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(TRANSLUCENT THERIANTHROPES) Elohim, Annunaki, Nephilim, Rephaim, Aliens, UFO's


When Anu, the father of Enki, Enlil, and Ishtar, was experimenting with the genetic modifications on Earth, the THERIANTHROPE was created.

One of these THERIANTHROPES was a CENTAUR named GREGOROI. Gregoroi had a wildley wicked smile and eyes deep dark green, that came together on the brow, with a deep dark green color that changed to yellow when he danced in the sun. He was half man half horse with a sleek wild looking thoroughbred stature that gleaned in the open sunlight. He wore braids in his long dark hair that was bleached by the sun as he galloped to and frow on the open land before the forest.

The other THERIANTHROPE in this story is a MERMAID DULCINIA nicknamed sea kitty by POSEIDON himself. This MERMAID DULCINIA was absolutely the most beautiful woman anyone anywhere has ever seen but especially to GREGOROI. She could change her hair colors, or her hair colors would change from RED, BROWN, BLONDE and all other tones and colors in between by flipping it in the wind. All she had to do was to flip her hair while laying in the sun and radiant glow from her just seemed to settle everywhere. She was a shape shifter as the elders call it, but she only could change on certain well moonlit nights. She loved to swim in a body of water near the straits of Gibralter and the pillars of Hercules in blue AGEAN waters.

One day while GREGOROI was out galloping along he stumbled upon a secret cove. This secret cove had huge boulders that jutted out from the cliff face. There was a inlet bay and the tide would roll in slowly. There were palm trees and mangrove vegetation intertwined between the rock pools. There was a huge sandy beach with very soft white sands. This is the location where GREGOROI met DULCINIA the MERMAID sea kitty for the first time.

GREGOROI was very shy and stood behind mangrove bushes to hear what he thought was melodious to his ears. It was just DULCINIA humming while she layed in the sun. She loved to water color paint, with ocean water. Her canvas was the rocks all around the inlet. She lay in her unchanged form with a tail curled at the end. Gregoroi poked his head through the bushes and that's when she caught him. He, GREGOROI, smiled and his eyebrows pinched together and his eyelids opened up and a medium green, with a long second in between as his eye lids opened and shut. DULCINIA was mesmerized but only for a second. However, GREGOROI stumbled around and she saw him in all his wonderful HORSE glory.

As their gaze met they instantly knew that there was something special and a feeling of great friendship ensued. They began to talk. They would talk non stop for two days and then ask each other to meet again. It was absolutely wonderful for GREGOROI for he had never experienced friendship let alone what was to come. A GREAT LOVE!

I do not want to jump to far ahead as i want to describe the MERMAID DULCINIA as she would talk and wait with GREGOROI for the right moonlit night to change her form so that she could enjoy walks with him into the forest. If YOU could only feel what GREGOROI felt as he bagan to fall in love with DULCINIA after talking about mostly her brothers and sisters. She the MERMAID DULCINIA sea kitty was changing in the moon light as her naked body was a siluowette against the BRIGHT LIT MOON! GREGOROI reached his hand out to take hers and he was very excited but remained calm. DULCINIAS hair was so beautiful it flowed down around her shoulders and to the small of her back. Her breasts were uncovered but just beautiful with nature and they knew nothing of clothes anyway.

She would paint and would talk and then he would go write -


I think that people who are unfamiliar with mermaid stories will be surprised by them. Most probably think that the mermaid is a passive, vulnerable creature like the mermaid in the movie "Splash". Nothing could be further from the truth. These are powerful beings with strong personalities. In various legends they cause storms, sink ships and drown the crews, cure illness, foretell the future and, of course, bewitch men.

