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Remembering Financial Disasters of the PAST

part 1 Money Power & Wallstreet

part 2 Money Power & Wallstreet

part 3 Money Power & Wallstreet

part 4 Money Power & Wallstreet

2016 Money Power Wallstreet

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Genesis Table

Genesis Chapters
What it means
? 12000+ BC
GOD Creates Everything

? 12000+ BC
GOD rests, first watering of plants, GOD Creates MAN & WOMEN

? 12000+ BC
SERPENT tells Eve eat of the fruit and you will know GOOD & EVIL, GOD covenents with Adam to grow plants but tells he will return to DUST!

12000 BC
EVE bears Cain & Able, Cain gives fruit & Able gives Sheep, lesson mastery over jealousy & other sins, Cain kills Murders Able, Cain is marked, Cain & Wife have son ENOCH (GOD names city ENOCH) son Jared son Mahalel son Mathuselah son Lamech, Lamech kills murders marked 77 fold, ADAM & EVE son SETH son ENOSH

12000 BC
Generation of Adam to Noah sons Shem, Ham, Japheth

3000 BC
Sons of GOD takes mans daughters as wives, NEPHILIM 6.4, 6.5 GOD sorry created man only likes NOAH, 6.14 GOD tells NOAH make Ark

3000 BC
FLOOD of the Earth

3000 BC
GOD ends FLOOD, NOAH builds ALTER, SEED TIME & Harvest, Cold & Heat, Summer & Winter, Day & Night Earth will NOT cease

2000 BC
GOD blesses NOAH, GOD places NOAH over all animals and makes them FOOD, GOD COVENENTS with NOAH, HAM son of NOAH is Canaan, NOAH drinks WINE & HAM finds Nakedness, GOD curses CANAAN, GOD blesses SHEM, GOD enlarges JAPHETH makes CANAAN their slave

2000 BC
GENERATIONS of NOAH sons SHEM, HAM, JAPHETH sons MAGOG etc...., HAM sons CUSH,EGYPT,PUT,CANAAN, SHEM sons children of EBER sons ELAM etc....

2200-2154 BC
ONE LANGUAGE, making of bricks, GOD confuses language location BABEL, NIMROD also NIMRUT (city NEMRUT) son of CUSH son of HAM son of NOAH was King during destruction of BABEL

520-320 BCE or 6th Century
ABRAM ABRAHAM, see WIKIPEDIA History for dates & why

chap 13

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I suggest several things -

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4. Save these links, absorb the VIDEOS, and share the links with friends and family.
5. We are called Northwest UFO Chasers
6. VIDEO of a true Extra Terrestrial
7. try to understand the TIMELINE tool
8. is GOBEKLI TEPE Evidence of SACRIFICE Altars that GOD had us build?

Distributed Cloud of Collective Consciousness

If you look into the night sky and see the SPIRAL NATURE of the UNIVERSE and understand that the pattern you see is called the GOLDEN RATIO and by the way it is the shape of your ear or a CONCH shell in the ocean. If you can envision that collectively we all have LIGHTS that are our SOULS inside of us but we are connected to the LIGHT both PHYSICALLY and SPIRITUALLY. If you can envision when GOD first spoke there was a resonance associated with the LIGHT that is part of the PHYSICAL LAWS of NATURE. We all collectively feed the SUN but the SUN is the WORD and RESONANCE of GOD that we all are connected to. CYCLES within NATURE are measurable elements within the third dimension of PHYSICALITY. Examples are the earth turning to create day and night and then there is an eliptical orbit of the earth that takes 26000 years. SPACE TIME is the CYCLE that is unfolding within our third dimension of PHYSICALITY. The calculation of Pi minus the Golden ratio equaling the Speed of LIGHT or the RESONANCE of the WORD of GOD represented in a PHYSICS calculation! To overcome the PHYSICAL and walk along the corridors of SPACE TIME called the Halls of AMENTI by Atlantean THOTH or Hermes Trismesgistus. What I CMDR Gregory M Volz am saying is that the NINE 9 

dimensions above work there way to GOD and are part of the LAWS of NATURE. The MESSIAH MESHEWA JESUS CHRIST SAVIOR Extra Terrestrial Angel of GOD to MANKIND is a Son of the LIGHT sitting next to GOD in the 9th dimension coming from the CHILDREN of the LIGHT in the FIFTH dimension down to us in the PHYSICALITY of the third dimension with a message to all humanity. Extra Terrestrial Angels of GOD move between the third dimension of PHYSICALITY all the way back up throuth the 4th dimension, 5th dimension, 6th dimension, 7th dimension, 8th dimension, 9th dimension of GOD! The was a hierarchy to the extra terrestrial Angels of GOD, still is today, and when you find death you to will know the fourth dimension. However, again finding the fourth dimension allows a master like THOTH or Hermes Trismesgistus to walk along the corridors or Halls of the SPACE TIME CONTINUUM. The FALLEN extra terrestrial Angels of GOD that mated with mortal women and created the NEPHILIM GIANTS as evidenced by the DNA of King NIMROD NEMRUT NINUS SHIVA, are specifically shared some technologies with mankind but also blasted some spaces in rock and the location is SYRIA. The Fallen extra terrestrial Angels of GOD fell to earth at Mount Hermon in SYRIA. I am guessing that the fallen Angel AZAZEL is the one who gives FIRE to mankind but ultimately the scientific property of POTENTIALITY in FIRE is part of the PHYSICAL LAWS of NATURE. There are 9 guards, guarding 9 hallways that are the PORTALS the extra terrestrial Angels of GOD travel.
 David Wilcock The Source Field Investigations subITA

