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This is the entrance to one of the doors that can be activated by the extra terrestrial ANGELS of GOD, just as URIEL opened the VORTEX PORTAL for ENOCH. Get  the second book in my series ENOCH'S PORTAL by CMDR Gregory M Volz.

 UFO ORB March 8th 7:00pm 2012 Northwest UFO Chasers

  Amaru Muru: Gateway Of The Serpents: Before The Inca [ RECORD NO. 213 OUT OF 914 ] - Amaru Muru: Gateway Of The Serpents: Before The Inca 

What are ORBS?

ORBS are balls of plasma or light. Whatever the material is that is being reflected by light in and through our atmosphere. The bending of light through the orb within our atmosphere causes colors to show across a spectrum. That spectrum of light can be measured in a wave table vertical and harmonic frequency vibration horizontal. 


Continues to be a HOT bed for UFO sky watching activity - checkout this VIDEO EVIDENCE brought to you by the Northwest UFO Chasers VIDEO LIBRARY -

  Okanagan UFOs communicate with observers [ RECORD NO. 130 OUT OF 914 ] - Okanagan UFOs communicate with observers 

Washington state continues to be a hot bed for UFO ORB activity from ECETI James Gilliland at Mt Adams to Northwest UFO Chasers Gregory M Volz at Mt Rainier and Jon Kelly of the UFO Examiner here - This is incredible JON and should be waking people up soon!.

There is a corridor that the ORBS are traveling from Mt Adams to Mt Rainier and northeast over the OKANAGAN.

The Northwest UFO Chasers consortium has obtained physical, material, substantive EVIDENCE that is being locked in several safes in SECRET locations around the world. This is EVIDENCE of high technologies given to man in the past and contains plans to build FREE ENERGY SOURCES. The physical EVIDENCE is of ARCHAEOLOGICAL finds from all over mainly South America. ICA Stones and artifacts that were bought by the wealthy and DONATED to Northwest UFO Chasers. The items are to remain a SECRET until a certain time is reached. There are elaborate plans in place to keep the locations of the safes and their contents SECRET. The DONORS - DO NOT - want to be identified. One set of DONORS are believed to be well aware of the operations of the ILLUMINATTI and bought extraterrestrial artifacts at a SECRET black hooded auction. Another DONOR bought moon artifacts that had been kept from the public. The verification of these artifacts and items has already taken place with a huge name auction house on the west coast.

Humans are nothing but beings in metamorphosis of light. We have been reincarnated back into a physical shell to learn some lesson. If we had memory recall of our past lives we could put together a picture of the answer that we seem to so desperately seek. We replay roles within physical shells to learn lessons over periods of time. Now the interesting part is the time variable in the sense that we as humans are now progressing at a faster rate in understanding or are we? 

Watch this video below and keep it in your mind but get right back to the VIDEO BOOK on Northwest UFO Chasers. 

Wasn't that VIDEO above something else and GREAT you made it back, lets continue the story. 

I do believe that many humans and of course at this point you and I both know that we are really alien human hybrids, are starting to feel changes within them and their DNA structures. Genetic engineers using advanced plasmic cosmic ray pulse technology from the CYGNUS SWAN constellation at X-3 are sending out a RNA activator and telling us about it in the crop circles. 

The orbs of light are souls or light bodied essences similar to yours but have the capability of phase shifting into these plasmic orbs of light by using a weak vs strong nuclear reaction within a gyroscopic dynamic torsion physics field of a ball within a ball within a ball. The fluids are of particulate matter we have not even discovered yet. The beings have a molecular drive motor of light that potentially could be looked at as their MERKABA field. In other words they combine the dynamic torsion field physics with their biology of physical make up.

Within the sacred geometry of the ANGEL METATRON is the tetrahedron which examined becomes the triangle quadrant location markers for the ancient latitude longitude lines surrounding the globe or our planet EARTH. 

It just so happens that those marker indicators line up the 0 Latitude and 0 Longitude at the great pyramid of GIZA. The triangle location makers each will have a coordinate but the ones that follow around the earth on a line that encircles the EARTH at a northern parallel. Along this degree of Latitude ar markers that line up with locations where they seem to have built HAARP facilities?