I am using Aphrodite and Venus as examples of the fertility goddess but there are many others that share some or all of their attributes. From these goddesses come the legends of the mermaid. Mermaids are beautiful and Aphrodite and Venus are known for their beauty. There is a popular image of a mermaid combing her hair while she holds a mirror in her hand - the mirror and comb are symbols of Venus. Raising storms and dominion over the creatures of the sea are common attributes of sea gods.The origin of the mermaid reveals the source of their strength: they were goddesses - and important ones at that. In the oldest religions the creator god is usually a goddess. Later goddesses are often associated with fertility which is another form of the power of creation. Long before the theory of evolution, the ancient philosophers believed that life came from the sea. From the intersection of these two ideas we have Aphrodite and Venus. Goddesses of love, and therefore fertility and creation, they are also associated with the sea. 'Aphrodite' means foam-born (born from the foam of the ocean waves). Venus is often associated with the sea as in Botticelli's famous picture "The Birth of Venus" which shows the goddess riding in a scalloped seashell. Do not let the title "goddess of love" fool you. Aphrodite was also called the goddess of Life-in-Death, and was said to be the oldest of the Fates and punisher of the sinful. She was frequently cruel, jealous and proud.

Folk tales about mermaids incorporated these ideas. In folklore, mermaids are usually the aggressors. They are strong and willful and sometimes murderous. In some folk tales mermaids go on land to search for lovers. Lovers they will destroy when they are finished with them. If the local population gives them trouble they will call down on them monsters and foul weather. They have used their magical powers to curse individuals and entire families.

Mermaids, like the goddesses they evolved from, have a sunnier side, too, especially if they are treated with respect. They can be kind, generous, affectionate and loving. There is a family in Ireland that claims descent from a mermaid. She taught them the secrets of healing and made many of them famous physicians. Mermaids have given men the boons of wealth and knowledge, and sometimes their own love. It should be noted that having the love of a mermaid is a dicey affair. The men involved have come to bad ends more often than not. It is the same for men who have had the love of goddesses like Aphrodite or Venus.

Myths, Legends, and History of Mermaids


"A supernatural sea-dwelling of general European maritime folklore: German Meerfrau, Danish Maremind, Cheremissian wut-ian uder. The Irish mermaid, murduac, is Anglicized to merrow..." (Ratisseau). Mermaids are also defined as beautiful, dangerous to men, have the head and upper body of a woman and a fish body instead of legs including a tail. Sometimes, mermaids are depicted as having to fins in the place of legs on a woman's body. Some stories say that they can assume human form and come on land. And some are said to lure sailors to their death with their beautiful voices.

Early History & Origin of Mermaids

Irish say that they are old pagan women transformed to mermaid shape and banished by St. Patrick. Folktales say that mermaids are the Pharoh's children drowned in the Red Sea. Babylonians worshiped Oannes or Ea (sea gods). These sea gods were depicted in ancient art as men with a fish tail as legs. They were worshiped because they taught man the arts and sciences. Not all ancient water gods took the form of mermaids. Water nymphs were beautiful and musically talented like the mermaids. Ancient scholars confused them for mermaids. Also Sirens are not mermaids, they beings with the upper body of a woman and the lower body of a bird.

Indians worshiped flute playing water nymphs called Asparas.

In Japanese and Chinese legends, there were mentions of mermaids (called Ningyo), sea dragons, and dragon wives. The japanese mermaid only had the head of a mermaid, not the entire upper body.

During the early middle ages, the idea of the Siren began to develop. Even the most educated men believed they existed. They called them Sirens but imagined them as women with fish tails for legs (Mermaids).

Greek/Roman Mythology

In Greek and Roman mythology, Homer mentions Sirens in the epic jouneys of Odysseus. Though, he does not give a physical discription. The god known as Posiedon or Neptune is often depicted as a Merman.

In Literature

In 1836 Hans Christian Anderson published his story, The Little Mermaid. Which received some attention in his time, but really grew in popularity after his death and especially after it was translated into English in 1846. Another story similar to Anderson's is Undine, by La Motte Fouque in 1811. It is a story about a water sprite who was adopted and brought up by an old fisherman and his wife who has lost their own child. When she grows up, she meets a knight and falls in love with him, she only reveals to him that she is not human. They are married and gains a sould from the marriage. They live happily for a short time til he meets the long lost daughter of the fisherman and falls in love with her. Undine returns to her home in the water and returns later to kill her knight with a kiss. Both The Little Mermaid and Undine were written and modeled after Melusine.Melusine is a story of a water sprite who marries a knight on the condition that he shall never see her on Saturdays, when she becomes a mermaid again..


