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END WAR on Planet Earth


There are some simple solutions that we can implement to help move toward the ending of WAR on planet Earth. 

1. No more weapons - NONE!

2. Hold responsible any religious leader for their people.

3. PEER Pressure on your neighbor to express NO MORE WAR on Planet Earth

UKRAINE - It is time for SOCIAL MEDIA to tell PUTIN that guys dressed in GREEN, BLACK with weapons and islamic muslims throwing rocks is over. It is time for We The People to ask all world leaders for the following to incude a SPIRITUAL EIGHT SUMMIT not a G8 MONEY SUMMIT. Time for PEACE and to think of things in a NEW WAY.

We the People want President to consider the SPIRITUAL EIGHT (8) to include the Dalai Llama, The Pope, The Ayatollah ETC.... I mean we have the G8 all about MONEY when the health is for the spiritual nature of the existence of humanity in harmony with nature is in OUR Hands or We the People, SO SPEAK UP!

Just STOP! Only idiots carry weapons and hurt and harm others. Time for PEACE!

We the People have a direct message to the MUSLIM ISLAMIC TERRORISTS that a better message is to lay all weapons down and be willing to DIE for FREEDOM. We already know your plight and wish to help but only if a TREATY for steps

1. No more weapons - NONE!

2. Hold responsible any religious leader for their people.

3. PEER Pressure on your neighbor to express NO MORE WAR on Planet Earth

This is a DIRECT MESSAGE TO THE HAMAS EGYPT MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD - In the 1960's in the UNITED STATES, WOMEN gladly gave of themselves to any man to avoid WAR and I think it is time we UNITED as a people and as a HUMANITY and did this again. This is the MOVEMENT of the HIPPIES in the 60's. PEACE, hey instead of WAR & BOMBS & BLOOD & KILLING? HOW ABOUT SOMETHING DIFFERENT, JUST SIT DOWN MAN! They are called SIT INS for a reason and PEACE is the answer and then LOVE COMES, when that happens, everybody should just LOVE & have SEX instead of WAR. 

BUDDHA HINDU KRISHNA MUSLIM ISLAMIC ABRAHAM MOSES JEWS PAGANS & the CHRIST call upon the Angels of GOD for PEACE! Time for PEACE and to LOVE thy Neighbor- Keep Trying til it hurts! YOU are ISLAMIC MUSLIM please watch and listen to this video




I get so ANGRY and UPSET about ASSAD in SYRIA hacking off children's arms & legs. I just can't understand a humanity that lets this happen. The WORLD, even in SILENT protest needs to get between CHILDREN & THINE ENEMY. Are you people that weary of WAR that you will continue to let these autrocities occur? I am being told on FACEBOOK that I have a negative attitude and aura, but quite frankly I am wondering what is wrong with YOU PEOPLE.

1960s Peace Love Drugs Sex / Rock n Roll [ RECORD NO. 210 OUT OF 914 ] - 

IF YOU are ISLAMIC MUSLIM please watch and listen to this video
  HAMAS IRAN WAR The most sad Arab song [ RECORD NO. 718 OUT OF 914 ] - 

and you will see it is time to try something different? 

As the politics start to turn to foreign affairs and Israel is beginning a WAR with HAMAS maybe all sides can try something NEW and differenrt besides BOMBS? like - END WAR on PLANET EARTH INITIATIVE 1 for GLOBAL TREATY

this happened in the 60's,70's, 80's,90's,00's, haven't YOU SHEEPLE LEARNED ANYTHING? What about the YEAR 2012 - 20 ??????????????

DISABLED AMERICANS IN THE United States of America
disabled still live in TRAILERS that are breaking down, with no heat, water or food?

In VIETNAM in CAMBODIA we caught COLONEL eating body parts? Remember the movie APOCOLYPSE? TRUE STORY!

saving LIVES in the year 2012.


May 30th 2012 - 

I get so ANGRY and UPSET about ASSAD in SYRIA hacking off children's arms & legs. I just can't understand a humanity that lets this happen. The WORLD, even in SILENT protest needs to get between CHILDREN & THINE ENEMY. Are you people that weary of WAR that you will continue to let these autrocities occur? I am being told on FACEBOOK that I have a negative attitude and aura, but quite frankly I am wondering what is wrong with YOU PEOPLE.

Well, I THINK I KNOW. You are being bombarded with chemicals, electronically swept by high wattage particle beams, you are being programmed by the media outlets to think certain thoughts subliminally. This is all being orchestrated by the elite ILLUMINATTI. There are EVIL NEFARIOUS entities in both GOVERNMENT & PRIVATE INDUSTRY.

