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Ancient Cultures & Civilizational Studies
Alien Intelligence and Genetic DNA Modification of the Human Species
by Gregory M Volz MS JD PHD - Ancient Cultures & Civilizations / Ufology

Who is ENKI? A Name in ancient Sumerian who shared the region with ancestors of the Israelites named him ENOCH, and is ENOCH = ENKI? 

It came to me in a vision that ENKI the Great was an Amphibian with a laboratory at the bottom of the Persian Gulf. ENKI traveled underwater and worked with a team of genetic scientists. 

The product of the genetic engineering was a NEANDERTHAL? 


The next great 100 million dollar Marvel movie is NAMOR the Submariner. The tales abound about an amphibian that was playing around with human genetics thousands of years ago? The depictions on relief carvings show men with cetation species tales. What we are discovering is that the human genome carries all the way back in TIME reptilian and we are basically a hybridization of every species on planet Earth. This wasn't something random that happened, no this was a genetic engineering by an extra terrestrial species from a past TIME period. 

sea monkey to mermaid then transplant mermaid brain into a man like gorilla walking on hands then immediately painting in the caves at Fumany Italy and that genome in a report from HGSI Human Genome Science Institute shows a dna linkage with an off shoot branch to GIANT MERMAN - ENKI ENOCH POSEIDON NEPTUNE brother to ZEUS ENLIL ODEN JUPITER - 

I know both and they both know me for I AM CENTAUR SAGITARIUS GREGOROI THERIANTHROPE. 

There were twelve (12) star constellations and twelve planets in our solar system. ANU was the name of the god who had traveled across the galaxy from the constellation of ORION. ANU had two sons whos names were ENLIL & ENKI. The EN part of the name means LORD OF and the LIL meant LAND and the KI meant WATER (OCEANS). ANU was ZEUS, ODEN, the same god that has been written about in ancient spiritual scriptural literature all around the world. Even the MAYANS wrote about ANU. ANU was also representative of ABRAHAM who had two sons ISAAC representing JUDAISM & ISMAIL representing ISLAM. ENKI & ENLIL also played the roles of one brother being jealous of the other. 

The team of twelve extra terrestrials who had capabilities like gods were as follows - ANU, ENLIL & ENKI plus each of their spouses the NINHURASAG, NINGURSU, ISHTAR and their spouse made up the twelve (12). 

The original members were known as the counsel of twelve. The scientists had developed technology like WINGS that allowed them to fly up into the air. They created this technology after working and discovering the genetic properties of birds. This was a decorative attachment to the clothing and a device to move them in the air locally. INNANNA also known as ISHTAR puts on seven articles of technology that allow her to fly into outerspace or back to the Hollow MOON? 

watch this - then return to the book, the video should make you laugh and think at the same time. The question that arises is does modern academia know something about technology from these watchers written about in the books of ENOCH?

The team and lesser members of the team or managers if you will as a group of twelve became the ANUNAKI or ANU the god NA and KI over the OCEAN or WATERS again.

This team genetically modified a hominid species known as AUSTRALOPITHICUS FERENSIS. AUSTRALOPITHICUS is the GENUS and FERENSIS is the SPECIES so it become AFERENSIS. The DNA blood was extracted and they found two marker indicators within a gene splice that indicate extra terrestrial origin or ORIGINATION. 

The key to unlocking all the SECRETS was in discovering the pictorial images represented on scrolls that pre dated cuneiform. The SECRET images told us that humanities friend was ENKI also known as POSEIDON also known as NEPTUNE, an AMPHIBIAN god! 

The science team of gods, known as the WATCHERS, from the constellation of ORION were working under the direction of ENKI who had been given that authority and task by ANU. The scientists had set up in the hollow moon but ENKI got caught having sex with one of the female species that they had been genetically manipulating. When ENLIL told ANU, ENKI was banned to the EARTH and decided to set up and occupy a base in the waters of the PERSIAN GULF. The reason ENKI established in the Persian Gulf was that ENKI was an AMPHIBIAN. The location next to the waters of the Persian Gulf was ultimately to become the Garden of Eden. 

What we now know through satellite imagery is that two rivers previously known to exist in the writing of ancient spiritual scriptural literature are part of four rivers that identify the location of the Garden of Eden. The two rivers were the PISON and GIHON with one river running EAST and the other river running west into Africa. 

Over a period of time ENKI had the responsibility to create a slave race of human species that could mine for gold and do other tasks that they did not have the time or man power for. The genetically engineered beings were going to one day enter caves at the location of the Dome of the Rock where King Solomons Gold mines are now. Those tunnels extended clear through the EARTH to South America under the oceans.