Science cannot prove that there isn't a possiblity of some form of mermaids in existance. As long as there are parts of the Ocean that have not been explored and studied, people will still believe that Mermaids exist. The curiosity of the reality of Mermaids grew most in the 19th century. It was then that numerous sightings were reported and recorded. Sightings are still repored today though they are rare. Most are located around the remote sections of Scotland. Some have tried to rationalize sightings by saying that maybe the onlooker has confused a sea cow or basking seal with a mermaid.

Many, many sightings of mermaids have been recorded throughout early history. Here follow sightings by sailors, fishermen, and other such people around the water:

Henry Hudson and his crew, June 15, 1625, ". . . From the Navill upward, her backe and breasts were like a womans. . . her skin was very white; and long haire hanging down behinde, of colour blacke; in her going downe they saw her tayle, which was like the tayle of a Porposse, and speckled like a Macrell. . ."

William Munro, 1809, "'It may be necessary to remark, that previous to the period I beheld this object, I had heard it frequently reported by several persons, and some of them persons whose veracity I have never disputed, that they had seen such a phenomenon as I have described, though then, like many other, I was not disposed to credit their testimony on the subject. I can say of a truth, that it was only by seeing this phenomenon, I was perfectly convinced of its existence." In his report, he said that the maiden was sitting on a high rock while he was walkiong below on the sandy beach. She was sitting combing her hair, and appeared to be naked. Her face was plump with ruby cheeks and light blue eyes. He said that after a few minutes she dropped into the water and swam away.

The existance of mermaids was as firm a belief as the existance of shrimp in the 17th century. Travellers regularly brought back tales of sightings and encounters of mermaids off the coast of Britain.

An old fisherman living near the Bullers O'Buchan, north of Cruden Bay, on the coast of Aberdeenshire reported that he had not only seen a mermaid, but conversed with one.

1814, Aberdeen Chronicle, "Two fishermen at Portgordon, about a mile west of Buckie, ...were returning from fishing in Sprey Bay. About three or four o'clock yesterday afternoon, when about a quater of a mile from the shore, the sea being perfectly calm, they observed, at a small distance from their boat, with its back turned towards them, and half its body above the water, a creature of a tawny colour, appearing like a man sitting, with his body half bent. Surprised at this they approached towards him, till they came within a few yards, when the noise made by the boat occasioned the ceature to turn about, which gave the men a better opportunity of observing him. His countenance was swarthy, his hair short and curled, of a colour between a green and a grey: he had small eyes, a flat nose, his mouth was large, and his arms of an extraordinary length. Above the waist, he was shaped like a man, but as the water was clear my informants could perceive that from the waist downwards, his body tapered considerably or, as they expressed it, like a large fish without scales but could not see the extemity. But this was not the end of their encounter for he dived and surfaced some distance away and was not alone. With him was what appeared to be a female of his species for she had breasts and hair that reached past her shoulders."

A Campbeltown farmer, in 1811, swore that he had met a mermaid. His description was so convincing, that the parish minister and sheriff-substitute wrote that they were, "satisfied that he was impressed with a perfect belief, that the appearance of the animal he has described was such as he has represented it to be."

Mr. Toupin, 1812, said he had seen and heard a mermaid sing her wild melodies. He described her songs as similar to the sound of an Aeolian harp.

Island of Benbecula in the outer hebrides, around 1830, women cutting seaweed said they found the dead body of a creature described as, "The upper part of the creature was about the size of a well-fed child of three or four years of age, with an abnormally developed breast. The hair was long, dark and glossy, while the skin was white, soft and tender. The lower part of the body was like a salmon, but without scales."

