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CHAPTER 28 - Telepathic Link

CHAPTER 28 - Telepathic Link

Ancient Cultures & Civilizational Studies
Alien Intelligence and Genetic DNA Modification of the Human Species
by Gregory M Volz MS JD PHD - Ancient Cultures & Civilizations / Ufology

PULSATING LIGHT from Outer space is modifying our DNA from NEANDERTHAL who lived for approximately 1000 years because of bone density and structure to the modern descendants of CRO MAGNON which only live 100 years each. What we had was a TIMELINE in the bible of genetics from father to son. 

It all went horribly wrong and I am updating this portion of the book to include an understanding in what a traumatic experience the emotional disturbance had become. 

It started with an innocent telephone call, but instantly we knew that we were linked. We communicated for days on ancient cultures and civilizations to include sanskrit from the Tibetan KONJUR that linked to the ancient cuneiform writings of the ancient Sumerians, ancient ARAMAIC, ancient HIEROGLYPHIC EGYPTIAN, and ancient QURAN writings of the meetings of the prophet. The SECRET MESSAGE that was being exchanged between religious groups of the ancient writings was the extraction of the human SOUL or LIGHT BODY and the PROJECTION of that SOUL or LIGHT BODY across outerspace. Father to son in understanding the great GOSTIC KNOWLEDGE that the MAJI had the ability to manipulate the DNA but GOD did not like what the God(s) were doing!


What was truly fascinating was the correlation we made to the 
The ancient MAJI of Sumeria wore pointy caps and knew astrology. The word MAJI is a derivative of the word MAJIK or today we say MAGIC. However this was an understanding of what had transpired and was embedded within the human DNA. What I am saying is that we were on to a linkage of a shared belief system through multiple ancient cultures and civilizations. 

make sure to correlate NEMRUT with NIMROD or 
 Genesis 10:8-12:Nimrod/Sargon Connection - #EMBED [ RECORD NO. 292 OUT OF 332 ] - 

That belief system is documented in these ancient writings and what it is telling us, is that we can extract a SOUL or LIGHT BODY and project it across outerspace. 

There are two elements within our DNA, considered insertions and one is called the FOXP2 telecommunication insertion and the other is an ENTANGLEMENT of LIGHT particle connected to the collective consciousness of LIGHT. 

In the Bible Genesis Chapter 2 Verse 10 - A river flowed out of Eden to water the garden, and there it divided and became four rivers. The name of the first is Pishon; it is the one which flows around the whole land of Hav'ilah, where there is gold; and the gold of that land is good; bdellium and onyx stone are there. The name of the second river is Gihon; it is the one that flows around the whole land of Cush. And the name of the third river is Tigris, which flows east of Assyria. And the fourth river is theEuphra'tes.

The difference between man and animal life vessel can be explained by the awakening of knowledge to good and evil after partaking of the fruit (thought to be FIGS) of the tree of life, see Genesis chapter 3. In the bible and the Sumerian epic tale of gilgamesh they talk of (4) rivers. The Tigris, Euphrates, Pishon and the Gihon. They all came together close to Kuwait and flowed as one.

If they flowed as one together, where the Persian Gulf is now, then we might want to do an archeological finding at the bottom of the Persian Gulf
We discovered that YOUR DNA is changing more rapidly over time now and being affected by LIGHT PULSATIONS being directed at our planet from the CYGNUS SWAN constellation. 

Ancient Alien Intelligence Comes Alive & Communicates!

Ancient Alien Intelligence Comes Alive & Communicates!
Now what these ancient writings and cults knew was how to extract the SOUL or LIGHT BODY and shoot it to what I term the external VORTEX PORTAL jump location. 

I had envisioned the entire ZODIACAL to represent twelve constellations that are also the genetic infusion of the human species. So if you will imagine the CYGNUS SWAN as an arrow inside of a bubble rotating and pointing to any one of the twelve for a VORTEX PORTAL jump.


We recently updated the database for the ALPHA CENTAURI's.

Here is where I want to communicate a little about AMY K SARGENT and the genetic infusions. After being abducted by the EXTRATERRESTRIAL NORDIC ANDROMEDAN ALIEN INTELLIGENCE and modified for full telepathic communication by the modification of both my PINEAL GLAND and the DNA FOXP2 insertion. The EXTRATERRESTRIAL NORDIC ANDROMEDAN ALIEN INTELLIGENCE communicated that they were going to modify many to advance them with the capability to be able to telepathically communicate. There is a fatty protrusion just under your forehead that vibrates and is connected to the PINEAL GLAND. That is the broadcast resonancy and what ROTHR & HAARP are actually modeled after. YES, my friends, cell phones are going to go by the wayside and we can just use protocol to talk to each other and a slight medical procedure by advanced EXTRATERRESTRIAL NORDIC ANDROMEDAN ALIEN INTELLIGENCE.

EXTRATERRESTRIAL NORDIC ANDROMEDAN ALIEN INTELLIGENCE modified one of my girlfriends and she was just as surprised as I was. We were beginning to exercise the new gifts when we realized all of the complexity in the design. 