The one thing that the ILLUMINATTI propulgates is WAR and the FINANCIAL GAINS of WAR, & coludes with a RELIGIOUS CATHOLIC DOCTRINE from the VATICAN. Those are the three snake heads of the ILLUMINATTI, again RELIGIOUS, FINANCIAL & MILITARY. The MILITARY was HITLER in WORLD WAR II, the RELIGIOUS was the CATHOLIC BODY imposing their views on the people hundreds of years ago and now, we find ourselves in a FINANCIAL ECONOMIC DILEMMA. That is part of a triangle that is within the star and at its center is the PENTAGON.

All of this may not seem important to you and maybe I just need a GOOD WOMAN to share some romantic interludes with. Maybe I just need to go away and relax. Maybe I should just sit in my chair and wait for someone to visit me. They never do. My daughter & mother are to busy and live to far away. I really have no friends at all. The women on facebook just all seem to want to hate me for no reason. I can't get anybody to have just a normal conversation. The women are so uptight and people are snapping everywhere.

The people feel as if the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES is LYING TO THEM. Blaming the President for everything is where the Republicans went wrong. It is the CORPORATIONS of PRIVATE INDUSTRY that provide JOBS! All of the CORPORATIONS are laying off, with soldiers returning to NO JOBS & the FINANCIAL MARKETS are CRASHING! The SENATORS & CONGRESSMEN are like children and do not see a crisis and are unwilling to work together toward compromise.

WE NEED SOLUTIONS! We need the media to stay focused on JOB CREATION THROUGH CORPORATIONS in AMERICA. We need the GOVERNMENT to make a simple measurement tool on a website that ranks the CORPORATIONS for their benefit to HUMANITY and is ADVERTISING FOR THE CORPORATION, which they pay MILLIONS to have their names on signs now! Just charge them and the boards will be more than happy to be known as the TOP CORPORATION for PROSPERITY in AMERICA.

C'MON it is that SIMPLE! Its a simple CORPORATE PIER PRESSURE back to PROSPERITY! PLEASE POTUS - FLOTUS - implement this simple SOLUTION.

Anderson Cooper 360 on CNN -

Recently Anderson was reporting on the WAR in Syria. The media analysts keep bringing up the fact that the United Nations & the United States are not providing weapons to the rebels. Where are the United Arab Emirates, or the Hezbollah, or Israel, or Korea, or Columbia, Brazil, Mexico, India? Where are the countries and there position on the WAR on Planet Earth.

TELL THE IDIOTS that these IDIOTIC TERRITORIAL DISPUTES MUST STOP! When PROSPERITY is INTRODUCED BY ANY REGIME THE PEOPLE ARE RECEPTIVE. This is just plain and simple EVIL and needs to be dealt with swiftly. Take ASSAD OUT NOW! ASSAD is just another Saddam Hussein, Osama Bin Laden, and or MOMAR GHADDAFI. Just take the bastard out for all the BLOOD on his HANDS!

The REPUBLICANS want to build another WALL JUST LIKE IN RUSSIA, yet it was REAGAN who tore the WALL down. Tear the WALL down on the MEXICAN BORDER and fix the economies of MEXICO and AMERICA together. SAVE the money, tell the BORDER PATROL TO GO HOME, PERMANENTLY.

Tell the CIA, NSA, FBI, CIA, SENATORS, CONGRESS PEOPLE, & EVERY GOVERNMENT WORKER it is time to take a huge pay cut. Until the men running for office can actually prove that they can turn this economy around they are just full of BULLSHIT & LIES. That's what the American people Know For Sure because THEY (OBAMA & ROMNEY) are not proving they have the ability to change this messed up financial system.

I just swatted a fly and I thought, When you KILL a FLY are YOU then a GOD with no responsibility? In other words the bigger you get the less it matters the LIFE you destroy around you? NO the PROPHETS taught to LOVE & PRAY for thine enemy. There is a GOD, and a one true GOD, The reverence of LIFE was taught by BUDDHA, KRISHNA, ABRAHAM, MUHAMMAD, JESUS and many other TRUE PROPHETS. Without weapons there can be no WAR, so we are asking that you take a stand to PRAY, and express that there are no need for weapons in this world, and we UNITE TOGETHER TO END WAR ON PLANET EARTH. 