The markers do line up with what are known as VORTEX locations because at those particular Latitude points are the tunnels for which the light orb aerith beings travel. One of the examples that I can use is the VORTEX tunnel between HESSDALEN NORWAY and Mt Adams Washington. 

It seems that experiments with light are tracking these beings entering the VORTEX PORTALS and governments are using their high technology to identify. Jets are being scrambled along the Columbia River Gorge in Oregon and Washington state chasing ORBS all the way to the ECETI ranch at James Gililands. 

Now when you get to the level of advancement for extra terrestrial being and you are part Andromedan part human and part angel, then you will be what I am made up of. They gentically engineered me to be this way so that I could communicate with them through this one process and then communicate with you through these writings. 

What it is is that each of us is a piece in this GIANT puzzle and each of us has an answer to the whole of collective consciousness. We are part of a group within this segmented time frame and period. When a decision is made our group wil combine and we will be sent in progression toward the great center of the UNIVERSE which is luminous light. 

The GOD consciousness illuminates brightly at the center of the UNIVERSE. 

We are all part of that expression of explosion of light that includes Aliens, Angels, Giants, Annunaki, Rephaim, Nephilim, UFOs, Cryptozoogly, Therianthropes , and more of an existence that you are being kept in the dark on. We are rapidly formulating conjecture and ideas on the rapid advancement in science.  

There are vortex portals that cir cum navigate the globe. There is a VORTEX tunnel that runs from Hessdalen Norway and pops out underneath Mt Adams in Washington state. The beings that are manipulating the orbs are traveling inter & hyper dimensionally. The people who I consider to be most knowledgeable are saying they believe these beings to be spiritual in nature. There is some GOLD in this account of contact with a female NORDIC Andromedan who had GOLD bars over the top of her head as if they were floating in the air. When the female NORDIC alien was asked what they were she said that she was an intercessory between our dimension and theirs and that the gold helped her balance the technology needed to make the journeys. The journeys were using the high advanced technology to travel in the light ORBS! From what I understand James has scars to prove that he encountered this being from the stars. Many of us are having experiences and it is how we are communicating those experiences that is the most difficult thing. What the NORDIC ANDROMEDAN ALIEN INTELLIGENCE floods into my memory I then try to communicate an abduction experience to help me communicate with others and share my experience of contact. They seem to believe some over others based upon their backgrounds but this makes no sense. We just need to look at the data from an overall generalized perspective. ORB encounters with intelligence are happening and humans are being abducted and genetically modified and potentially used while being zooed on planet EARTH. 

UFO Lands at ECETI Ranch

UFO Lands at ECETI Ranch Part 2

July 10th 2012 9:14AM Pacific Time - Seattle - Tacoma - Puyallup - Mt Rainier

As I walked outside and looked up into the sky I saw a translucent UFO. The pictures that follow are from the encounter.

I know what you are thinking already, that's the MOON. 

I am beginning to write what is being telepathically transmitted to me by these extraterrestrials ANGELS NORDIC ANDROMEDAN ORION NEBULA beings that are moving in these translucent ORBS. The message is transmitted by pulsating light after I was genetically modified for reception in a TRANSLATOR RECEPTOR gene known as the 

 Giorgio Tsoukalos on FOXP2 

The ANGELS of GOD are LIGHT BEINGS that are transporting in ORBS that end up having color only once they enter our atmosphere on planet EARTH. The reflection of color comes from the full spectrum of color by our sun shining through our atmosphere. We have captured VIDEO and STILL PHOTOGRAPHY of the expansion and contraction of these ORBS. We have seen BEINGS within the translucent nature of the ORB.

There is a higher intelligence with two sides one being benevolent (GOOD) and the other malevolent (BAD) at play here. As I go into in the book ORGINATION by Gregory M Volz, I explain how these beings traveled to Earth and have been genetically experimenting with hominid species for thousands if not millions of years.

I explained in the book that the FOXP2 TRANSLATOR GENE that was spliced is the communication vehicle that an advanced race of NORDIC ANDROMEDAN ALIEN INTELLIGENCE also referred to by humans as ANGELS and extraterrestrial in nature as they are multi - dimensional.