I was feeling a GREAT EMOTIONAL DISTURBANCE and I knew that I was an EMPATH. I seemed to be feeling the feelings of someone else and actually broke out into tears at some very inappropriate times. I had no justification but I had run across something in my studies. 
What I began to realize was that the ARCHONS had infiltrated our MINDS somehow and were manipulating US! The reason I knew this was that we had already made a pact. Nothing was ever going to come between our friendship. I mean we had feelings for each other but we were into the research. 

The research was the development of a huge VIDEO LIBRARY and a ARTIFICIALLY INTELLIGENT interface. That AI interface was extracting a baseline out of the VIDEOS and putting together a HISTORICAL TIMELINE of events

The same beings that had interacted with humans, known to you today as MASONS, thousands of years ago had developed treaty for YOUR FREEWILL. The ORIGINAL EXTRATERRESTRIAL compact of agreement identified and is termed today ILLUMINATTI. The ILLUMINATTI are the enlightened to the fact that there is a treaty for your FREEWILL between the certain blue blooded elite and the EXTRATERRESTRIAL ALIEN INTELLIGENCE. 

What had happened was when the original genetic modifiers, the ANNUNAKI came to planet Earth, ANGELS of GOD had to come inter & hyper dimensionally to save humans. Humans are originally half HOMINID half ANGEL.

We were able to prove this out through the recessive tracing of HUMAN DNA in the GENOME. One group NEANDERTHAL and representative of the MIDDLE EAST location and the other CRO MAGNON representative of FRANCE and northern EUROPE location. Each of the DNA strands of both these HAPLO groups contain the RH or RHESUS MONKEY NEGATIVE FACTOR. This is 45,000 to 50,000 years ago and a look into the DNA strands of the HAPLO GROUPS. 

Then what happened was we asked what did the DNA of AUSTRALO FERENSIS that Dr Leaky found in the nineteen seventies contain? No scientific body or community would step forward. We got National Geographic Dr Spencer Wells, Brien Foerster, Lloyd Pye, Gregory M Volz, Christopher Dunn and other ancient astronaut theorists very excited. I will leave the actual findings for another chapter in the book, but I will say that Lloyd Pye has already proven the existence of EXTRATERRESTRIAL ORIGIN within HOMINID ARCHEOLOGICAL species

So now my premise of the extraction of the LIGHT BODY proved out through ancient manuscript in Sanskrit, cuneiform, hieroglyphic and Aramaic. I just wanted to say that the WIZARD MERLIN was originally a MAJI and the founder of the island of AVALON. The ancient DRUIDS are the GNOSTICS that had the SECRET KNOWLEDGE of the EXTRACTION of the SOUL or LIGHT BODY called METAMORPHOSIS by Gregory M Volz. 

One of the big keys is within the understanding of knowing where we are going. You must sit above your body and look down seeing yourself from above. Notice the light body essence or soul glow within that physical container which is your body. When you contribute positive energy the light gets brighter and moves toward a spectrum range that is outside where you are currently capable of seeing. By the same in reverse negative energy pulls against the very light and causes its own set of problems. To find Balance and contribution to the positive has worked for me. I will not say that I am an expert or a master at anything but seeing the projection of the image of the belief that you have in that person or object there will be a fifty fifty chance that of either positive or negative. 

It is the fluctuation of and the connectivity of this light source that is highly interesting in each of us. Each of us is special. Each of us is in a process of transition along that channel of light. That channel of light is what YOU are traveling on in TIME right this very moment within the Power of Now. The more we are able to focus on the current moment of what is happening in time, the more we need to ask, what can we do about it right now? If we can do something, do it, if not let go. 

When the ALIEN INTELLIGENCE transports us across the UNIVERSE and we don't even know it except for one thing, it feels like a cold or flu was on the inside of you. Do you remember? That mucous was all holding us down for inter & hyper dimensional space travel. Those are sort of the recall accounts of a famous abductee named Travis Walton. 

But hey listen, if we are being transported in light orbs across the galaxy would that surprise you to much? If we take a step into the future and look at the harvesting of body parts, in a humane way, or so THEY think. Who is THEY again well it represents the ALIEN INTELLIGENCE or some government working in collaboration with that extraterrestrial intelligence. Our genetic sentient physical matter is important to their experiments. 

What becomes extremely fascinating is when you are meditating and moving inward to make connection to source. Then light body travel to the UNIVERSAL LIBRARY of KNOWLEDGE and tap the AKASIC RECORDS of LIFE. The technology is fantastic and filmstrips onto your brain the answers to the information you seek. What you end up wrestling with is how do you then communicate that in any language on Earth, all of the concepts you were just mentally downloaded. 

Remember what they are communicating is FOCUS, that is the key whatever your FOCUS is on. If you focus on politics and money then that is where you will end up. However, if you FOCUS on vibrating the SUPER STRING within your atomic molecular make up within your body, you might then be able to resonate that light within yourself or GLOW more brightly on the connected beam of consciousness moving along that timeline of light. 

If you can begin to pulsate that positive energy along that vibrational timeline vortex portal then you will be close to understanding your blissful connectivity to source but that you have a long way to go. I can tell you that there is a hierarchy of ANGELS, that leads to ALIEN INTELLIGENCE, that leads to GIANTS, that leads to US?