Clouds of ancestors are in the cosmos, they were a collective of consciousness from a previous time.The TIME LIFE BELT radiates outward from the center of the UNIVERSE. Wherever you measure or OBSERVE that point to be then that becomes the NOW! QUANTUM ENTANGLEMENT shows the quark light particle (or light body,spirit,soul?) to be in two places at one time. We are simultaneously here but we are also somewhere else and that other place is in control of the lives that you have lived. When you are capable of moving into the light of each source then you will be able to move inter & hyper dimensional. Yes this is astral travel but understanding the true nature of the UNIVERSE. They come right through me and talk - they say you are meant to hear and learn this knowledge and that they will use all means to communicate with you. Everything is as it should be, everything is in its place, there is devine order in creation - ARCH ANGEL METATRON and his gift of MERKABAH to humanity. You can take the MULTI HEDRON POINTS and lay them on the EARTH and they will line up as the VORTEX PORTALS as well as a symbolic reference to the points in your body that represent spiritual growth. By removing the symbolic MERKABAH from your chest you can re direct any elements being projected at you. You can even absorb the energy and re radiate that energy back out as a positive back into the world. The more you do and teach this the more our system will BALANCE. Learning the MERKABAH from METATRON is a step to becoming an ANGEL.

Envisioning what and where we are in the UNIVERSE is key to discovering your soul. WE, and what I mean by WE is our SOULS or our LIGHT BODY ESSENCES, as they float in this DISTRIBUTED CLOUD of COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS. This DISTRIBUTED CLOUD of COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS seems to be contained within the atmospheric bubble of planet Earth. Each of us is a STAR of LIGHT if we look down from outer-space, onto the Earth.

 Sacred Geometry 101E: Metatrons Cube 
[ RECORD NO. 105 OUT OF 907 ] -
 -  now you could go to this link (THE TIMELINE) and do a CTRL F and type in METATRON and it will find it on the TIMELINE for you. Try this and let me know if it worked - the reason I make this request is that I am working for the UNIVERSAL KNOWLEDGE LIBRARIAN supplying information to humanity. I need to score some points with the ANDROMEDANS.

What you believe can manifest over time or the clarity of channel between complete collective consciousness and the distributed light body essence throughout dimensional reality are the stars we see in the universe above as they are traveling through time. You and I are potentially related to any one of a number of stars that we see in that night sky. However, remember the stars we see are our ancestors light body essences backwards in TIME T=VxD displacement, moving forward in ascension of transcendence toward GOD in TIME from us looking at them and transitioning down through molecular atomic quark particulate matter that seems to be non perceptible but exists just beyond our human detection spectrum. This all becomes a kind of poetry in the understanding of existence, and how our biological entities exist within the fabric of TIME & SPACE!

Once we internalize and comprehend the distributed nature of collective consciousness we can then begin to meditate and find the one of the endocrine glandular points on the human body and visualize movement of energy through that particular endocrine glandular point. The glandular points on the human body ie: gonad, adrenal, thymus, thyroid, pituitary, and ultimately culminating in the PINE CONE looking fluid filled How to fully activate Pineal Gland antennas (Drunvalo Melchizedek) 

[ RECORD NO. 485 OUT OF 907 ] - you visualize energy in motion awakening the chromosomal DNA stranding within the human body it will (the DNA genome) come alive. As the DNA chromosomal strand begins to awaken within the human body, the four elements that can be acheived begin to manifest as LEVITATION (walking on water), BODY HEALING (laying on of hands), QUARK PARTICULATE MOLECULAR MATTER MANIPULATION (feed the masses), TELEPATHIC COMMUNICATION (extra low frequency digital haarp band).
Ones light body essence or soul also begins to feel as if it wants to move toward the fourth dimensional portal or wormhole that allows the light body essence to move from the third dimensional reality through the fourth dimensional wormhole into the fifth dimensional ethereal realm of existence. In the fifth dimensional realm of existence, thought projected consciousness can instantaneously manifest and be experienced. 

At this point you should understand that you are astral body space projecting. So when I say "YOU TOO CAN LEARN TO HIGH FREQUENCY RESONATE YOUR PINEAL GLAND FOR INTER & HYPER DIMENSIONAL SPACE TRAVEL!" this is what I mean. 

If you go to the radio broadcasts and listen to all then you will get a better understanding of where we are coming from. We do not pretend to have all of the answers but we are working together to put a big picture together. The picture that is coming together so far is a fascinating one. What we suggest is the following steps or items to help - 

Metaphysics. I find it very funny that I talk about the concepts that are happening to us as we awaken but he use different terminology. I call it forgetfulness, well you already know! I talk of the collective consciousness and I believe something is happening to some of us that are tuning into a vibrational wave matrix to read the telepathic transmissions of the NORDIC ANDROMEDAN alien intelligence. Their biological understanding to the human genome connectivity is critical to undertanding the TIME DISPACEMENT algorythm as we are moving perceptably slowly forward in time, but at that singularity is the Power of Now in the Holy Trinity but SPIRITUAL must be balanced by MIND & BODY. This is the TRIANGLE of foundation for the comprehension of ascendance in transcendence of LIGHT BODY ESSENCE (SOUL) in third dimensional existence. I wish the lightning BOLT they have could just come out of their finger into my finger and then through my body and then into your mind for a knowledge dump. We will have to settle for The Source Field Investigations

ASCENSION would literally mean moving forward in time. In actuality it is TRANSCENDENCE in ASCENSION within the third dimension, the fourth is a vortex portal wormhole location on the SACRED TETRAHEDRON GEOMETRIC, ie HESSDALEN NORWAY or MT ADAMS Washington state, that the light body orb travels within. We are not moving up, we already exist within, and as we become aware and evolve into radiant light and shed the mortal coil or physical body then we occupy those dimensions that we are already in existence within. You are doing very well though as you know this is practice and you are creating your virtual fifth dimension of ethereal reality for future manifestation of thought. However, you will not experience that unless you can answer the question, and to know the question is key. Both the answer and the question are in and at the end of this movie - VEDAS HUMAN DNA I - MAHABHARATA: ARYANS ARYAN GODS [ RECORD NO. 47 OUT OF 907 ] - - If you pay attention Siddhartha Gautama buddha (BUDDHIST), Gadadhar Chattopadhyay Sri RamaKrisna (HINDU), muhhamad Ibn Abdullah (ISLAM MUSLIM), JESUS ARIMATHEA born to Joseph & Mary are part of a genetic infusion linkage from the STAR DUST of LIFE!

