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BAAL MOLOCH the ULTRA & EXTRA Terrestrial Angel of GOD

BAAL or BA-EL or the Canaanite Brother god the CANABAL or SATAN

The WORSHIP of BAAL by the CANAANITES who established BLOOD SACRIFICE of CHILDREN, WOMEN & MEN on SLABS just as ABRAHAM was going to SACRIFICE ISSAC or IS - RA - EL or Geneology of ISIS SUN GOD or the people of the BIBLE! Many ANCIENT CULTURES, IE: the Aztechs SACRIFICED HUMANS to BAAL. The WORSHIP of BAAL is a SECRET SOCIETY that has infiltrated the United States through the legal system and here is HOW! The United States GOVERNMENT tries to convince that there is PROFIT in LAW BREAKING so you go to court. The JUDGE is in a black robe if you come in under common law you are looking for standing in that court and sometimes if you say the right thing the JUDGE leaves and comes back to establish STANDING but now under Maritime Admiralty. This is all based upon MAGIC taught by THOTH of EGYPT to the world. THOTH explains how he built the PYRAMID on the GIZA PLATEAU and WHY after completion a distribution of the priest knowledge to the world was critical but he said follow the light and they were corrupted by SOBO - EL or SATAN and began SACRIFICING HUMANS for which GOD brought the FLOOD all over the planet. Remember the entire SUPREME COURT wears black robes, Hillary Clinton has worked as a LAWYER, Politician all of her life. Some WORSHIP BAAL or BA'AL or BA - EL or CANA - BA - EL or SOBO - EL or SATAN the DECEIVER! What Cananite BA EL really means is BROTHER to GOD. What we have found is that SRI RAMA KRISNA who lived in the city of DWARKA off the coast of INDIA was brother to SHIVA or King Nimrod or NEMRUT. These ancient cultures and civilizations modified the human genome and produced GIANTS from the MAGIC of THOTH or Hermes Trismegistus. The HERMETIC PHYLOSOPHY of SATAN the brother of GOD! By the way I Follow the LIGHT and just one of those frequencies is 432 Hz for a reason. If we know the Speed of Light calculation we have both to conclude an immediate answer to the third, velocity (v) of cycles per second and the inverse property of frequency or the band width. This communication to GOD is very real and some think they can tap it now! The ARCS in the sky and on the ground are ancient symbols of LIGHT in a 360 degree protractor or circle but marked by twelve constellations as they rotate across the earths HORIZON or Horus and as the Great SPHYNX sees or gazes up at angle off the HORIZON to see one of the twelve constellations. This SECRET told to us by Hermes to follow the LIGHT and never become corrupt.


I was researching ISHTAR / INANNA who as a goddess called on her father ANU to give her the BULL to fight ENKIDU & GILGAMESH. This is funny because of the story of GILGAMESH being the NOAH FLOOD account. The key here is the sacrificing of the BULLS parts that were thrown at ISHTAR  by ENKIDU & GILGAMESH after they killed the BULL. CULTS during age of TAURUS sacrificing BULLS parts in large bowls all over outskirts of Egypt! 

My connection in my science fiction novel is the ISIS link to ISHTAR. ISIS and OSIRIS & THOTH. ISHTAR INNANNA ISIS ? Geneology of ISIS. 

We have the DNA of the third son of EVE in HEBREW or ISHTAR INANNA ISIS Egyptian used in the Geneology of ISIS or the GENESIS of mankind, but Eve's son SETI of ABYDOS a MENKAUREN told of by KHEMETICS! SETI or SETH in HEBREW 

I started this research years ago at the Rosecrucian in San Jose. 

This DOCUMENTARY from the Video Library shows a connection to NOAH and the FLOOD account through the Epic tale of Gilgamesh

GENEOLOGY of ISIS or the GEN-ISIS or Genesis the first chapter of the Bible.


remember the four stars in that special geometry built into the great pyramid at giza one being the EASTERN STAR (giggle....) , remember SUN rises in the east and sets in the WEST? But those stars are navigational points on the horizons of earth looked at by the great Sphynx who represents two sides of that zodiacal constellation LEO and AQUARIUS (by the way a Therianthrope!) the other two were Scorpio or the eagle in ancient times and its zodiacal counter part representing an eliptical orbit of either the moon or the sun. So the animal resresentations = constellations = star points = rotational eliptical orbit an d the clocks are the stone works in and at Stonehenge. The thing is BAAL & ISHTAR are worshipped ( KEEP OPEN MIND I DO)


