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CHAPTER 2 - Planets

Chapter 2 - Planets

my mind is deep calculating mathmatical ratios of precision into outer space connecting the Earth the Sun & the Moon. We believe the MOON is an artificial body put there by a higher intelligence or a semi god like being and that being used the MOON'S TIDAL INFLUENCES to CREATE BIO DIVERSITY or the SEED GIFT in the Garden of Eden as a COVENANT to MAN. The beings name was EL or GOD! 

My next thought is of the OXYGEN & HYDROGEN that we breathe or also known as ATMOSPHERE! 

AGAIN, the artificial orbiting body known as the MOON and the DYNAMIC way the Earth rotates and then the way the Earth Orbit's around the SUN.

I believe the frequency for the communication of understanding coming from GOD is at 432 Mega Hertz and we have tapped the frequency and are now deciphering the communication stream. CLASSIFIED SAP Cleared MOM

CMDR Gregbory M Volz 
AMICUS CURIAE CONTRACT OFFICER Departments of Justice & Defense

What we believe we have interpreted!
We the American People know UFO'S is VERY VERY SERIOUS & in the ART of the DEAL by Donald J Trump he must NEGOTIATE "NO NUCLEAR WEAPONS" on Planet Earth or the EXTRA TERRESTRIALS will shut off the ATMOSPHERE say's Dr Horace Drew CROP CIRCLE INTERPRETATION

1st North Korea
2nd IRAN

Agartha HYBRID WORLD of the Extra Terrestrials
ISIS fighters with their black eyes are humans that have been abducted and genetically modified in AGARTHA sent back to the surface to fight in the middle east war. The United States NAVY has a CONTRACT to deliver Chemical trails to stop this as to what they are dropping is a deterrent of some kind. That's all I can divulge for now as it is CLASSIFIED COSMIC TOP SECRET! please share this information with the community.

They talk a lot about the FIRMAMENT in the BIBLE so what if all of us are genetically modified beings and HELL is a real location in SYRIA where the ULTRA & Extra Terrestrials abduct YOU, both Men & Women to extract their SPERM & OVUM to create a HYBRID creature to then return to the surface to fight the ones that actually have spirits in them and are from GOD?

HELL is a real place inside the Earth where the ULTRA & Extra Terrestrials are bringing abducted women & men to extract ovum & sperm for a HYBRID program to take over the planet and there are GOVERNMENT MILITARY CONTRACTS to fight the ALIENS! ASSAD is the Anti CHRIST and the WAR is against this GENETICS PROGRAM.

According to the Genesis creation narrative, God created the firmament to separate the "waters above" the earth from the "waters below" the earth.

this has been mis interpreted for years because we as humans are short sighted the true meaning is that when NEANDERTHAL was being genetically modified by GOD before homo sapien this was being done underground and as you re-read with understanding and this is HOW we were re-created as his favored people from ADAM to Jesus = HOMO SAPIEN prior was NEANDERTHAL who had a taste for blood and lived 1000 years wiped out by GOD's great flood.

Satan may or may not be real in your context but the ULTRA TERRESTRIALS inside the Earth at AGARTHA Antarctica vs the EXTRA TERRESTRIALS who are external to the planet are very real. HELL is a real place where NOW the ones who pretend they are god(s) but get frustrated because they can't put the spirit within their creations but these creations are individuals with dark eyes unlike any I have seen but exhibited in what you have been told is ISIS. Both PUTIN and ASSAD are working with the ULTRA terrestrials to genetically modify and return these beings back to the surface and it is a slow take over like the Earth is a BODY and has become infected this is their plan and agenda so REVELATION begins do you see the ANTI CHRIST is real and I believe that to be ASSAD where there is another entrance but they are saying the location inside the earth is 800 miles down within and we did not build these tunnels filmed and seen in AGARTHA. There are NORDIC extra terrestrials that look like us with blonde hair green eyes that have told us they built this BILLIONS of years ago