The GREAT RAMSES II represented ARIES not MOSES. YES, JESUS came from the constellation of PISCES but was not the representative of the age of PISCES. It is by no coincidence that PISCES is in the middle of the other five, ANDROMEDA, PEGASUS, AQUARIUS, CETUS, ARIES. As an example all of our CETATIONS on EARTH in the water ie DOLPHINS, WHALES, etc... is genetic infusion material from CETUS. ONLY twelve constellations have been accepted into the Galactic Federation TREATY for genetic infusion of species. I would also like to state that yes we can create within the third dimension of illusory reality but we are not gods of any kind. We are also not becoming a GOD. This particular collective consciousness exists only within this atmospheric bubble on planet Earth. Other collective consciousness' does exist but that would mean that you are me and you are not. I am the ANGEL GREGOROI SERAPHIM working my way back through reincarnation. Yes I am the one that is referenced in the books of enoch. - Chapter 20 - CONSPIRACY

The holy trinity is only applicable in the third dimension of illusory reality, but YES and was taught by MENKAURENS, ZORO ASTRIANS, ZARA THUSTRIANS, PRIESTHOOD in EGYPT, JUDAISM all THOUSANDS of years before JESUS CHRIST.

METATRON the ANGEL has messages for humanity in SACRED GEOMETRIC FORMULATION - Sacred Geometry 101E: Metatrons Cube [ RECORD NO. 105 OUT OF 907 ] - which is the design of your light body and DNA genome.

Yes it is but YOU need to put the SPIRIT on top otherwise the MIND will try to lead and the BODY will follow. The TRIANGLE is important to have the SPIRIT on top with a base foundation of MIND & BODY. MERKABAH is actually a SACRED GEOMETRIC PRISM inside your SPIRIT and is separate from the light body.


Absolutely, but nobody signs up you get forced into reincarnation. This man Siddhārtha Gautama & this man Gadadhar Chattopadhyay both knew of the prophet you talk of. They all taught of light body ascension but three dimensional ascension from within you, outward as a bubble into levels of spectrum perception that you currently do not have. -

Once you make the light change you can then travel throughout the UNIVERSE in your LIGHT BODY ESSENCE as we do now!

As long as you do not envision yourself as metamorphosizing into the light being that you are going to become THEY WIN. Preoccupation with trying to fix THEM is futile.

CHAPTER 30 - GOD or gods, EL or elohim

I suggest several things -

1. read CHAPTER ONE in my book click here Origination get your SUBSCRIPTION HERE - click NOW! -
2. understand the POLITICAL ENVIRONMENT to Make America Great Again #MAGA
3. get EXCITED about SOLUTIONS & provide IDEAS.
4. Save these links, absorb the VIDEOS, and share the links with friends and family.
5. We are called Northwest UFO Chasers
6. VIDEO of a true Extra Terrestrial
7. try to understand the TIMELINE tool
8. is GOBEKLI TEPE Evidence of SACRIFICE Altars that GOD had us build?


What is the connection between the stories of the fallen Angels in the books of ENOCH giving fire to mankind, Zara Thustra or Zoro Aster and the legendary builder of the Great Pyramid at Giza - THOTH?

 After many years of deeply searching I see a definite connection to the stories that THOTH tells on the emerald tablets in the Halls of Amenti with its SACRED flame and the religion known as Zoroastrians. This is all in a time way before ABRAHAM of the Bible, which means ISLAM MUSLIM MOHAMMAD ALLAH, JEWS & CHRISTIANS Jesus the CHRIST. There is a communication frequency in the SUN in Hertz that I believe communicates with GOD. I see the light and some have called me a sun worshipper. As I have gotten older and become more hippie like with long blonde hair and a beard full of wisdom searching and seeking an answer from GOD. It comes in the form of a HINDU SPIRITUALIST who ENLIGHTENED BUDDHA and his name was KRISNA or CHRIST. 26,000 years before the Jesus the CHRIST. This being known as KRISNA HINDU enlightened BUDDHIST MONKS and later MOHHAMAD & Jesus. What I am saying here is HINDUS, BUDDHISTS, MUSLIMS, JEWS & CHRISTIANS plus everyone else known as PAGANS will all be accepted into the kingdom of heaven by GOD. 

As most of you already know I was abducted by NORDIC alien intelligence and my DNA switch sets were modified to give me multiple specific capabilities that JESUS CHRIST, ANGRA MAINYU, ADAMU, BUDDHA, KRISHNA, MUHHAMAD, ZORO ASTER, QUEZECOTOL, ODEN, & especially ENOCH, who was translated and METAMOPHOSIZED into METATRON the ANGEL and many other prophets tried to communicate to the human species over the last 200,000 years. It is important to really know who ENOCH is and what ENOCH became. YOU to can and will METAMORPHOSIZE by shedding your physical body and becoming radiant light. When that happens and in that process you may advance to become an ANGEL but there is a lot of detail not yet discovered here. I can reference a chart to the ANGELS and it will begin to enlighten the connection between NORDIC ANDROMEDAN EXTRATERRESTRIAL ALIEN INTELLIGENCE or ANGEL?