Off the Isle of Yell, 1833, 6 fishermen reported that their fishing lind had been entangled with a mermaid. They kept her on board for about 3 hours and said she was 3 feet long. A few stiff bristles were on top of her head extending to her shoulders which she could erect and depress when she wanted. She had not gills, scales, or fins. Two superstitios fishermen threw her overboard eventually.

Isle of Man, A crew of sailors said that they found a mermaid caught in their herring drift net. "On examining their captive, by the largeness of her breasts and the beauty of her compexion, it was found to be female, nothing. . . could be more lovely, more exactly formed, in all parts above the waist resembling a complete young woman, but below that, all fish, with fins, and a huge spreading tail." They took her on shore and she would not eat or drink, they kept her there 3 days. She started to look ill, and she got away and returned to the sea surrounded by others of her species.

Island of Muck, 1947, an old fisherman saw a mermaid, combing her hair, floating on a herringbox used to preserve live lobsters. She looked around and noticed that she was being watched and dove into the sea.

THERIANTHROPES are the marker by which the extraterrestrial intelligence came to planet Earth and began their genetic engineering to create a HYBRID. This is known as the GENEOLOGY of ISIS or GENESIS. The ORIGINAL individuals known in EGYPTIAN lore as OSIRIS & ISIS also had a son name HORUS. OSIRIS brother SET was JEALOUS of OSIRIS LOVE for ISIS and ISIS LOVED OSIRIS. SET MURDERED OSIRIS and ISIS was the daughter of ANU but more than that she was the original SCIENTIST that did the genetic engineering. Her great suffering at the loss of OSIRIS caused her to use all the species on planet EARTH and their DNA to pick from. She was going to bring OSIRIS back from the dead but she knew that this was forbidden.

There are many significant parallels but the one drawn here is the reference to the sons and daughters of the genetic experimentations, and these abominations are known as the THERIANTHROPES. 

So let me explain that the BABYLONIANS knew their ANU or genetic creator was the head of a group of twelve people. ANU had a daughter named ISHTAR and nicknamed INANNA who he LOVED very much. That same girl is named ISIS in HIEROGLYPHIC EGYPTIAN.

The genetic experimentation of the re creation of her lost LOVE - OSIRIS, is the genetic engineering novel known as GENESIS. The creation of the ALU - LIM or ADAM or ADAMU in the garden of EDEN or EDOM. 

The time period before the genetic engineering of the ALU - LIM or ADAMU in the garden of EDOM was the time period of experimentation and the THERIANTHROPE.

The CENTAUR or [ Centaurians ] play prominently in the UNIVERSE as a genetic material for the infusion of new species. [ Pegasians ] also provide DNA genetic infusion of material. 

Now the ANGELS of GOD, EXTRA-TERRESTRIALS also identified in sacred geometry was the key to ENOCH'S PORTAL. ENOCH'S PORTAL was the significance in this video Secrets in Plain Sight when I began to understand and see that the PYRAMID at GIZA was really a square. More than that was all the golden sacred geometric ratios as in the moon was a perfect ratio to the EARTH in this representation. It showed the Great PYRAMID of GIZA on the 0,0 longitudinal latitudinal coordinates of the EARTH on an ancient world physical location. When the SACRED MULTI-HEDRON , TRIANGLE & CIRCLE began to represent planets in our local solar system.

ENOCH'S tablets had the coordinates embedded upon them and were stored in the SACRED ARK of the COVENANT. That power source opened up a PORTAL with the help of the GREAT PYRAMID as a HYDROGEN ELECTRICAL REACTOR that was throwing ELECTRICAL DISCHARGE into the atmosphere.

What it is looking like is that MOSES or MOSHE was the brother to RAMSES the II and that MOSES was also ENOCH and that is where these tablets come from.

This is the SECRET KEY and it is said that the BOOK of ENOCH is said to have been betrayed to mankind by the fallen ANGELS or EXTRA - TERRESTRIALS. 

I want to interject here that I AM of course GREGOROI, or I have awakened to the fact that I have a long line of genetic chromosomal hand down with the DNA of GREGOROI the fallen ANGEL. The fallen ANGELS were upset at the fact that ISIS was doing genetic engineering and had created quite a few THERIANTHROPES and these were an abomination in the eyes of the almighty GOD!