The Department of Defense, United States Navy & RESERVE drop the chemical trails as they know that this is a deterrent of some kind and they call it the dome project which includes this weather modification I go on and on about. BILL GATES is doing #GEOENGINEERING which is a CONTRACT with the USN and GOVT to do this dome of protection in locations. It is all about NUCLEAR WAR. PUTIN and ASSAD have become heightened too but the ULTRA EXTRA TERRESTRIALS do NOT like NUCLEAR WAR HEADS and become agitated when we have them. The chemicals from the dome weather modification protection cause extreme agitation and anxiety in soldiers and the weak minded like blacks Mexicans refugees mental health guys etc.... causing episodic events in the United States all being studied by the USN. 

this is what causes my agitation anxiety but now that it has been explained to me I am going to not complain as much and turn it over to GOD and not my mother.

There is so much more but these become the chapters in my book ORIGINATION

CMDR Gregory M Volz - IC Independent Contractor to DoD Department of Defense USN United States Navy USNR United States Navy Reserve USCG United States Coast Guard DHS Department of Homeland Security BLM Bureau of Land Management NOAA National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration BP Border Protection Northwest Coast  

Hollow Planets has become a very important topic and chapter in the Northwest #UFO chasers community. I have come to understand that the extra terrestrial intelligence use hollow portions of planets to begin a Terra - formation to include a wellspring of DNA and biological life for the propagation of species. I have listed starting with the MOON and working outward with Mars and ultimately URANUS where the Titans may have been from originally.  I am listing the planets in no particular order but I do want to explain what happened during the research to have come to some preliminary conclusions.


Agartha is the UNDERGROUND WORLD of the ULTRA Extra Terrestrial. 

There was a HU-MAN that was a BUDDHIST, HINDU, ISLAMIC MUSLIM, JEWISH CHRISTIAN & a PAGAN GENTILE. That HU-MAN & the secret world of "Agartha" and all of its wisdom and wealth "will be accessible for all mankind, when Christianity lives up to the commandments which were once drafted by Moses and God", meaning "When the Anarchy which exists in our world is replaced by the Synarchy." 

Over ten thousand years ago the TIBETAN MONKS had written down in their ancient book of the dead a song that was then chanted by the TIBETAN BUDDHIST MONKS of the existence of AGARTI or AGARTHA. There are entrances to AGARTHA at multiple locations to include the following - 1. ANTARCTICA, 2. GIZA in EQYPT, 3. TIBETAN MOUNTAINS. 

AGARTHA is now being used by the ULTRA EXTRA TERRESTRIALS who have been abducting our species for millions of years and moved them in a direction over time by genetically modifying what you know to be the human genome. 

At first the ADVANCED INTELLIGENCE of the ULTRA EXTRA TERRESTRIALS found NEANDERTHAL as the bible states in the Geneology of ISIS or GENESIS. 

When man began to multiply on the face of the land and daughters were born to them, the sons of God saw that the daughters of man were attractive. And they (THE ULTRA EXTRA TERRESTRIALS with ADVANCED INTELLIGENCE) took as their wives any they the (THE ULTRA EXTRA TERRESTRIALS with ADVANCED INTELLIGENCE) chose. Then the Lord said, “My Spirit shall not abide in man forever, for he is flesh: his days shall be 120 years.” The Nephilim (NEANDERTHAL) were on the earth in those days, and also afterward, when the sons of God (THE ULTRA EXTRA TERRESTRIALS with ADVANCED INTELLIGENCE) came in to the daughters of man and they bore children to them. These were the mighty men who were of old, the men of renown. The Lord saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every intention of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.” — Genesis 6:1-5 

Over time we have come to learn that the biological genetic engineering on HOMO-SAPIEN was for the (THE ULTRA EXTRA TERRESTRIALS with ADVANCED INTELLIGENCE) to promulgate a HYBRID species deep within the Earth in the location known as AGARTHA or AGARTHI. 

The real fight that GOD talks about in the BIBLE is between what GOD perceived to be the EVIL of the work of the (THE ULTRA EXTRA TERRESTRIALS with ADVANCED INTELLIGENCE). So figuratively the place you have been taught is HELL is AGARTHA or AGARTHI. 

