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The single enlightened entity that is a greater intelligence or believes itself to be a greater intelligence has been named the ILLUMINATI for a very long time. A BLOODLINE that goes back to the genetic modifications of man as documented in the Genealogy of ISIS or GENESIS. The HUMAN GENOME of previous Presidents are all inter related through an ancient BLOODLINE they are still tracking to this day. The SECRET had been held by the MASONS in SACRED GEOMETRY which ultimate becomes a PENTAGON. However whether it is a CROSS at the center of a PENTAGON or a CROSS by the Catholic Church, entities will die to have you believe that CHRIST SUFFERED GREAT BODILY SUFFERING AT THE HANDS OF OTHERS, when in fact, Jesus the CHRIST celebrated with JUDAS in the Garden of Gisemenie the night before as it was Judas / Christ knew of the shedding of the PHYSICAL to become LIGHT. Judas had become a Son of LIGHT. An ancient GNOSTIC thinking that actually bridges JUDAISM, ISLAM, HINDUISM, BUDDHISM, PAGANISM together and points to the collective consciousness Originating from the center of our perceived known UNIVERSE but quantum physics actually shows us of MULTI dimensions of existence. Your ascendance and shedding of your physical body, may also be your advancement as an ANGEL toward the one true almighty GOD! What I would like to point out is that all of the elements of CONSPIRACY fit into a BIGGER PICTURE? 

I really do not understand why David Icke didn't tell Jesse Ventura to look in the mirror to see a REPTILIAN. Within Jesse Ventura's HUMAN GENOME  and each one of us that PROVES we are related to the reptilians from 4.55 BILLION years ago. Mans Cerebellum has been found to contain primordial pro creation response. Looking for 12ft tall LIZARDS is like looking for DINOSAURS today.
However when we put the entire story together what we actually find are not REPTILIANS but AMPHIBIANS. Those are beings that can breathe under water as well as air above.

My book Origination makes a HYPOTHESIS in SCIENCE FICTION that our HUMAN GENOME shows the indicators of our species being a complete HYBRIDIZATION by a superior intelligence. 

David Icke has spent a tremendous amount of time on multiple subjects along this line. They will be listed below for your enjoyment by the Northwest UFO Chasers VIDEO LIBRARIAN, who is a NORDIC ANDROMEDAN alien human hybrid. 

There is basically a long line ascendancy going back in history in our written language but say it goes back the full 4.55 BILLION YEARS. Make sure you look at the 

The ILLUMINATI has been identified in OZARK Missouri. An ex CIA agent named HOUGH who built the SPACE SATELLITES that spy on YOU is building a SECRET ABOVE & UNDERGROUND COMPLEX. They pulled a fast one and told the state and the county and the city that this was a private residence. We have already uncovered the financial links to the United States Government and SECRET CONTRACTS. There goes the TRANSPARENCY in the DEMOCRATIC ADMINISTRATION.

NOTICE - the name OZ - ARK. Some ILLUMINATI GENIUS BILLIONAIRE like this CIA Agent HOUGH thinks he is the WIZARD of OZ or the smartest JERK on the BLOCK. He has put something in or on an ARK to save HIMSELF but he won't tell you what he knows?

The MEDIA need to do some investigative journalism on this story.