This is exactly where, when I was abducted and the NORDIC ANDROMEDAN genetically modified me for extra low frequency telepathic communication, THEY explained to me through holographic images how I am part of the fifth dimension of existence - My name is Gregory M Volz - and I found this - The Greek term egrḗgoroi (ἐγρήγοροι)) or Grigori is transliterated into Slavonic in the Second Book of Enoch. In 2 Enoch 18 (Slavonic Enoch) the "Grigori" (egregoroi) are located in the fifth heaven, and from among them 200 princes fall.[16]

Uriel the ANGEL TRANSLATED ENOCH. Just as I was TRANSLATED to understand all of my past life regressions. The past life regressions go all the way back to when the ANGELS contemplated mating with mortal women. We are part of a species with a long line of genetic decendency for a reason. We are now a diluted species in the sense that we are part ANGEL and part HOMINID. The stories are all true and layed out in the bodies of work known as the Nag Hammadi. The GNOSTIC priests looked at this body of spiritual work differently than we do today. The ancient HEBREW priests, as well as Zara Thustrian (Babylonian) priests, Egyptian priests, CELTIC priests all know of this lineage or line of decendency. 


MT MORIAH is the place GOD asked ISAAC the son of ABRAHAM to be SACRIFICED for all of humanity to pay for the sins against the genetic manipulation by ISIS to re create OSIRIS. 

BUT, according to the TALMUND (JEWISH BOOK) GOD whispered it to MOSES or MOSHE on MT SINAI. HE then imparted it to (70) elders who orally transmitted it to their successors. 

There is a CHANT by the BUDDHIST MONKS that recites in the TIBETAN KONJUR these SECRETS of genetic DNA engineering of mankind. This was kept alive by the INDIAN HINDUS at the end of the last ICE AGE and was referenced in ancient archeological digs at MOJENJO DARO PAKISTAN. 

This BOOK of ENOCH that was an ancient HEBREW / CHRISTIAN work was LOST until the DEAD SEA fragments were discovered at the caves of QUMARAN. 

ENOCH was taken and walked with GOD and ENOCH was instructed with the SECRETS of GOD and wrote these SECRETS upon stone tablets.

Some of these SECRETS are embedded within the SACRED GEOMETRIC FORMULATION found in the GREAT PYRAMID at GIZA. 

ENOCH was the keeper of these SACRED GEOMETRIC SECRETS, other SECRETS of the UNIVERSE (ASTROLOGICAL STAR COORDINATES) and of the sins of eternal punishment in the lake of fire. 

FREE MASON'S use the BOOK of ENOCH where certain rituals are performed, identifying ENOCH with THOTH, the EGYPTIAN GOD of WISDOM. 

The ancient GREEKS identify ENOCH as MERCURY TRISMEGISTUS HERMES and say he invented BOOKS & WRITING of the ART of BUILDING CITIES, the SIGNS of the ZODIAC (12 constellation points) in the UNIVERSE and our solar systems planets courses. 

ENOCH instructed man to worship GOD by fasting, praying, giving of offerings & alms. 

ENOCH forbade practices of drunkenness, sacrifices to the SUN and observance to ZODIACAL constellation points.

It was said that before GOD told ENOCH about the flood that was going to wipe out the THERIANTHOPES on planet EARTH and this was scribed on a tablet buried deep within the bowles of the EARTH.

ENOCH was said to have preserved the knowledge of SCIENCE, PHYLOSOPHY & CONSTRUCTION. He used the knowledge to construct a SECRET UNDERGROUND VAULT at MT MORIAH which of course is the SACRED TEMPLE MOUNT in JERUSALEM today.

The SECRET UNDERGROUND VAULT(S) or NINE of them contain the SECRETS of EDUCATION or KNOWLEDGE handed down to ENOCH by GOD. 

A trangular tablet of GOLD was placed in the NINTH VAULT bearing upon it the ABSOLUTE INEFFABLE name of GOD.

