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CHAPTER 9 - HYBRIDS - UFO Alien Hybrids on Earth Talking
 Nephilim Giants - ALIEN HYBRIDS - Gilgal Rephaim Circle Of Og King Of Bashan 

 Alien Hybrid Human Baby Found In Peru? 

 Tibetan KONJUR - Hybrid Human Alien History 

The latest EVIDENCE is pointing to a HYBRIDIZATION of ANGELS (extraterrestrials) and humans. The Northwest UFO Chaser VIDEO LIBRARY is telling a story through ancient spiritual scriptural literature, to include, the  Books of Enoch (AUDIO) 
, the NAG HAMMADI, VEDIC TEXTS, TIBETAN KONJUR, & MORE. 65 Million years ago an asteroid impact in the Yucatan Peninsula may have been by the hand of these ANGELS to rid the planet of DINOSAURS & GIANTS. We also now know that the human brain has been inserted with a gene called the FOXP2 gene and is a language translator. This is the same linkage of information for when ENOCH was TRANSLATED!

UFO - Alien - Human - Hybrids - YES!, that is what we are! That is what I said several years ago when I was still naive to what was really going on. We are being farmed and we live in a ZOO on planet Earth. The alien intelligences are coming at will and taking humans, extracting ovum from females and artificially inseminating it with human male sperm. That is not the weird part, the alien intelligence is then mixing their DNA and creating new species. They are targeting this particular species for somewhere distant within the galaxy.

As you know the alien intelligence is traveling in ORBS through VORTEX PORTALS that align to the TETRAHEDRON points which are also LATITUDE / LONGITUDE points. They move at great high vibration and move in frequencies that are not detectable to normal human perception levels. The alien intelligence has mastered the art of REINCARNATION of the LIGHT BODY ESSENCE. The alien intelligence has figured out how to move their souls from physical entity to physical entity. I highly recommend the movie the MONCLA MEMORIES, where a pilot in 1955 was scrambled to go after a UFO. They found the PILOTS AIRCRAFT and PROOF - REINCARNATION is REAL! 

ORIGINATION the Book by Gregory M Volz - OnlineUFOs and Reincarnation - The Moncla Memories

Several strange things - first I must tell you that I had a best friend on facebook over two years named [name removed for privacy purposes]. Now the alien intelligence would communicate with me and say [your first name] and I didn't pay any attention to it at the time. I would tell [name removed for privacy purposes] over the phone that the alien intelligence always seems to take my friends away from me. It is not because I'm crazy about aliens, or anything like that, I am a good looking normal human male who now knows he is a hybrid human alien. But, I digress anyway you can kind of see where I am going. The conversations that I have had with the alien intelligence that modified my dna chromosomal switch sets told me that I would meet [your first name] not [removed for privacy purposes]. Although I grew very close to [removed for privacy purposes] I kept telling her that they would take me away and she promised repeatedly that we were close and that nothing would happen. Well guess what a female fan started saying that we should go get a room together and [removed for privacy purposes] turned weird. She was studying a lady by the name of - well you can watch this one and get back to me! -  ASHAYANA DEANE 

Ashayana Deane - formerly Anna Hayes - anyway be very careful when listening to her because secret subliminal messages in the war that is going on will take you unwillingly to their side. You do not have the control or protection you need right at this moment. That is the list of what the alien intelligence in communicating to me telepathically right NOW!
By the way just between you and me I have experienced all of those symptoms you described to me. I have been doing research for over 30 years or since 1978 when I discovered the ORIGINATION the Book by Gregory M Volz - OnlineBetty and Barney Hill Abduction Case Betty and Barney Hill case.
Anyway I know I'm rambling a little but I need to get some things out to you so you can understand better. You know I look at everything now from a generalized perspective and have decided that all of the stories in mythology could be true to a certain extent. Anyway I have this box filled with ufo books. One of them was from 1989 when I read Communion & then Transformation by Whitley Strieber about the Zeta Reticuli's (GREY's) from Whitley Strieber. Well this man named ED CONROY was a real skeptic and went to prove Whitley wroing and ended up being abducted. Prior to ED CONROY's abduction he was finally convincing himself that this is all real and happening. Anyway I tried to research ED CONROY and they (The Illuminati, Men In Black, Military Industrial Complex, Black Operations) guys created another ED CONROY and have made him a basketball football coach with high fake honors to dis-credit the real ED CONROY and his research about the GREY's.

They also go to great links to take away the real evidence and I can prove that through statistical analysis in capturing UFO and alien video footage for my library. I am really the true LONE GUNMAN that the X-FILES portrayed in the sense that they are constantly after me in weird ways.
Northwest UFO Chasers - Gregory M Volz