CHAPTER 36 - GOD, the Alien Agenda & the United States

CHAPTER 36 - GOD, the Alien Agenda & the United States 

As most of you already know I was abducted by NORDIC alien intelligence and my DNA switch sets were modified to give me specific capabilities that JESUS CHRIST, ANGRA MAINYU, ADAMU, BUDDHA, KRISHNA, MUHHAMAD, ZORO ASTER, QUEZECOTOL, ODEN and many other prophets tried to communicate to the human species over the last 200,000 years.

I was reading up on the Alien Agenda and according to their theory of which you and I both know is my reality their agenda, the Alien agenda is a HYBRIDIZATION PROGRAM. If I am the genetically modified alien human hybrid then did they succeed?, and I have to answer, YES! 

What I try to keep communicating to everybody is that I am in telepathic communication with one species that has genetically modified me. Now when I study I try to correlate the assimilated information with what the alien intelligence is communicating. To the HUMAN species without LEVITATION (walking on water), BODY HEALING (laying on of hands), MATTER MANIPULATION (feeding the masses), TELEPATHIC COMMUNICATION (extra low frequency transmission) - the HUMAN species is LOCKED on their planet and harvested for DNA manipulation so their off spring can flourish on the other planets in the Pleiades, Orion, Pegasus, Andromeda, Altair and many other solar systems. 

TRUE ascendance and transcendence through where you exist now in a third dimensional realm culminates in the SOUL or LIGHT BODY essence transfiguring, as CHRIST did, all the prophets did, and you will too. 

The alien hybrid agenda is simple in nature, in that there is no hurry to them (the alien intelligence) for genetic modification to occur. True progression culminates in DNA modification over TIME displacement T=VxD and only biological fertilization extraction is required of the involuntary donaters who were originally volunteered in a secret treaty between the *United States Government* and the over 50 identified intelligent alien species living in the universe. 

We (ALL LIFE FORM SPECIES) are nothing but ORBS of LIGHT inside containers distributed all throughout the universe. The ones who are awakened remember their past life in another biological vessel. We (the HUMAN species on Planet Earth) are part of a gift from one god like entity to another in the creation of a third dimensional reality that bestowed forgetfulness embedded within the DNA so that we could live a different reality for a short time without knowing. 

It is extremely important that you come and listen to the RADIO BROADCASTS as I continue to bring you their agenda and what is in store for humanity. 


Author, Writer, Researcher, Producer - 

Gregory M Volz - Northwest UFO Chasers - 

PS just a guy who worked for the black operational military industrial complex and learned to inter & hyper dimensionally space travel. 



In the last month I was yelled at by just about everybody, almost arrested, abandoned by my family and closest girlfriend, and still do not know if GOD exists? I am truly in desperate need of physical & communicative contact by a human female that has compassion and understanding. This is all I have ever wanted was to be loved by something or somebody. YES, I have my little dog but she really is a pain in the ass with a lot of anxiety. I dream that the woman who might read this, would already understand? Not a woman who says yes but someone who really understands what I am saying. I want to find someone very special that has the ability to show compassion but has enough intelligence to comprehend my abduction experiences. I would like a woman who is willing to share PICTURES, STORIES, PHONE CALLS, VIDEOS, LIFE! A woman who wants a real man to LOVE HER! I get mad and ask GOD WHY? WHY GOD has there never been anyone in this lifetime for me. What I am trying so desperately to communicate is the manipulation of torture that is being inflicted upon me emotionally by giving me continuous false hope. As an example one woman trapped me by getting pregnant after one night in a bar. I married her but she left me for another man. One woman said she loved me but she was married already. Another woman would never share any pictures with me. I could go on and give you thousands of examples of how each always starts out saying, Ill be there for you. To me there seems to be no kindness left in the world. 

If there is a GOD and he does love each of us, I certainly do not feel the LORD, although at this very moment I get glimpses of the LORDS existence and I cry to be with GOD. Whether you call GOD Buddha, Krisna, Muhhamad, Jesus, STAR BEING, whatever your language term for the one true GOD, the question is WHERE IS THAT GOD? WHAT ARE WE DOING ON PLANET EARTH. We don't just want some ministers guess as they (THE RELIGIOUS BODIES) will tell you that your treasures are not here that they are in heaven. 

I was an angel once is what I was told, by the NORDIC ANDROMEDAN alien intelligence. We are moving in ascendance forward in transcendence of our souls or light body essences in the third dimension of illusory reality in a perceived time. 

When I was younger I felt as if I was ripped away from a place known as the glorification of GOD, yes HEAVEN but a place within HEAVEN. I am not sure why my soul cry's to get back to GOD. It cry's to get back to GOD but I wanted GOD to answer just two prayers, one for LOVE of a woman, and a financial blessing to afford anything. 

I have worked so hard all my life and seem to know now after everyone has taken from me whatever they wanted or I gave it away freely from my heart, they come back looking for more to pick from me. 