Northwest UFO Chasers and the opinion of its creator is that WAR is ridiculous and unnecessary. We the CITIZENS of EARTH that are of higher sentient being believe WAR to be a destructive element that has no place in civilized society. We must make the focus one that UNITES all of mankind together. Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims, Christians & other faiths will UNITE by Gods direction. This is a request that was sent out in prayer and continues to be prayed for but is only activated when you stop and think or pray and add your positive light energy to the change that we all seek.

If you could push a button and end war on planet Earth, would you do it? How would a global farewell to arms change the planet, and how would we handle the realized dream of world peace?

For starters, we have to decide exactly what we mean by "war." Philosophers and politicians have spent thousands of years wrestling with the term, but for the purposes of this article, we'll ignore such concepts as "the war on drugs" and "the war on poverty." Instead, we'll define it as a state of armed conflict between states or nations.

So let's say you push that magic button and war as we've defined it ceases to be a possibility. Is it time to stick flowers in our hair and dance in the street? What happens next?

For starters, the militaries of the world wouldn't instantly become obsolete. After all, such forces engage in a number of activities that aren't related directly to armed conflict with other countries, like border protection, disaster relief and response to civil unrest. But if a global end to war means an end to even the potential for armed conflict with other nations, then militaries would swiftly prove overstaffed, over funded and oversupplied.

The world's combined military budget currently stands at more than $2 trillion [source:]. In 2007, the United States spent the most of any nations, roughly $741 billion a year, which was 5.2 percent of its gross domestic product [source:]. So on one hand, the end of war would allow highly militarized nations such as the U.S., China and India to tighten their spending belt or use the money to fund other causes.

But what about jobs? Armies, after all, are made up of people. In 2010, the U.S. military employed more than 1.4 million active service members and 833,000 reservists [source: Reich]. At that time, another 1.6 million Americans worked in companies that support the military. Without wars or the potential for war, many of these people would have to fill other roles in society.

Then there's death to consider. According to a survey from the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, approximately 378,000 war deaths occurred globally each year between 1985 and 1994. Of course, those years also saw the global population rise from an estimated 4.8 billion to 5.6 billion. Without war, individuals would still die from accidents, homicides, suicides at a normal rate, but it's easy to see how the end of war would at least marginally effect population levels around the world.

I am going to try to explain why ALL OF US should be ready to not only DIE for FREEDOM but for the LOVE of HUMANITY. PEACEFUL CONSCIENTIOUS OBJECTION to WAR has been taught by Buddha, Krishna, Muhammad & Jesus. Jesus said turn thy other cheek.

Now the WARS in SYRIA by ASSAD continue, water coming from JAPAN is contaminated with nuclear fallout. The escalations in the middle east are showing signs of world war III.

YOU have a decision to make -

1. Do you wish to continue your TRANSCENDENCE TOWARD GOD? or

2. DO YOU WANT TO start over?

Our light bodied essences in a distributed cloud of collective consciousness are continuously traveling in time through this third dimension of illusory reality! - Please listen to my Northwest UFO Chasers Radio Broadcast - Part 13 - Melchizedek to find out why there are humans, ancient humans, alien intelligences, ANGELS & GOD. Each of these entities or beings has advanced technological capabilities to move in different realms of density and/or dimensions. Most humans and all life on this planet only identify with this third dimension of illusory reality, but alien intelligences (57+ identified alien intelligent species), and ANGELS have an understanding of reincarnation technology and can move between 3rd and 6th dimensional densities, as well as the ANGELS moving between US and the realm of GOD beyond the 11th or the 12th dimension. The ANGELS move back and forth between us, including the 1st, 2nd and 3rd dimensions, as well as on toward GOD beyond the 11th dimension. We are all genetically related to 12 angels that were originally here on Earth sent by GOD as told in the NAG HAMMADI, Books OF ENOCH, BIBLE, Jewish TORAH, ancient Sumerian Sanskrit texts, the viking mythological tales of Val Halla, Chinese Buddhist DAO teachings from Tibet, vedic texts of India and the MahatBarratta of Rama Krishna, as well as many more bodies of work. I am receiving these messages from intelligent NORDIC aliens delivering telepathic communication but am unable to do there communication justice in a message on facebook, in an article or even a radio broadcast using the human English language. The Most important message is the all inclusiveness of BUDDHISTS, KRISHNA'S, MUSLIMS, CHRISTIANS in PEACEFUL CONSCIENTIOUS OBJECTION TO WAR as CHRIST SAID TURN THY OTHER CHEEK and BE READY TO DIE for not only FREEDOM, BUT the LOVE OF ALL HUMANITY! If you want to TRANSCEND when the nuclear water from Japan or World War III destroys us, and or the WARS in SYRIA by ASSAD continue, then please read, listen and join us in the delivery of this message. This has all happened before in a story of the processional rotation of the earth and the ancient cultures and civilizations that lived previous to us! Northwest UFO Chasers next radio broadcast will be on the topic of what the Illuminati knows and why we are in a war of good vs evil. You will all get the chance to make the decision through FREE WILL as to whether you want to TRANSCEND to become alien intelligence then on to ANGEL yourself, all on your journey, on your way to the glorification of GOD!