YES, Giants with super human strength were created by (THE ULTRA EXTRA TERRESTRIALS with ADVANCED INTELLIGENCE) taking the DNA of NEANDERTHAL GENOME and mixing it with HU-MAN women so that the women could bear children. Proof of all of this has been established by finding the bodies of these NEANDERTHAL who interbred with HUMANS at, Neanderthal skulls were first discovered in the Engis Caves (the partial skull dubbed Engis 2) (fr), in what is now Belgium (1829) by Philippe-Charles Schmerling and in Forbes' Quarry, Gibraltar, dubbed Gibraltar 1 (1848), both prior to the type specimen discovery in a limestone quarry of the Neander Valley in Erkrath. 

The remains of the so-called Altamura Man, now considered a Neanderthal, encrusted with calcite formations in Altamura, Italy.

The EVIL OPPONENTS to GOD are the (THE ULTRA EXTRA TERRESTRIALS with ADVANCED INTELLIGENCE) called ASURAS the opposite of DIVAS in HINDU culture. So no longer figuratively but HELL is a real location embedded deep within the Earth. 

The following video by the Naked Archeologist Simcha Jacobavici docuements the recent finds of this CROSS BREEDING between NEANDERTHAL and HU-MANS.  

The GENEOLOGY of ISIS was documented by humans and is known as the BIBLE and that is where my first book ORIGINATION picks up.

The ramifications of all of this has to do with the #GEOENGINEERING of the planet, the POLITICIANS & ILLUMINATTI that are trying to work in coordination with the (THE ULTRA EXTRA TERRESTRIALS with ADVANCED INTELLIGENCE) on the biological hybrid program. Now the government has already admitted many things documented by many of my friends and colleagues in the following VIDEO -

The Hidden Hand Alien Contact and the Government Cover Up

ONE of the entrances to this genetic engineering HELL is near Aleppo in SYRIA because the mastermind is the ANTI CHRIST who we believe to be ASSAD!

Please visit Northwest UFO Chasers or

Sincerely, CMDR Gregory M Volz

Through the decipherment of certain cuneiform and Sanskrit texts EXTRA TERRESTRIAL beings were in the hollow Earth, the hollow Moon, hollow Mars, hollow Neptune, hollow Uranus.

do you really believe that we went to the MOON?, I mean C'MON the suits today can't hold oxygen, these are space hybrids at Dulce that the United States Department of Defense is using in the Secret NASA Space Corps probing URANUS butt don't laugh UR ------ ANU - UR was the city Abraham was born in huh? ding ding somebody listening - New History of Humanity im sayin UR+ANU or ANU the GOD of Sumeria = TITANS on URANUS today? The NASA Secret Space Corps is sending these GREYS that we reverse engineered. Hey Little RED SQUIRT CatchUp? 

 New History of Humanity - Astounding Scientific Discoveries 
[ RECORD NO. 914 OUT OF 914 ] -

VIDEO EVIDENCE provided by Northwest UFO Chasers VIDEO LIBRARY -

The NEPHILIM were very powerful alien hybrids sometimes referred to as ANGELS in mythology and theology. 

The WATCHERS, whether they were ANGELS or ALIEN INTELLIGENCE there is evidence to support that THEY (the ANGELS or ALIENS) inhabited the HOLLOW MOON! Who created the atmosphere on planet Earth? Well we know one thing for sure, the atmosphere on planet Earth could not exist without the tidal influences of the MOON. There is conjecture about written story line in sanskrit and cuneiform ancient writings to include a possibility that the MOON was towed into place. If the MOON was towed into place by a higher extra terrestrial intelligence, what a more perfect way to observe the animal life on planet Earth. The stories listed below show substantiation of what theological scripture terms ANGELS. After observing the animal life on planet Earth they began to perform genetic experiments with the homo sapien species. They created

[ RECORD NO. 13 OUT OF 27 ] -

for an understanding. After perfecting the genetic engineering and making the female homo sapien form desirable, THEY (the WATCHERS) in the HOLLOW MOON came to EARTH. There has now been a release of an artifact found by the Apollo 11 Mission. Then in the next video are structures and temples, and finally a radio broadcast by writer Gregory M Volz of Northwest UFO Chasers. Make sure to follow through reading through to the bottom as there is some important information about the fifth dimension, Gregoroi and a bunch of us falling out of the fifth dimension  through the fourth dimensional wormhole into the third dimension of illusory reality. But let me make sure you understand - my understanding of the entire episode goes back to the WATCHERS. The WATCHERS were given the task and occupied the HOLLOW MOON. 