Really I believe any normal person would have committed suicide by now but I am still asking where is GOD? 

I ask does GOD really answer prayers and a big national christian ministry says we will pray for you but will you donate to us. So what they are saying to me is GOD does not really exist but if we can sucker you in to believing that GOD does exist then we can extract some money out of you, you poor bastard! That makes me angry. I have nothing anyway and they all want to take more from me. I tell them I have nothing and they want to dig in my pockets. I have reduced myself to nothing and when I say nothing I mean I literally live in one room, all the time. I keep thinking that I need to get the courage up to commit suicide. 

Last December I was just trying to get some medication to alleviate some pain and the doctor told me that I was not even their patient. I was forced to the emergency room. They forced me to strip in front of security guards and made me pee in a cup. No I was not in jail I was in the emergency room at the hospital. They told me that there were no rooms available and that I would have to lay out here in the hall. I layed there for twelve hours and they said ok time to go. They had done nothing for me but now were kicking me out. I know, this all sounds crazy but it all happened to me. 

Again, I am not here to complain but to ask a simple question, WHERE IS GOD? 

Are we supposed to suffer like CHRIST? I thought CHRIST came so we could be forgiven of our sins. C'MON wake up, maybe there was a man named JESUS CHRIST but there is no applicability of CHRIST in our lives today. Just ask what does JESUS do for me? Nothing, in fact you can strip naked and go running down the road, no one cares, except to point you out, but the fact is they are just as crazy. You know who you are the ones who pretend to have answers and think they are GOD with there ulterior motives to get some money out of you. 

In the end, which is the beginning, I came to understand that the Earth is in an elliptical orbit around the sun that takes 26,000 years. Then correlating the age of TAURUS, age of ARIES and the now age of PISCES each being part of (12) twelve of the whole of 26,000. The number is 2166.66 for each of the Astrological Archeo Astronaumic calculations. The THING to grasp is that the Earth at one point is 13,000 years away from either being closest to the SUN or farthest away from the SUN. In these cases the Earth in a natural state becomes encapsulated with ICE or is so close to the SUN in is encapsulated with FIRE. FIRE is ARMAGEDDON and we know that the Earth is moving closer in TIME T=VxD toward the SUN. 

Some of the correlative interpretation of the BIBLE, shows the word SUN in the word IS-RA-EL. RA means SUN. EL means GOD. IS-RA-EL as well as MA means MOON. IS-MA-EL. These are by no coincidence ABRA-HAM's son names. 

The BIBLE tells us along with the Books of ENOCH, the Nag Hammadi and the QUMARAN find with the copper tablet that IS-RA-EL was enslaved by EGYPT. Again RA means SUN. The EGYPTIANS were fighting the HITTITES in DAMASCUS SYRIA just as the descended Blessed of IS-RA-EL or the people are the SONS of GOD! The CHRIST embodiment of the people of IS-RA-EL to include the JEWS and the CHRISTIANS but whose brothers are IS-MA-EL or the Babylonian Sumerians. 

The CHRIST came in the age of PICSES and is fortold to come again as the Earth moves in eliptical orbit toward the SUN or AR-MA-GED-ON. 

Some of this gets very interstesting but I suggest you start at Chapter one in ORIGINATION by CMDR Gregory M Volz of Northwest UFO Chasers. NOTE: We are now located in Westport washington state and have UFO TOURS to James Gillilands Trout lake washington to see ORBS as well as watching craft over the water on the BEACH at Westhaven. Our property overlooks GRAYS HARBOR and we have seen UFO's. 

at the top look for the menu item that says chapter one or dive in and read all fifty chapters. The material is being updated regularly and is quite the task. I had envisioned a sliding mobil time application for which the link above references the TIME TABLE. 

The TIME Table is useful when you want to understand when the EDOMITES lived near the Garden of EDOM. EDOM in Babylonian and EDEN in ISRAELITE. 

Here it is important to understand EN-LIL and EN-KI the sons of ANU for which EN means DOMAIN OVER and LIL means OF THE OCEAN, KI means OF THE EARTH. 

The ENLIL was Greek POSEIDON Roman NEPTUNE Danish Viking AEGRIS and the father of LILITH. The first wife married to the ADAMU created by the ANU in the Garden of EDOM. LILITH was replaced by EVE and two sons CAIN & ABLE. CAIN murdered ABLE and a third son of EVE named SETH became the father of the EDOMITES. The story of JOB in the bible talks of a man close to GOD. 

Now EN-KI in ancient Sumerian Babylonian or ENOCH in IS-RA-EL-ITE or Israelite. ENOCH and the sacred (9) chambers, first built under the great pyramid at GIZA and then under King Davids and Solomons Temple. The treasure extracted by the KNIGHTS TEMPLAR and it is foretold of the building of a NEW TEMPLE.