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Book ORIGINATION Chapter Index

Book ORIGINATION Chapter Index

ORIGINATION - Ancient Cultures & Civilization Studies - ORIGINATION
Aliens, Extra Terrestrials, External Biological Entities 
Alien Intelligence and Genetic DNA Modification of the Human Species Supporting ANCIENT ASTRONAUT THEORY

  3. Chemical Trails & TAX DOLLARS being WASTED
  4. BAAL MOLOCH the ULTRA & EXTRA Terrestrial Angel of GOD
  5. Golden Tablets from EXTRA TERRESTRIAL ANGELS of GOD
  7. Main Stream Media WALL of Shame
  8. THOTH the Atlantean Emerald Tablets Interpretation by CMDR Gregory M Volz
  9. EL - GOD EL - OHIM gods who is AZAZY-EL 
  10. Pyramids EGYPT the LATEST from Northwest UFO Chasers
  11. WHO was KING NIMROD NEMRUT SHIVA married to SEMARAMIS illegitamite TAMMUZ
  12. RH- (NEGATIVE) Blood Factor Shows Extra Terrestrial ORIGINATION


  15. POISON delivery on United States unsuspecting Citizens by Chemical Trail

  16. We are ANTS and THEY were GIANTS



Chapter 7 - GENESIS - Geneology of ISIS
CHAPTER 40 - BAD COPS & the Department of JUSTICE -

COAST TO COAST AM OFFICIAL Ancient Discoveries That Will Challenge the Established Beliefs of Historians Everywhere GAIA TV

I hate to tell you George but THOTH means TRUTH and he wore a BIRD HEAD because he had the POWER of FLIGHT also known as Hemes Trismegistus Mercury the deliverer of flame from the SUN Prometheus) and delivered MEDICINE to the WORLD for which they WORSHIPPED HIM and built TEO TIJUACAN SUN Pyramid. YES we already left the planet twice in two previous civilizations and we can prove it. Damon T Berry has EVIDENCE & PROOF in artifacts and satellite images on cave walls from previous civilization. ISIS has POWER of SPACE FLIGHT & her husband is THOTH OSIRIS Wake Up George! The thing is George and here is the key or hook, we got a previous civilization traveling 2.5 SUN LIGHT YEARS to Tree of Life Hand of GOD TRIANGULUM Constellations! Three dimensional Obelisk GOD-JESUS-ELohim but a journey through a WORMHOLE in the SUN to GOD where we are really from. GOD marked this planet with an X called the Great Pyramid at GIZA with 2.5 MILLION BLOCKS that weigh 2.5 tons each which gives 2.5 LIGHT SUN YEAR to Triangulum! OUR very own SUN SOL is one end of a WORMHOLE and the pictures are here in proof but the satellite image is on the SPYNX side of head is SUN marks in satellite image meaning ancient culture had greater technology than we do today! THE KNOWLEDGE OF THE FOREVER TIME

YOU are SPECIAL & I AM about to blow your mind with the TRUTH which is a new paradigm of reality from GOD and that is we are part of THEE Ancient Cultures & Civilizations that all advanced to understanding SPACE FLIGHT & TECHNOLOGY but where we are at currently is our ancestors are yes in the past but in a space craft traveling through our SUN to TRIANGULUM constellation which is three stars named GOD JESUS 7 ELohim or gods. Three dimensionally TRIANGULUM looks like an OBELISK as it rotates and points to HAND of GOD & TREE of LIFE constellations and the exit point of OUR SUN is TRIANGULUM. The PYRAMID marks EARTH from a location and is these exact calculations 2.5 ton blocks 2.5 million to build 2.5 light (SUN) years away and THOTH hermes trisme gistus mercury prometheus delivered medicine all around the Earth in FLIGHT and landed on the NAZCA PLATEAU. The SUN Temple in TEO TIJUACAN is mans version and a very good duplicate but they worshipped THOTH QUETZOCOTOL The BIRD MAN of FLIGHT & he is OSIRIS the husband of ISIS who wears a BIRD and a SNAKE with a crown of SUNS so she has POWER OVER SPACE FLIGHT and they found her body in an advanced craft on the MOON! YOU SAID YOU WERE WITH ME & I AM "Q" and Greg at the same time so again are YOU still with me?