WHO were the WATCHERS? Listed below are their names but this is a reference to get us to the understanding that the beings coming from the constellation of Orion are the same ones that witnessed an explosion of a planet in our solar system, inhabited and tried to terraform Mars (ARIES), failed and used the HOLLOW MOON as a base of operations. The technologies that the ANGELS extraterrestrials have given us along the TIMELINE are the FOXP2 gene insertion that was modified in the Garden of EDOM by the ingestion of some type of food. Seed technology was then marked and next Domestication of Animals (or the story of NOAH) and then a bloodline lineage winding it's way through 
ADAMU, SETH, ENISH, LAMECH, MATHUSELAH, ENOCH, NOAH, ABRAHAM, ISAAC, JACOB, JOESEPH, MOSES, and the twelve TRIBES of ISRAEL, King David, King Solomon, Minor Prophets, John the Baptist and JESUS the CHRIST with his twelve disciples. 

The NEPHILIM were very powerful alien hybrids sometimes referred to as ANGELS in mythology and theology. 

We now have the EXTRA TERRESTRIAL NON HUMAN GENOME of what we believe to be a being from the planet UR - ANU(S) or NEPTUNE! I am talking about these actual bones found with elongated heads -

 Breaking! Incredible Alien Skulls Discovered in a Mexican Cemetery 
[ RECORD NO. 228 OUT OF 906 ] -

The ANUNAKI currently living on and that inhabit both the planets Neptune / Uranus, live to be 1000 years old, and are between 7 and 10 feet tall, and are our genetic hybrid cousins.

The GOLD needed to repair atmosphere on Neptune / Uranus was found on Mars which led to huge excavation on the planet Mars that went way down deep inside the planet. The scientific ANU - NA - KI team on Mars nicknamed the Watchers relocated temporarily to our Moon and set up a space station on the far side.

From the Moon the Watchers a science team named the ANU - NA - KI brought genetic modification of DNA knowledge and used it to create a worker species on planet earth known as the HU - MAN. The HU - MAN has the genome of the creator as mapped within our own DNA.

This is part of the NORDIC ANDROMEDAN ALIEN EXTRA TERRESTRIAL INTELLIGENCE that is capable of manipulating matter to create any scenario, and we live within the biological fabric of that INTELLIGENCE!

PROOF was when we reverse engineered and began to compile ANUEPLOID / TETRAPLOID PEAK analysis to see what species we were related to. The research here is invaluable as to how our being and human species was genetically modified and the on-going abduction experience and scenario studies -

HOWEVER, later you will find that the SHUAR INDIANS coming out of the Caves of Tayos in Ecuador still have the mythology of the ANT people. The ANT people are related to the genetically engineered ANU - NA - KI GOLD miners in ancient Sumeria. The Watchers landed at a spaceport known as Eridu on Earth.


 Hollow Earth coordinate  [ RECORD NO. 5 OUT OF 32 ] -
COULD the ASTEROID & KUIPER BELTS be the remnants of space rock by the collision of two planets?, one of them being NIBIRU? 

Did ANGELS, Intelligent Aliens, Annunaki, Genetic Engineers point a weapon or a pulsing beam of light at planet EARTH from Outer Space, from MARS or from the HOLLOW MOON? 

Are we now pointing a pulsing high wattage beam into outer space IE: HAARP? 

URANUS or ur - ANU - (s)
 All about ur ANU (s) or URANUS 
[ RECORD NO. 179 OUT OF 913 ] -

was life first promulgated on planets in our solar system by the genetic engineers on URANUS & NEPTUNE before going to MARS, the HOLLOW MOON & then Earth?