ILLUMINATTI = BILDERBERG GROUP (Clinton / Bush Members?) = CANAANITE PHONECIAN'S who worshipped MOLOCH and MOLOCH REQUIRED CHILD SACRIFICE, found piles of bones at Stonehenge near a stone slab. They also found a mini stonehenge in North America with piles of CHILD bones. Politicians who secretly worship MOLOCH talk a lot about #PlannedParentHood and Fetal Tissue Extraction. The Department of JUSTICE is spending a fortune on CHILD SEX TRAFFICKING! ADAM & EVE had Cain & Able and Cain murdered able and GOD cursed the future Canaanites. GOD gives EVE Seth and they become the tribe of EDOMITES. So there are CANAANITES, EDOMITES & AMORITES for which King Og of Bashan is an AMORITE! The IS-RA-EL-ites are the EDOMITES. IS-RA-EL means SUN GOD. IS-MA-EL means MOON GOD and is the name of Abraham's second son or the representation of ISLAM! The Genetic defects are inherent within that side of the genetic line or is this the new racism? Is there going to be a Holographic 666 projected when your human genome shows that your nature is to murder, behead or rape?

PROGRAMS in the United States conducted by the ILLUMINATTI

1. Weather Modification

Moloch is one of the greatest warriors of the rebel angels, vengeful and militant. Fewer draw on sociological comparisons to Moloch in the Old Testament — a god that demands sacrifice of children.

From the time of Adam & Eve and their sons CAIN & ABLE. CAIN slews or murders, kills ABLE. God states that the children of CAIN who are known today as the CANAANITES will be cursed. GOD gives EVE another son named Seth whose descendant's will become the ISRAELITES. 


Geneology of ISIS becomes 

Lilith the daughter of EN-LIL who the original genetic modifiers used for she was a CHIMERA. 

YES, HU-MANS are decended from EVE then SETH then the EDOMITES or the people from the Garden of EDOM or EDEN. This then becomes the bloodlines that are carried to follow the GENEOLOGY of ISIS!

MOLOCH has the head of a APIS BULL and the body of a man. King MIDAS had a son who was a MINOTAUR or same thing as MOLOCH. In EGYPT they found SERAPIUM'S with the bodies of humans and the heads of BULLS in them.

I believe MOLOCH to be one of the Fallen Angels talked about in the books of ENOCH. 

MOLOCH had the CANAANITES sacrificing children. The CANAANITES become the PHONECIANS and circum navigate the globe landing in North America. If you believe this to be far fetched then I ask you to look at this artifact that was uncovered in the Ohio Valley.

This artifact is written in ancient Hebrew and a CANAANITE PHONECIAN writing.  

Scientific Evidence of Ancient PHOENICIAN HEBREW found in North America has led the Advanced Intelligence Community to believe that the Atlantians Phoenicians are the CANAANITE'S with genetic markers in their human genomes to show specific decendency.

There has been a systematic hiding of CANAANITE PHOENICIAN previously Atlantians as they inhabited NORTH AMERICA before Native American Indians. 

ATLANTIANS were PHONECIAN CANAANITE'S and the following three documentaries contain scientific evidence of the ancient HEBREW.

Now the King Midas MINOTAUR or the human with the bulls head lived underground. ULTRA TERRESTRIALS live underground! 

The UFO Community and specifically my friend and colleague Richard Dolan has talked about the AGARTHA or city well inside the Earth. The UFO community has pictures and video of orb craft coming up out of the ocean in many locations. 

The Spiritual Scriptural literature to include the Nag Hammadi, Bible, Books of Enoch, Mahat Barratta, TIBETAN CONJUR, all reference this MOLOCH.

Now it seems to me that the United States Government and most of the elite politicians, as well as the members of the Bilderburg group, and all the RICH bastards in the WORLD love this MOLOCH. Remember MOLOCH demands sacrifice.

What I will tell you is that Dr Spencer Wells and National Geographic are on to this GENETIC mapping of the different species genomes. When we analyze the HUMAN GENOME we find that NEANDERTHAL was a completely different species. HOWEVER embedded within our own DNA are markers that gives indicators to the HUMAN NATURES. Within the people known as the ISRAELITES are marker indicators with no pre disposition to MURDER, BEHEAD, RAPE, SACRIFICE CHILDREN. On the other hand when we looked at the CANAANITE PHONECIAN markers we found them to be PALESTINIANS and they did have those indicators.

Why don't you ask Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump about why the SMITHSONIAN institution is systematically hiding archeological information from the American People?