If we look at what transpired over this time period we can start at 100,000 years ago when AUSTRALOPICHICUS HOMO SAPIEN FERENSIS and NEANDERTHAL plus many other hominid type ape monkeys were on planet EARTH. CRO MAGNON our closest relative wiped out NEANDERTHAL and possibly other hominids. The weather and ice ages played a part in the wiping out of hominid species as well. CRO MAGNON were CAVE men that drew on cave walls as represented in the caves at Fumany, Italy.

Suddenly at around 50,000 years ago CULTIVATION started. The discovery of seed for plants and trees bearing fruit. The Garden of Eden or EDOM was the first known existence of orchards on planet EARTH.

The deluvian event or great flood was caused when ENKI decided to breach the walls holding back the oceans at the gulf of OMAN. ENKI had to let the water flood the Garden of Eden but he was wiping out the remnants of their work and living facilities and where the scientists did the genetic experimentation, modification and development of species. In the EPIC TALE of GILGAMESH, ENKI warns NOAH of the bible about the flood coming.

Under the original work by the scientific team THERIANTHROPES or half man half animal were being developed. 

GIANTS were also developed to do some of the heavy work that needed to be done. Giants were going to help build a platform at ERIDU where the SHEM or SPACE ROCKET could take off from. 

After the scientists known as the WATCHERS that were doing genetic engineering on AUSTRALOPITHECUS GENUS, FERENSIS SPECIES or AFERENSIS. When we looked at the ancient cuneiform in depth and analyzed the sub text it was giving us a DNA marker indicator report that showed human variation in a gene splice within a chromosome. 

ENKI seems to be a major player in the visitation of beings from the stars. I will reiterate here that the beings that we are talking about are pointed to by the CYGNUS SWAN CROSS  and the top of that CROSS points to ORION'S BELT the HUNTER. That star line traverses also through the PEGASUS and ANDROMEDA galaxies. 

ENKI leader of the scientific engineering group was put in charge on planet EARTH at ERIDU. Originally being amphibian ENKI inhabited the waters of the Persian gulf. The original location of the garden of Eden. The rapid advancement through cultivation, domestication, and on to civilization was extra ordinarily rapid during this period of time. We went from genetic engineering of AFERENSIS to the spiritual cave drawing of CRO-MAGNON in the caves at Fumany, Italy showing therianthropes on the walls. 

ENKI means lord of the earth. Could it be that ENKI was top genetic engineer and responsible for all of planet EARTH? The great genetic engineering masters created hybrids between ANGELS and HUMANS just as the ancient spiritual scriptural literature tells us. That is the crazy part is that it is all TRUE! The books of ENOCH, the NAG HAMMADI, the VEDIC TEXTS, Mahat Barata, the bible, the Tibetan conture, and we have begun to compile it all and put it into the Northwest UFO Chasers SUPER COMPUTER and have the SUPER COMPUTER movie maker tell us the story. The story is a fantastic one that has been in drama for thousands of years. The stories are the mythologies within all of our cultures going back for thousands of years. To simplify it we are a product of ANGELS potentially intelligent alien extra terrestrials mating or genetically engineering homo sapien species to produce at first THERIANTHROPES & GIANTS.

The top level genetic scientists seem to have left and went back to their galaxy for a while and then came back and found EARTH to be inhabited with the THERIANTHROPES and the GIANTS. The lead scientists who I believe to be extra terrestrial intelligence from the Andromedan galaxy or Orion's belt either caused the ice age to occur sooner, or melted the ice to cause the deluvian event, but the ancient scriptures tell us of the flood. There seems to have been some tectonic plate shifting and possibly a complete polar rotation.

Evidence of GIANTS in CHAPTER 5 and seems to be pretty overwhelming. 

We still have the complete time period from when ENKI entered the water at the Persian gulf all the way to the genetic engineering of a human worker and the development of civilization in ancient Sumeria at ERIDU. 

Ok so what we have been referencing here is a substantiation of an Ancient Astronaut theory of ANGELS (potentially alien or extra terrestrial intelligence) mating or gentically engineering with homo sapien. CHAPTER 4 - ANGELS will talk about the light and the progression of angels. There will be an angelic progression chart to show advancement up through the dimensions of existence. The angels are referenced in the ancient spiritual scriptural literature as the WATCHERS. The WATCHERS were in the hollow moon and on MARS.