I was reading up on the Alien Agenda and according to their theory of which you and I both know is my reality their agenda, the Alien agenda is a HYBRIDIZATION PROGRAM. If I am the genetically modified alien human hybrid then did they succeed?, and I have to answer, YES!

ORIGINATION the Book by Gregory M Volz - OnlineAlien Human DNA

What I try to keep communicating to everybody is that I am in telepathic communication with one species that has genetically modified me. Now when I study I try to correlate the assimilated information with what the alien intelligence is communicating. To the HUMAN species without LEVITATION (walking on water), BODY HEALING (laying on of hands), MATTER MANIPULATION (feeding the masses), TELEPATHIC COMMUNICATION (extra low frequency transmission) - the HUMAN species is LOCKED on their planet and harvested for DNA manipulation so their off spring can flourish on the other planets in the Pleiades, Orion, Pegasus, Andromeda, Altair and many other solar systems.

TRUE ascendance and transcendence through where you exist now in a third dimensional realm culminates in the SOUL or LIGHT BODY essence transfiguring, as CHRIST did, all the prophets did, and you will too.

The alien hybrid agenda is simple in nature, in that there is no hurry to them (the alien intelligence) for genetic modification to occur. True progression culminates in DNA modification over TIME displacement T=VxD and only biological fertilization extraction is required of the involuntary donaters who were originally volunteered in a secret treaty between the *United States Government* and the over 50 identified intelligent alien species living in the universe.

We (ALL LIFE FORM SPECIES) are nothing but ORBS of LIGHT inside containers distributed all throughout the universe. The ones who are awakened remember their past life in another biological vessel. We (the HUMAN species on Planet Earth) are part of a gift from one god like entity to another in the creation of a third dimensional reality that bestowed forgetfulness embedded within the DNA so that we could live a different reality for a short time without knowing.

If there is a GOD and he does love each of us, I certainly do not feel the LORD, although at this very moment I get glimpses of the LORDS existence and I cry to be with GOD. Whether you call GOD Buddha, Krisna, Muhhamad, Jesus, STAR BEING, whatever your language term for the one true GOD, the question is WHERE IS THAT GOD? WHAT ARE WE DOING ON PLANET EARTH. We don't just want some ministers guess as they (THE RELIGIOUS BODIES) will tell you that your treasures are not here that they are in heaven.

I was an angel once is what I was told, by the NORDIC ANDROMEDAN alien intelligence. We are moving in ascendance forward in transcendence of our souls or light body essences in the third dimension of illusory reality in a perceived time.

When I was younger I felt as if I was ripped away from a place known as the glorification of GOD, yes HEAVEN but a place within HEAVEN. I am not sure why my soul cry's to get back to GOD. It cry's to get back to GOD but I wanted GOD to answer just two prayers, one for LOVE of a woman, and a financial blessing to afford anything.

Really I believe any normal person would have committed suicide by now but I am still asking where is GOD?

I ask does GOD really answer prayers and a big national christian ministry says we will pray for you but will you donate to us. So what they are saying to me is GOD does not really exist but if we can sucker you in to believing that GOD does exist then we can extract some money out of you, you poor bastard! That makes me angry. I have nothing anyway and they all want to take more from me. I tell them I have nothing and they want to dig in my pockets. I have reduced myself to nothing and when I say nothing I mean I literally live in one room, all the time. I keep thinking that I need to get the courage up to commit suicide.

Again, I am not here to complain but to ask a simple question, WHERE IS GOD?

Are we supposed to suffer like CHRIST? I thought CHRIST came so we could be forgiven of our sins. C'MON wake up, maybe there was a man named JESUS CHRIST but there is no applicability of CHRIST in our lives today. Just ask what does JESUS do for me? Nothing, in fact you can strip naked and go running down the road, no one cares, except to point you out, but the fact is they are just as crazy. You know who you are the ones who pretend to have answers and think they are GOD with there ulterior motives to get some money out of you.

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I suggest several things -

1. read CHAPTER ONE in my book click here Origination get your SUBSCRIPTION HERE - click NOW!
2. understand the POLITICAL ENVIRONMENT to Make America Great Again #MAGA
3. get EXCITED about SOLUTIONS & provide IDEAS.
4. Save these links, absorb the VIDEOS, and share the links with friends and family.
5. We are called Northwest UFO Chasers
6. VIDEO of a true Extra Terrestrial
7. try to understand the TIMELINE tool
8. is GOBEKLI TEPE Evidence of SACRIFICE Altars that GOD had us build?


Standing & Jurisdictional Authority over your person is established during a procedural hearing and to that end my birth certificate was a unique California experiment as a SOVEREIGN CITIZEN I raise issue before any court re-establish under Admiralty LAW and as Commander Gregory M Volz I am entitled to full repair and compensation by the United States of America immediately by establishing the Standing of the Courts and their true Jurisdictional Authority. Admiralty Law exists within our Constitution and considers the baby in the womb to be an undocked ship and the birth certificate is the legal document of Citizenship upon birth which constitutes Admiralty Law. Some of (the People) have given t.heir rights over to a Judicial system called Civil Court which includes the DISTRICTS FEDERALLY.

Maybe someday you will get a clue that your son is who he says he is and that is a man who works on AMICUS CURIAE Contracts between (PRIME CONTRACTOR LAW FIRMS WASHINGTON DC & GOVT) with the United States Government! 

Currently Operational Electronic WAR fare games UDT Commander for potential in WAR theater Cyber Security Border Protection Department of Homeland Security Beaurus of Land Mangement, Indian Affairs & National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration CONTRACT OFFICER for JOINT JURISDICTIONAL AUTHORITY West Coast Task Force!   