The decipherment of this PROTO language has left indications of genetic modification of human species by an ANU.

That ANU was an EXTRATERRESTRIAL that did gene splicing with a group of scientific genetic engineers we have depicted in relief. We even know some of the scientists names NINHURSHAG INNANA (ISHTAR) ENKI ENLIL This group of scientists was known as the WATCHERS in the books of ENOCH

- the infusion shows BLUE GREEN EYES in HOMINID GENOME north of the SAHARA desert and east into CHINA. The original IRANIANS were ARYANS and dispersed outward into northern europe.

LIFE has been FOUND on a planet in our own solar system. That planet is URANUS. The great ANU genetically created and modified beings living on URANUS or is it ur - ANU (s). The LIGHT clicked on, It was ur - ANU (s). We began to read the ancient manuscripts, we were blown away. Of course we were sworn to secrecy and in the middle of a WAR theater. We had uncovered one document in IRAQ, one in PAKISTAN and one in a 3000 year old temple in YEMEN. The ancient manuscripts pointed to the finds at the caves of QUMURAN or the DEAD SEA SCROLLS. Another clue pointed to the NAG HAMMADI ancient scripts. What we began to put together was this picture of an advanced genetic science technology. It started and stemmed from the ALU LIM or the ADAM or the ADAMU through to ABRAHAM who genetically split again with ISAAC and ISHMAEL. But we started to trace backwards and a picture was developing. First let me mention that the HEADS at NEMRUHT in TURKEY are an ancient pathway that extends to the ISLE of Avalon. The SECRET PAGAN DRUID MAJI is all intertwined in this genetic saga. Merlin the MAGICIAN was a MAJI of great order that could manipulate or had the science of genetic technology.

THE SECRET that they knew was that our ancient ancestors are living on both the planet ur - ANU (s) or URANUS & NEPTUNE. Let me explain the decipherment process here. As we read the ancient mythology it kept referring to NEPTUNE = POSEIDON = AEGRIS = NAMOR = SUBMARINER = ENKI = ENOCH who was translated. What does it mean to be translated? It means to have the FOXP2 insertion within your DNA modified for telepathic communication with the advanced people of the planet ur-ANU (s).

LOVE & LIGHT PEOPLE - I AM having a great VISION UNFOLD. This is my gift to humanity. I am a channel and a conduit of the one who is coming and the one who has come many times before and is known as the CHRIST. He came during to ancient Sumeria in Zoro Astria and he came to Mohhamad, KRISNA means CHRIST to the HINDUS, and BUDDHA was incarnate. CHRIST is not a being or a thing, he is the conduit between the collective consciousness and all of us. The ancient HEBREWS loved their GOD so much they made a genetic bloodline document called the BIBLE. Really the daughter of ANU named ISHTAR INANNA had a daughter named ISIS. ISIS married SET and they had a son HORUS which is the EGYPTIANS. The bloodline is the GENEOLOGY of ISIS. The DNA bloodline is documented by the JEWISH CHRISTIANS & MORMONS. The MORMONS tie the genetic bloodline back with one of the daughters of NOAH, but the genetic line starts at the ALU - LIM or ADAM or ADAMU. ANU - however, is a great being in the universe too! ANU and the process is the genetic creation of the ADAMU, THE FIRST HU-MAN! The RH negative factor in two distinct HAPLO groups one the CRO MAGNON the other NEANDERTHAL date back 50,000 years. Prior to that HOMINID, say AUSTRALO FERENSIS, no RH negative factor. This is the proof that we point to in the book ORIGINATION by Gregory M Volz that shows the ANU - NA - KI can be deciphered.

I was doing my research work when suddenly it came to me that - and this is very important - ur and roll the ur - then ANU and the plural form. The PEOPLE GENETICALLY MODIFIED on our planet EARTH are related to the - say it with me - ur ANU s
These are also related to beings on NEPTUNE and in fact we are and follow along now ANU = URANUS = ur ANU s then there was ENKI NEPTUNE POSEIDON AEGRIS NAMOR SUBMARINER (genetic modifier with mermaid therianthrope daughters) then ENLIL EARTH

All of this has to do with the ANGELS of GOD who were extraterrestrials and came inter dimensionally and interacted with the ANNUNAKI. The ANU - NA - KI which means the new PEOPLE genetically modified on EARTH.