Many of these beings are just on the other side of a veil beyond what you perceive to be your reality.

One of the messages that was clearly sent recently by this higher level of intelligence was that they manipulated the land based nuclear weapon silos all over RUSSIA and the UNITED STATES. The higher level of extraterrestrial intelligence, ANGELS of GOD, NORDIC ANDROMEDAN ORION NEBULA beings moving in translucent ORBS stopped NUCLEAR WAR HEADS FROM FIRING!

The UNITED STATES NAVY has experienced WEAPONS malfunctions dealing with NUCLEAR ENERGY and attributes the malfunctions to again, extraterrestrial intelligence, ANGELS of GOD, NORDIC ANDROMEDAN ORION NEBULA beings moving in translucent ORB'S.

Now I have become a very spiritual being as I believe I am METAMORPHOSIZING, or my LIGHT BODY ESSENCE or SOUL is learning to expand and contract so that I can ultimately become a first level ANGEL or LIGHT BEING. Please see the multi dimensional ANGEL CHART provided by the Northwest UFO Chasers VIDEO LIBRARY and can be found on any of the Northwest UFO Chasers web sites.

I feel as if I am constantly communing with GOD or my LORD and SAVIOR and feel very lonely. I seek companionship of a woman to be my friend and feel an extreme void where I believe the LOVE should be. I constantly feel my BIG HANDS cupping the buttox of a female and bringing her in close to me. But it all rushes away and I am left alone again feeling like my GOD has left me. The woman I seek would like to sit and watch the blue skies underneath Mt Rainier, love to camp, like dogs, garden and play a lot in our spare time.

I live at the base of Mt Rainier and previously I began to write and tell you about the Northwest corridor. the corridor really runs along the Cascade Mountain Range. Mt Mckinley, Mt Rainier,  Mt Adams, Mt St Helens, Mt Hood, Mt Shasta and more. The ORB's seem to be going in and out of VORTEX PORTALS associated with a geometric structure within the EARTH. What I am saying is to picture a soccer ball with TETRAHEDRON STOP SIGN type GEOMETRIC shape and correspond that to Cascade Mountain Range tips as beings VORTEX PORTALS to either go inter dimensional inside the EARTH or for preparation to travel across the UNIVERSE.

Remember, before ROSWELL there was Kenneth Arnold a pilot who spotted UFO ORB's flying in formation at the base of Mt Rainier.

When standing under the translucent ORB that looked like the MOON in the pictures that you see above one of the facts that was that the craft was in the same location at various different times. What they were intentionally communicating to me is that they speak in a range of communication that we consider musical notes. The names of the ANGELS of GOD, NORDIC ANDROMEDAN ORION NEBULA beings moving in translucent ORBS can only truly be pronounced as a musical note. This ultimately makes sense when you hear the stories about the glorification of GOD in HEAVEN by singing beings.

That is a genetic modification that they have made to man that can be shared and understood beyond modern day religion. We all feel MUSIC as a frequency of VIBRATION within our LIGHT BODY ESSENCES or SOULS!

This is a true life story of one man, Gregory M Volz and his abduction experiences and coming to terms with spirituality and how it all plays together in this world and society.

Our GOD or LORD seems to be having ANGELS of GOD, NORDIC ANDROMEDAN ORION NEBULA beings moving in translucent ORBS, painting with REALITY in CREATION.

The glorious vibrational frequency that resonates throughout your body is the DNA awakening and giving your INTUITION a tingling sensation. This is to let you know that you are a HUMAN BEING that is SPECIAL and you are part of GOD.

This is how extraterrestrials and religion make sense as there is an underlying reality to it all and we instinctively know it. Sometimes that tingling sensation can be so intense that it will make you fall to your knees and cry, feeling a great humility in the presence of beings that are so good in nature. This is called the GLORIFICATION of ANGELS and GOD. Many Christians sing in CHOIRS in the GLORIFICATION of GOD, many Buddhists sing praises, many HINDUS sing, many PAGANS & GENTILES sing praises.

Author Gregory M Volz talks about ORIGINATION @NWUFOCHASERS #RADIO