Making America Great Again one step at a time and I report directly to the Secretary of Defense James Mattis!

CMDR Gregory M Volz - IC Department of Defense 

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illegal immigrant Criminals

I suggest several things -

1. read CHAPTER ONE in my book click here Origination get your SUBSCRIPTION HERE - click NOW!
2. understand the POLITICAL ENVIRONMENT to Make America Great Again #MAGA
3. get EXCITED about SOLUTIONS & provide IDEAS.
4. Save these links, absorb the VIDEOS, and share the links with friends and family.
5. We are called Northwest UFO Chasers
6. VIDEO of a true Extra Terrestrial
7. try to understand the TIMELINE tool
8. is GOBEKLI TEPE Evidence of SACRIFICE Altars that GOD had us build?

DARK SIDE of illegal criminal immigrants & the MIGRANT SCAM in the USA

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I suggest several things -

1. read CHAPTER ONE in my book click here Origination get your SUBSCRIPTION HERE - click NOW!
2. understand the POLITICAL ENVIRONMENT to Make America Great Again #MAGA
3. get EXCITED about SOLUTIONS & provide IDEAS.
4. Save these links, absorb the VIDEOS, and share the links with friends and family.
5. We are called Northwest UFO Chasers
6. VIDEO of a true Extra Terrestrial
7. try to understand the TIMELINE tool
8. is GOBEKLI TEPE Evidence of SACRIFICE Altars that GOD had us build?


What THEY, and when I say THEY I mean (Modern Academia & the United States Government) haven't told you so far is that an ADVANCED ANCIENT CULTURE & CIVILIZATION built a spaceship and left the Earth for which their own descendents are to return. These are the NEPHILIM NEANDERTHAL humans that inhabited the Earth and built the Great Pyramid at GIZA! These same beings that are NEANDERTHAL NEPHILIM inhabited the planet MARS, our MOON and built incredible Earth Ship living environments out of ROCK with exacting precision. The entire ANCIENT CULTURE & CIVILIZATION is known as the ATLANTIS CULTURE.

The INCREDIBLE part is that OUR DECENDENTS from these NEPHILIM NEANDERTHAL are the children of ISIS and then we become the Children of ISIS or the Geneology of ISIS for which the BIBLE is our reference guide. CHAPTER ONE in my book Origination and you will want to get your AMAZON KINDLE SUBSCRIPTION to be able to read the updates on Google BOOK play. In the mean time I have added a few ATLANTIS videos with some information that you are probably not receiving from the WORLD at large through the media.

When the EXTRA TERRESTRIALS arrive and they step off of that ship and they are US you might then say How did CMDR Gregory M Volz know?

Well it is the Secret Space Corps COMMAND or SSPCom. SSPCom has been prepping UDT Navy Soldiers for AQUATIC SPACE for years. Our ADVANCED Capabilities within the New Department of Defense is incredible. World Command, Atlantic Command, Pacific Command, Cyber Security Command, Central Command, Africa Command, Joint Operations Command, Naval Operations Command and many more parts to the entire global Command structure. The Satellites are pointed down upon the Earth collecting data but the INTELLIGENCE from that data that is being collected is not being provided to YOU the American Citizen.

I suggest several things -
1. read CHAPTER ONE in my book click here Origination get your SUBSCRIPTION HERE - click NOW!
2. understand the POLITICAL ENVIRONMENT to Make America Great Again #MAGA
3. get EXCITED about SOLUTIONS & provide IDEAS.
4. Save these links, absorb the VIDEOS, and share the links with friends and family.
5. We are called Northwest UFO Chasers
6. VIDEO of a true Extra Terrestrial
7. try to understand the TIMELINE tool
8. is GOBEKLI TEPE Evidence of SACRIFICE Altars that GOD had us build?

ATLANTIS - which means the ISLAND of ATLAS

Atlantis: The Lost City


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BAAL MOLOCH the ULTRA & EXTRA Terrestrial Angel of GOD

I suggest several things -

1. read CHAPTER ONE in my book click here Origination get your SUBSCRIPTION HERE - click NOW!
2. understand the POLITICAL ENVIRONMENT to Make America Great Again #MAGA
3. get EXCITED about SOLUTIONS & provide IDEAS.
4. Save these links, absorb the VIDEOS, and share the links with friends and family.
5. We are called Northwest UFO Chasers
6. VIDEO of a true Extra Terrestrial
7. try to understand the TIMELINE tool
8. is GOBEKLI TEPE Evidence of SACRIFICE Altars that GOD had us build?

