help from anybody and everybody. I have lost relationship with my mother who got elderly but thought I said something bad about her husband. I lost my wife and children who never come to see me. The hernia I got last year is a mess with the mesh starting to rip apart. Pockets of MUCOUS lay in my back, neck and sinus and I wish to die from the pain. NOBODY seems to care. OBAMA started out the same way as TRUMP promising some help for the Department of Defense CONTRACTORS who were injured in IED explosive blast. Each time I go to American Lake VA in Washington State there is some BLACK lady watching porn, or doing things they should not. They will NOT help DISABLED VETERANS and they should all be fired. That's all great but where do I go to get medication for my PTSD & TBI that I received in Pakistan 2007 working for TATRC TMIP on JBLM. We marched from MOSUL to RAQQA with the Stryker Brigade Combat Teams and won the region twice already. Not one of you bastards out there will help me for some reason. I was told to call the VA crisis line and when I do they tell me obver and over to go kill myself because my TBI injury causes me to become angry and I have NO MEDICATION. I don't just have a BAD ATTITUDE it is worse than that. I end up with heat exhaustion from yelling at people telling them that two presidents keep promising help and NOBODY ever delivers. My phone number is 253-445-0946 and I would like some VA representative to call me so I can explain this horror story I am living in. TODAY BLOOD all over the toilet and my lungs but I have no medical and Greys Harbor Community Hospital keeps rejecting me outright for my PTSD outbursts. You all are Pathetic and keep saying wait, something is happening and getting done but to me a DISABLED man it's all BULLSHIT! Why don't you guys ever follow through with anything you say. I am so sick of this crap. We saved 4000 soldiers with TBI and AMPUTATIONS. I worked for MEDCOM pulling Adsorbent Patient Litter System packets off my pants to throw on the bloody legs of amputated soldiers by IED blast in WAR Theater. When it happened to me I had Half my face blown off missing teeth and my mother doesn't even know or try to help to this day. I sit here by myself in complete utter isolation in pain bleeding with NO HEALTHCARE. FUCK ALL of you who say you are helping.

This is an example of what I was trained to do as a four member drop team pulled out of the back of a UH-60 in war theater, dropped in to triage the wounded soldier. 2000 TBI at Madigan & 2000 amputees at Walter Reed. However when it came time for me I got nothing back in return for over ten years now.

Please will a SENATOR or Congressman please intervene in my regard because I am BLEEDING bad today and in tremendous EMOTIONAL & PHYSICAL PAIN from my injury in WAR theater Pakistan 2007. I have had these bastards try to tell me that I am not entitled and I kept all the original paperwork to include my dd-214's. They have told me my records burned in a fire. Then they said I am not entitled to a VA BENEFIT. For GOD'S sake I was in the military and they forced me to convert to CIVILIAN DEPARTMENT of DEFENSE to work these programs on MEDCOM TATRC TMIP.  

Again all I can do as a DISABLED man bleeding and in pain is cry out for help to some politician or a person with some power pull to a politician in the federal government. 

PLEASE I beg you to make this known to all that might be able top help. My name is CMDR Gregory M Volz I live at 1217 S Montesano St Westport Washington state and my phone number is 253-445-0946. 

CMDR Gregory M Volz Department of Defense Amicus Curiae CONTRACTOR at LAW

PS I am and was part of the UDT Family but have been forgotten by them too. I graduated from Camp Pendelton in 1979 and I believe James Mattis was our COMMANDANT Lt CMDR. 

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