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Pyramids EGYPT the LATEST from Northwest UFO Chasers

WATCH the following EGYPT PLAYLIST but first READ the Article!

I was trained by NAVAL INTELLLIGENCE and later genetically modified by the Department of Defense in a classified medical procedure for in war theater operations under Theater Medical Information Program - TMIP - Telemedicince Adavanced Tactical Research Center - TATRC our MISSIONS have crossed paths many times in and on the SPACE TIME CONTINUUM. Remember the RESONANCE comes from the spoken WORD of GOD represented in FIRE and the SUN and within YOU a HIGH ENERGY LIGHT SOURCE of which all are connected along the line of the unraveling SPACE TIME CONTINUUM which ends up being the GOLDEN RATIO. So when YOU can envision in three dimensions the BALL inside the SQUARE with a TRIANGLE or PYRAMID inside the BALL which is the mathematical LAW of NATURE working from and to the MERKABA state or the pulsating expanding and contraction of LIGHT. So LIGHT or Pi - Golden Ratio = the SPEED of LIGHT which is SPACE TIME GOLDEN RATIO or the un swirling of the MILKY WAY or ANY GALAXY that represents a constellation that went by in the night sky as the SPHYNX looked up and who eyes were like a FLASHLIGHT on the constellation as the Earth rotated. Two pieces of technology that THOTH or Hermes Trismesgistus had was ANTI-GRAVITY and SOUND RESONANCE which equals ELECTRO-MAGNETISM! The ELECTRICAL DISCHARGE from the Great Pyramid at GIZA was arcing lightning bolts into the ionosphere disrupting the magnetosphere as the people watched in AWE, genetically modified beasts moved 200 ton blocks into place! ELECTROMAGNETISM is the TECHNOLOGY that our age and generation has not mastered yet! ELECTRO MAGNETICAL LEVITATION which is what the masters use to transport in orbs of LIGHT by spinning expanding and contracting the MERKABA of LIGHT and the ANTI GRAVITATIONAL ORB is the TERRESTRIAL and EXTRA TERRESTRIAL masters of the past. Written by CMDR Gregory M Volz all rights reserved. 

In the Lost Book of Enoch he receives the GOLDEN TABLETS that go into the capacitor that goes inside the Great Pyramid at GIZA! What a light show for the people with the electricity arcing in the air. We now know that the blocks were cut with a water electrical process which makes sense when you see how flat the water cut the blocks on all six sides. So inside the GREAT PYRAMID at GIZA inside the Kings chamber was the ARC of the COVENANT or electrical conductor. The slide mechanisms inside the PYRAMID pump water using the electricity so it was also a giant water fountain. The PYRAMID also emitted a RF or Radio Frequency to communicate with ?

The answers are at the end of this video!
The GIZA Pyramid is a ASTRONOMICAL CLOCK that shows a 26,000 year eliptical orbit and at one end ARMAGEDDON or fire as the Earth is closest to the SUN and at the opposite or 13,000 years an encapsulation of the Earth in ICE to be followed by a FLOOD! The Pyramid had electricity, the SPHYNX was the observing device as well as produced a RF or Radio Frequency into outer space and the Pyramid also pushed water like a giant water fountain. What scientists really need to do is to reverse engineer and get that RF broadcast from the PYRAMID.#UFO #PYRAMID_RF_BROADCAST ????????the blocks, with WATER everywhere on the GIZA PLATEAU!