BAAL or BA-EL or the Canaanite Brother god the CANABAL or SATAN


The WORSHIP of BAAL by the CANAANITES who established BLOOD SACRIFICE of CHILDREN, WOMEN & MEN on SLABS just as ABRAHAM was going to SACRIFICE ISSAC or IS - RA - EL or Geneology of ISIS SUN GOD or the people of the BIBLE! Many ANCIENT CULTURES, IE: the Aztechs SACRIFICED HUMANS to BAAL. The WORSHIP of BAAL is a SECRET SOCIETY that has infiltrated the United States through the legal system and here is HOW! The United States GOVERNMENT tries to convince that there is PROFIT in LAW BREAKING so you go to court. The JUDGE is in a black robe if you come in under common law you are looking for standing in that court and sometimes if you say the right thing the JUDGE leaves and comes back to establish STANDING but now under Maritime Admiralty. This is all based upon MAGIC taught by THOTH of EGYPT to the world. THOTH explains how he built the PYRAMID on the GIZA PLATEAU and WHY after completion a distribution of the priest knowledge to the world was critical but he said follow the light and they were corrupted by SOBO - EL or SATAN and began SACRIFICING HUMANS for which GOD brought the FLOOD all over the planet. Remember the entire SUPREME COURT wears black robes, Hillary Clinton has worked as a LAWYER, Politician all of her life. Some WORSHIP BAAL or BA'AL or BA - EL or CANA - BA - EL or SOBO - EL or SATAN the DECEIVER! What Cananite BA EL really means is BROTHER to GOD. What we have found is that SRI RAMA KRISNA who lived in the city of DWARKA off the coast of INDIA was brother to SHIVA or King Nimrod or NEMRUT. These ancient cultures and civilizations modified the human genome and produced GIANTS from the MAGIC of THOTH or Hermes Trismegistus. The HERMETIC PHYLOSOPHY of SATAN the brother of GOD! By the way I Follow the LIGHT and just one of those frequencies is 432 Hz for a reason. If we know the Speed of Light calculation we have both to conclude an immediate answer to the third, velocity (v) of cycles per second and the inverse property of frequency or the band width. This communication to GOD is very real and some think they can tap it now! The ARCS in the sky and on the ground are ancient symbols of LIGHT in a 360 degree protractor or circle but marked by twelve constellations as they rotate across the earths HORIZON or Horus and as the Great SPHYNX sees or gazes up at angle off the HORIZON to see one of the twelve constellations. This SECRET told to us by Hermes to follow the LIGHT and never become corrupt.  


I was researching ISHTAR / INANNA who as a goddess called on her father ANU to give her the BULL to fight ENKIDU & GILGAMESH. This is funny because of the story of GILGAMESH being the NOAH FLOOD account. The key here is the sacrificing of the BULLS parts that were thrown at ISHTAR  by ENKIDU & GILGAMESH after they killed the BULL. CULTS during age of TAURUS sacrificing BULLS parts in large bowls all over outskirts of Egypt! 

My connection in my science fiction novel is the ISIS link to ISHTAR. ISIS and OSIRIS & THOTH. ISHTAR INNANNA ISIS ? Geneology of ISIS. 

We have the DNA of the third son of EVE in HEBREW or ISHTAR INANNA ISIS Egyptian used in the Geneology of ISIS or the GENESIS of mankind, but Eve's son SETI of ABYDOS a MENKAUREN told of by KHEMETICS! SETI or SETH in HEBREW 

I started this research years ago at the Rosecrucian in San Jose. 

This DOCUMENTARY from the Video Library shows a connection to NOAH and the FLOOD account through the Epic tale of Gilgamesh

 A Tale of the Goddess Ishtar - [ RECORD NO. 67 #BIBLE OUT OF 67 ] 

GENEOLOGY of ISIS or the GEN-ISIS or Genesis the first chapter of the Bible.


remember the four stars in that special geometry built into the great pyramid at giza one being the EASTERN STAR (giggle....) , remember SUN rises in the east and sets in the WEST? But those stars are navigational points on the horizons of earth looked at by the great Sphynx who represents two sides of that zodiacal constellation LEO and AQUARIUS (by the way a Therianthrope!) the other two were Scorpio or the eagle in ancient times and its zodiacal counter part representing an eliptical orbit of either the moon or the sun. So the animal resresentations = constellations = star points = rotational eliptical orbit an d the clocks are the stone works in and at Stonehenge. The thing is BAAL & ISHTAR are worshipped ( KEEP OPEN MIND I DO) 
 Baal (Allah) and Ashtaroth (Easter) in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam - [ RECORD NO. 66 #BIBLE OUT OF 66 ] 

ILLUMINATTI = BILDERBERG GROUP (Clinton / Bush Members?) = CANAANITE PHONECIAN'S who worshipped MOLOCH and MOLOCH REQUIRED CHILD SACRIFICE, found piles of bones at Stonehenge near a stone slab. They also found a mini stonehenge in North America with piles of CHILD bones. Politicians who secretly worship MOLOCH talk a lot about #PlannedParentHood and Fetal Tissue Extraction. The Department of JUSTICE is spending a fortune on CHILD SEX TRAFFICKING! ADAM & EVE had Cain & Able and Cain murdered able and GOD cursed the future Canaanites. GOD gives EVE Seth and they become the tribe of EDOMITES. So there are CANAANITES, EDOMITES & AMORITES for which King Og of Bashan is an AMORITE! The IS-RA-EL-ites are the EDOMITES. IS-RA-EL means SUN GOD. IS-MA-EL means MOON GOD and is the name of Abraham's second son or the representation of ISLAM! The Genetic defects are inherent within that side of the genetic line or is this the new racism? Is there going to be a Holographic 666 projected when your human genome shows that your nature is to murder, behead or rape?

PROGRAMS in the United States conducted by the ILLUMINATTI

1. Weather Modification

Moloch is one of the greatest warriors of the rebel angels, vengeful and militant. Fewer draw on sociological comparisons to Moloch in the Old Testament — a god that demands sacrifice of children.

From the time of Adam & Eve and their sons CAIN & ABLE. CAIN slews or murders, kills ABLE. God states that the children of CAIN who are known today as the CANAANITES will be cursed. GOD gives EVE another son named Seth whose descendant's will become the ISRAELITES. 

Geneology of ISIS becomes 

Lilith the daughter of EN-LIL who the original genetic modifiers used for she was a CHIMERA. 

YES, HU-MANS are decended from EVE then SETH then the EDOMITES or the people from the Garden of EDOM or EDEN. This then becomes the bloodlines that are carried to follow the GENEOLOGY of ISIS!

MOLOCH has the head of a APIS BULL and the body of a man. King MIDAS had a son who was a MINOTAUR or same thing as MOLOCH. In EGYPT they found SERAPIUM'S with the bodies of humans and the heads of BULLS in them.