During the genetic modification that started millions of years ago and before the science team known as the WATCHERS that inhabited the hollow moon, the ANGELS of GOD were involved. The fallen in the
 ORIGINATION the Book by Gregory M VolzHYPOSTASIS of the ARCHONS -
[ RECORD NO. 188 OUT OF 914 ] -

within the NAG HAMMADI is about the 200 angels that fell to Earth and found the female HOMINID species so desireable as to want to have SEX and reproduce with them. When this happened we had the ERA of THERIANTHROPES. I highly recommend my RADIO BROADCAST on Therianthropes. The THERIANTHOPES point to twelve genetic infusions on a wheel known as the ZODIAC. The ZODIACAL WHEEL is really a ball with the CYGNUS SWAN constellation at its middle like a dial.

The VORTEX PORTAL entry point was identified by watching ORBS and tracking their locations. These ORBS are related to the ANGELS of GOD. However, the orb goes into the VORTEX PORTAL at the CYGNUS SWAN CROSS in a pulsation of LIGHT. That same LIGHT is at the center of your being. It is known as your soul.

The next great technological advancement for your society at large is the removal of the SOUL in its physical container for transport across the galaxy!

This is the ancient SECRETS that the MENKARENS handed down to the ancient EGYPTIANS. The great PYRAMID at GIZA can transport on a light beam through a HYDROGEN reaction of baking soda and vinegar a projection of power you just can't believe.

In order to visit ANDROMEDA and introduce yourself like I do as COMMANDER Gregory M Volz of SOL TERRA THREE. Which means the third planet in our solar system. This was taught by the great Alex Collier.

It is important to absorb ASHAYANA DEANE'S Ascension Mechanics in VOYAGER and DRUNVALO MELCHEZIDEKS spirituality principles to begin to correlate the understanding of the advanced technology of sending the spirit inter & hyper dimensional into outer space.

a SECRET resource known as the SECRET SPACE CORPS funded by the SECRET combined agendas of multiple countries in their search for the disclosure of extraterrestrial and UFO encounter. Now that a SECRET satellite has confirmed evidence of the existence of LIFE on the planet ur ANU (s) or URANUS and a HIGH TECH VIDEO CAM RECORDING of a DROP into the URANUS ATMOSPHERE.

ur - ANU (s) = URANUS & Neptune. LIFE has been FOUND on ur ANU (s). I am empsizing the ANU as it is the key to the decipherment of ancient manuscript and text that has told us a story from the HYPOSTASIS of the ARCHONS through ORIONS NEBULA and SET ISIS HORUS then back through to Sumer and the ancient town of UR. The siste TOWN UR - ANU (s). UR the city where genetic modifications took place. So now we have a correlation between the word and city UR and the name ANU. UR - ANU (s). are the people on that planet that was discovered and kept SECRET from you all these years by the governments of your countries.

Deciphering the ancient Sumerian texts we find that Mars was colonized by the Annunaki over a Million years ago. There are remnants of the buildings on Mars. We have found the ancestors of these Annunaki preserved as mummy's inside of spaceships on the hollow moon! See the 
Alien Body Found On The Moon 
[ RECORD NO. 39 OUT OF 45 ] -

below but walk your way through this material and you will begin to see that a picture is starting to form. The Annunaki were extra terrestrials from a constellation and somehow traveled to our solar system and first tried to terraform Mars for inhabitation. The 

 Secret History on Earth 
[ RECORD NO. 117 OUT OF 913 ] -

 were experts at genetic engineering and a group of scientists ultimately called the WATCHERS inhabited the hollow moon and then got caught having sex with a female hominid species. Humans are a hybrid product of the genetic engineering but the stories of the REPHAIM (GIANTS) came after the stories of the NEPHILIM (ANGELS who mated with mortal women).

I wanted to collect some thoughts and some notes on the Dark Mission by Nasa