The SACRED number is 12 - They came to me in prophetic message to tell me that the ANGELS were singing to the glorification of GOD when one ANGELS LOVE was distracted by another just for a moment when that sent him and/or her back through reincarnation of the 1st through 12th dimensions of Transcendence, which you and I are moving in time, in the 3rd dimension of illusory reality. Now, we are genetic descendants of the twelve fallen angels who fell involving mortal humans and the offspring was nephilim as in genetic hybrids like THOR and many ancient stories handed down. Each of us has an astrological symbol as I am Sagittarius, and there is Leo, Libra, etc.... Now each of those twelve has twelve children and twelve special people as JESUS did with is disciples. There will be twelve people around you that are special giving you messages as I am one of those now. I am really simplifying this story, but please listen closely to my 13th radio broadcast and you will also become enlightened as to whyWARS in SYRIA by ASSAD continue, the nuclear radiated water coming from Japan and or World War III will cause a cataclysmic event that will push the collective cloud of distributed consciousness toward GOD rapidly and because of FREE WILL each light bodied essence has to make a decision as to whether they want to TRANSCEND or go back through REINCARNATION to the beginning. Your goal is to become an alien intelligence yourself at one point in time in the 5th dimension of ethereal reality and ultimately become an ANGEL moving into the 6th, 7th, 8th 9th , 10th , 11th dimensions ultimately meeting GOD and for GOD to allow YOU to stand in bliss in the glorification of GOD in heaven. This is all in the BIBLE, Nag Hammadi, Books of ENOCH, Vedic Texts, Buddhist DAO, MUSLIM Quran, MahatBaratta and many other spiritual texts. The message of most IMPORTANCE RIGHT NOW is the all inclusiveness of humanity as in BUDDHISTS, RAMA-KRISNA'S, MUSLIMS, CHRISTIANS & THEY MUST ADOPT - PEACEFUL CONSCIENTIOUS OBJECTION TO WAR AS CHRIST SAID TURN THY OTHER CHEEK AND NOT ONLY THAT WE MUST DIE FOR THAT LOVE OF HUMANITY TO TRANSCEND OR WE REPEAT THROUGH REINCARNATION OF TIME. Because of the processional rotation of the Earth and the 26,000 year cycle this has happened to many ancient civilizations in the past that have gone before us. Now, this is just a quick message to you and I do not do it justice in the translation of the telepathy coming from the alien intelligence that embeds it within my cerebral cortex memorial locations but I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, I WANT YOU TO UNDERSTAND THE MESSAGE. YOU HAVE A GREAT ROLE TO PLAY THAT WILL BE UNVEILED TO YOU IN TIME. EVERYTHING IS AS IT SHOULD BE IN PERFECTION SO LOOK IN THE MIRROR AND SAY I LOVE YOU AS THIS IS THE REFLECTION THAT OTHERS SEE IN ORDER TO GET THE MESSAGE OF US ALL TO HOLD HANDS IN PEACEFUL CONSCIENTIOUS OBJECTION TO WAR!

Independent Contractor of CYBER SECURITY INFRASTRUCTURE of the United States of America - Naval Intelligence CMDR working in Theater Operations for Theater Medical Information Program for Battlefield Medical Information System Telemedicine injured in WAR Theater Pakistan 2007 by IED CONCUSSION BLAST and multiple CONCUSSION EPISODES over a lifetime. I had Traumatic Brain Injury and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and still took command of INFORMATICS. We implemented crucial ABSORBTION PATIENT LITTER SYSTEM blood sponge whenever we encountered a fallen or wounded soldier. We prepped for extraction by populating the soldiers dog tag record which contained their electronic medical data record. TODAY, we can transport that data record with X-RAY'S, MRI Scans, and CT Scans as well as colorized doplar analysis of ULTRA SOUND Brain tissues. Their are 2000 WOUNDED WARRIORS or MY BROTHERS and their FAMILIES on Joint Base Lewis Mchord at WOUNDED WARRIORS so will you please consider DONATING!