I believe MOLOCH to be one of the Fallen Angels talked about in the books of ENOCH. 

MOLOCH had the CANAANITES sacrificing children. The CANAANITES become the PHONECIANS and circum navigate the globe landing in North America. If you believe this to be far fetched then I ask you to look at this artifact that was uncovered in the Ohio Valley.

This artifact is written in ancient Hebrew and a CANAANITE PHONECIAN writing.  

Scientific Evidence of Ancient PHOENICIAN  HEBREW found in North America has led the Advanced Intelligence Community to believe that the Atlantians Phoenicians are the CANAANITE'S with genetic markers in their human genomes to show specific decendency. 

There has been a systematic hiding of CANAANITE PHOENICIAN previously Atlantians as they inhabited NORTH AMERICA before Native American Indians. 

ATLANTIANS were PHONECIAN CANAANITE'S and the following three documentaries contain scientific evidence of the ancient HEBREW.

Now the King Midas MINOTAUR or the human with the bulls head lived underground. ULTRA TERRESTRIALS live underground! 

The UFO Community and specifically my friend and colleague Richard Dolan has talked about the AGARTHA or city well inside the Earth. The UFO community has pictures and video of orb craft coming up out of the ocean in many locations. 

The Spiritual Scriptural literature to include the Nag Hammadi, Bible, Books of Enoch, Mahat Barratta, TIBETAN CONJUR, all reference this MOLOCH. 

Now it seems to me that the United States Government and most of the elite politicians, as well as the members of the Bilderburg group, and all the RICH bastards in the WORLD love this MOLOCH. Remember MOLOCH demands sacrifice.

What I will tell you is that Dr Spencer Wells and National Geographic are on to this GENETIC mapping of the different species genomes. When we analyze the HUMAN GENOME we find that NEANDERTHAL was a completely different species. HOWEVER embedded within our own DNA are markers that gives indicators to the HUMAN NATURES. Within the people known as the ISRAELITES are marker indicators with no pre disposition to MURDER, BEHEAD, RAPE, SACRIFICE CHILDREN. On the other hand when we looked at the CANAANITE PHONECIAN markers we found them to be PALESTINIANS and they did have those indicators.

Why don't you ask Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump about why the SMITHSONIAN institution is systematically hiding archeological information from the American People?

I will be UPDATING this frequently in the mean time read my book
 by CMDR Gregory M Volz

Saturday, December 31, 2016




Ancient Cultures & Civilizational Studies
Alien Intelligence and Genetic DNA Modification of the Human Species
by Gregory M Volz MS JD PHD - Ancient Cultures & Civilizations / Ufology

Who is ENKI? A Name in ancient Sumerian who shared the region with ancestors of the Israelites named him ENOCH, and is ENOCH = ENKI? 

It came to me in a vision that ENKI the Great was an Amphibian with a laboratory at the bottom of the Persian Gulf. ENKI traveled underwater and worked with a team of genetic scientists. 

The product of the genetic engineering was a NEANDERTHAL? 


The next great 100 million dollar Marvel movie is NAMOR the Submariner. The tales abound about an amphibian that was playing around with human genetics thousands of years ago? The depictions on relief carvings show men with cetation species tales. What we are discovering is that the human genome carries all the way back in TIME reptilian and we are basically a hybridization of every species on planet Earth. This wasn't something random that happened, no this was a genetic engineering by an extra terrestrial species from a past TIME period. 

sea monkey to mermaid then transplant mermaid brain into a man like gorilla walking on hands then immediately painting in the caves at Fumany Italy and that genome in a report from HGSI Human Genome Science Institute shows a dna linkage with an off shoot branch to GIANT MERMAN - ENKI ENOCH POSEIDON NEPTUNE brother to ZEUS ENLIL ODEN JUPITER - 

I know both and they both know me for I AM CENTAUR SAGITARIUS GREGOROI THERIANTHROPE. 

There were twelve (12) star constellations and twelve planets in our solar system. ANU was the name of the god who had traveled across the galaxy from the constellation of ORION. ANU had two sons whos names were ENLIL & ENKI. The EN part of the name means LORD OF and the LIL meant LAND and the KI meant WATER (OCEANS). ANU was ZEUS, ODEN, the same god that has been written about in ancient spiritual scriptural literature all around the world. Even the MAYANS wrote about ANU. ANU was also representative of ABRAHAM who had two sons ISAAC representing JUDAISM & ISMAIL representing ISLAM. ENKI & ENLIL also played the roles of one brother being jealous of the other. 

The team of twelve extra terrestrials who had capabilities like gods were as follows - ANU, ENLIL & ENKI plus each of their spouses the NINHURASAG, NINGURSU, ISHTAR and their spouse made up the twelve (12). 

The original members were known as the counsel of twelve. The scientists had developed technology like WINGS that allowed them to fly up into the air. They created this technology after working and discovering the genetic properties of birds. This was a decorative attachment to the clothing and a device to move them in the air locally. INNANNA also known as ISHTAR puts on seven articles of technology that allow her to fly into outerspace or back to the Hollow MOON? 

watch this - then return to the book, the video should make you laugh and think at the same time. The question that arises is does modern academia know something about technology from these watchers written about in the books of ENOCH?
The team and lesser members of the team or managers if you will as a group of twelve became the ANUNAKI or ANU the god NA and KI over the OCEAN or WATERS again.

This team genetically modified a hominid species known as AUSTRALOPITHICUS FERENSIS. AUSTRALOPITHICUS is the GENUS and FERENSIS is the SPECIES so it become AFERENSIS. The DNA blood was extracted and they found two marker indicators within a gene splice that indicate extra terrestrial origin or ORIGINATION. 