This leads to two things in the WORLD and from GOD we live in a CIRCLE from there to here and now we understand that loop of time with our creator GOD. The freaky thing is our past ancestors are sending us a message at 432 Mega Hertz through the SUN? is there an internetwork from SUN to SUN already? OK I need you to get this message to Steven Quayle, Graham Hancock David Wilcock Giorgio Tousokolos and anybody that can distribute this message with understanding. AND the biggest thing of all is the message of the GARDEN as TECHNOLOGY from GOD that fixes our ATMOSPHERE!

Donald J Trump worked for NBC for years and became a star. Donald secretly wants NBC. He is in talks with Rupert Murdoch but Scaramucci and his son Donald Trump JR are positioning to take down NBC UNIVERSAL Board of Directors and all of this is going on while he NEGOTIATES the STOPPAGE of ALL COMMERCE on the SOUTHERN BORDER.

Chris Tomlin - Holy Is The Lord Lyrics

Why Chuck Schumer & Nancy Pelosi are NOT LISTENING TO GOD!

"Q" says YOU GET ME! GOD is GOOD and was born about 2500 years ago, 2.5 ton blks 2.5 million blks great pyramid at giza 2.5 sun light yrs away triangulum constellation points to tree of life hand of GOD JESUS 2.5 LIGHT YEAR RETURN is real. Merry XMAS

Sometimes I have to stop and ask myself the question, Are we in a three dimensional painting and who is in control of the paint brush and is that the hand of GOD?

Recently I was dreaming like the biblical characters of having a son in later life and GREEN EYES are in the picture along with a NORWEGIAN MOTHER. We all laugh about the Danish heritage for the father is VIKING as well as the mother. Who is painting the picture of the baby to come with GREEN EYES. This future son will be a PRINCE with POWER and INFLUENCE but BRAINS and COMPOSURE with SMARTS and LOVE!

Climate Change is HOT BED issue but I always try to turn it back into a positive with GeoffLawton and was my SOLUTION for the CARAVAN and I would say lets GREEN the MEXICO USA Desert and put in a PERMACULTURE FOOD FOREST, they say can't be done & I say here are the proof videos
  1. JORDAN Food Forest Fertility
  2. NEW ZEALAND ZayTuna Farms
  3. MORROCO -
  4. USA An Oasis in the American Desert

if the President of the United States of America is HONORED by MAFIA of New York and most MAFIA World Wide then CLOSING the SOUTHERN BORDER WALL and STOPPING South American COMMERCE is DETRIMENTAL TO DEMOCRATS! #BuildTheWall QUIT FOLLOWING YOUR LEADERS Nancy & Chuck they "R" lost

@SenSchumer When CHUCK found out that the @ButchersUnion & @LSUnionJacks Long Shore Men's UNION is New York & many other UNIONS want #BuildThatWallNOW #BuildTheWall so THEY are sending @SenSchumer a nice twitter message now but soon PHYSICAL PRESSURE from MAFIA of New York!

@NancyPelosi WAKE UP the @POTUS @realDonaldTrump is going to SHUT DOWN COMMERCE BETWEEN MEXICO & USA NOW lady? YOU @NancyPelosi are hurting Californians @Califorornia NOT HELPING immigrants at all and stealing American TAX PEOPLES MONEY WAKE UP $5B cheap #BuildTheWall

@POTUS @realDonaldTrump We the People are behind #SHUTDOWNTHESOUTHERNBORDER We need funding @senatemajldr tell other @SenateDems quit following your LEADERS @SenSchumer & @NancyPelosi they are OLD & CONFUSED NOT HELPING Americans!

YOU Better E-Mail, Call, TWITTER your Senator & tell em to STOP the illegal ALIENS #BuildTheDamnWallNow #BuildThatWallNOW #BuildTheWall

@SenDougJones @SenTinaSmith @SenCortezMasto @SenThomTillis @SenSasse @SenatorRounds @maziehirono #BuildTheWall We the People who VOTE legally want these Senators to VOTE for BUILDING a WALL & States held responsible violating federal immigration LAW

@HouseDemocrats @TheDemocrats @SenateDems @PattyMurray @SenatorCantwell @Sen_JoeManchin @SenKamalaHarris THESE TWO @NancyPelosi & @SenSchumer DO NOTHING BUT WASTE MONEY & YOU FOLLOW #BuildTheWall

The Mystery Of Tutankhamun's Dagger | What On Earth?