The key to unlocking all the SECRETS was in discovering the pictorial images represented on scrolls that pre dated cuneiform. The SECRET images told us that humanities friend was ENKI also known as POSEIDON also known as NEPTUNE, an AMPHIBIAN god! 

The science team of gods, known as the WATCHERS, from the constellation of ORION were working under the direction of ENKI who had been given that authority and task by ANU. The scientists had set up in the hollow moon but ENKI got caught having sex with one of the female species that they had been genetically manipulating. When ENLIL told ANU, ENKI was banned to the EARTH and decided to set up and occupy a base in the waters of the PERSIAN GULF. The reason ENKI established in the Persian Gulf was that ENKI was an AMPHIBIAN. The location next to the waters of the Persian Gulf was ultimately to become the Garden of Eden. 

What we now know through satellite imagery is that two rivers previously known to exist in the writing of ancient spiritual scriptural literature are part of four rivers that identify the location of the Garden of Eden. The two rivers were the PISON and GIHON with one river running EAST and the other river running west into Africa. 

Over a period of time ENKI had the responsibility to create a slave race of human species that could mine for gold and do other tasks that they did not have the time or man power for. The genetically engineered beings were going to one day enter caves at the location of the Dome of the Rock where King Solomons Gold mines are now. Those tunnels extended clear through the EARTH to South America under the oceans.

If we look at what transpired over this time period we can start at 100,000 years ago when AUSTRALOPICHICUS HOMO SAPIEN FERENSIS and NEANDERTHAL plus many other hominid type ape monkeys were on planet EARTH. CRO MAGNON our closest relative wiped out NEANDERTHAL and possibly other hominids. The weather and ice ages played a part in the wiping out of hominid species as well. CRO MAGNON were CAVE men that drew on cave walls as represented in the caves at Fumany, Italy.

Suddenly at around 50,000 years ago CULTIVATION started. The discovery of seed for plants and trees bearing fruit. The Garden of Eden or EDOM was the first known existence of orchards on planet EARTH.

The deluvian event or great flood was caused when ENKI decided to breach the walls holding back the oceans at the gulf of OMAN. ENKI had to let the water flood the Garden of Eden but he was wiping out the remnants of their work and living facilities and where the scientists did the genetic experimentation, modification and development of species. In the EPIC TALE of GILGAMESH, ENKI warns NOAH of the bible about the flood coming.

Under the original work by the scientific team THERIANTHROPES or half man half animal were being developed. 

GIANTS were also developed to do some of the heavy work that needed to be done. Giants were going to help build a platform at ERIDU where the SHEM or SPACE ROCKET could take off from. 

After the scientists known as the WATCHERS that were doing genetic engineering on AUSTRALOPITHECUS GENUS, FERENSIS SPECIES or AFERENSIS. When we looked at the ancient cuneiform in depth and analyzed the sub text it was giving us a DNA marker indicator report that showed human variation in a gene splice within a chromosome. 

ENKI seems to be a major player in the visitation of beings from the stars. I will reiterate here that the beings that we are talking about are pointed to by the CYGNUS SWAN CROSS  and the top of that CROSS points to ORION'S BELT the HUNTER. That star line traverses also through the PEGASUS and ANDROMEDA galaxies. 

ENKI leader of the scientific engineering group was put in charge on planet EARTH at ERIDU. Originally being amphibian ENKI inhabited the waters of the Persian gulf. The original location of the garden of Eden. The rapid advancement through cultivation, domestication, and on to civilization was extra ordinarily rapid during this period of time. We went from genetic engineering of AFERENSIS to the spiritual cave drawing of CRO-MAGNON in the caves at Fumany, Italy showing therianthropes on the walls. 

ENKI means lord of the earth. Could it be that ENKI was top genetic engineer and responsible for all of planet EARTH? The great genetic engineering masters created hybrids between ANGELS and HUMANS just as the ancient spiritual scriptural literature tells us. That is the crazy part is that it is all TRUE! The books of ENOCH, the NAG HAMMADI, the VEDIC TEXTS, Mahat Barata, the bible, the Tibetan conture, and we have begun to compile it all and put it into the Northwest UFO Chasers SUPER COMPUTER and have the SUPER COMPUTER movie maker tell us the story. The story is a fantastic one that has been in drama for thousands of years. The stories are the mythologies within all of our cultures going back for thousands of years. To simplify it we are a product of ANGELS potentially intelligent alien extra terrestrials mating or genetically engineering homo sapien species to produce at first THERIANTHROPES & GIANTS.

The top level genetic scientists seem to have left and went back to their galaxy for a while and then came back and found EARTH to be inhabited with the THERIANTHROPES and the GIANTS. The lead scientists who I believe to be extra terrestrial intelligence from the Andromedan galaxy or Orion's belt either caused the ice age to occur sooner, or melted the ice to cause the deluvian event, but the ancient scriptures tell us of the flood. There seems to have been some tectonic plate shifting and possibly a complete polar rotation.

Evidence of GIANTS in CHAPTER 5 and seems to be pretty overwhelming. 

We still have the complete time period from when ENKI entered the water at the Persian gulf all the way to the genetic engineering of a human worker and the development of civilization in ancient Sumeria at ERIDU. 

Ok so what we have been referencing here is a substantiation of an Ancient Astronaut theory of ANGELS (potentially alien or extra terrestrial intelligence) mating or gentically engineering with homo sapien. CHAPTER 4 - ANGELS will talk about the light and the progression of angels. There will be an angelic progression chart to show advancement up through the dimensions of existence. The angels are referenced in the ancient spiritual scriptural literature as the WATCHERS. The WATCHERS were in the hollow moon and on MARS.