This ultimately is sacred ancient hebrew writing that shows the male female genetic forms coming together to make the star of DAVID which represents the multi hedron, triangle, square sacred geometric formulation becoming METATRONS CUBE for ENOCH was chnged into the ANGEL METATRON by GOD. 

It was basically said that ENOCH made two golden DELTAS in GOLD on the GOLDEN TABLET. One within the WHITE CUBICLE ALTER in the lowest CHAMBER VAULT. This is where the NINE SPHERES of ANCIENT MYSTERIES & NINE SACRED STRATA of the EARTH, through which the INITIATE must pass to reach the FLAMING SPIRIT at its central CORE!

This is what I have termed ENOCH'S VORTEX PORTAL and is a parallel to a hyper dimensional travel experience to the center of the known UNIVERSE, which seems to be a great LIGHT at the center of our known third dimensional UNIVERSE! The reason I put it that way is that the ANGELS of GOD who are also EXTRA TERRESTRIALS are coming from physics calculations that show the sacred geometric formulation to be correct. I also believe that YOU & I are both going to shed these physical bodies and become some type of radiant LIGHT and I call this the META-MORPHOSIS of man.

The columns of ENOCH were granite, brass or bronze and were erected by him as the MYSTERIES for which MASONRY is the successor. This is SYMBOLIZED each and everytime you see a STONE HENDGE circle. This is a quick reference chart in stone of sacred geometry and the zodiacal constellation points for the precession of the equinoxes. This is also the DRUID PAGAN religion that was handed down through ancient Babylonia and EGYPT. 

Some ANCIENT HEBREW MYSTICS adopted what they termed ENOCHIAN MAGICAL or MYSTICAL practices and were chastized for bringing it back from Babylonia. The ENOCHIAN JEWISH PRIESTS went to the caves at QUMURAN, there students of the sacred geometric formulation known as MERKABAH which is the multi hedron, triangle, circle representation in stone at the Great Pyramid at GIZA. 

The SECRET is the SON of MAN revealed even before the alignment of the stars, planets and solar systems. Even before the creation of TIME, SUN, MOON & STARS! SINNERS are those who denounce the name of the LORD. 


Constellations and the workings of heaven. 

Then there seems to be references to call on these names written in ANCIENT HEBREW which are the names of these ANGELS and these ANGELS then help you get things. All of this seemed to scare the RABBITACAL orders of JEWS at the time and they banned these practices. 

He who overcomes will inherit this and I WILL BE HIS GOD and HE WILL BE MY SON!

----- RESEARCH ---------------- 

has an interesting and fascinating theory on the evolution of the Gods and creatures of mythology in this post. He suggests that the myths are racial memories of creatures that once existed and were a product of advanced technology, of possibly extraterrestrial origin. Fascinated? We were. Read on…

There are many puzzling features in mythology, if taken as purely mythology, regarding the so-called gods. I say so-called because to my way of interpreting things, the gods weren’t mythological but flesh-and-blood extraterrestrials with advanced technology, especially in the field of bioengineering or genetic engineering.

A puzzling feature regarding the ‘gods’ and related tales, or even tails, are the half-and-halves (my phrase – you probably won’t find it lasted in any index in any mythology text). But these half-and-halves, for example there were the Centaurs, Cupid (or Eros), the Harpies, Mermaids or Mermen, the Minotaur, Satyrs, Sirens, the Sphinx, the Chimera, Dragons, the Gryphon (or Griffin – alt spelling), the Hydra, Pegasus and the Questing Beast, are just scratching the surface of the sum total of those represented in our ancient mythologies.

The interesting point is that these hybrids are universal within that collective mythology. That is, they appear across all cultures; all geographies. Anytime something supposedly mythological, is represented everywhere, it’s time to sit up and take closer notice that things might not be quite as mythological as things first appear.

Where’s the body-on-the-slab-in-the-lab evidence? With no fossil evidence of any such hybrids, perhaps this is where mythology overrides reality. Perhaps it is just a natural pondering to wonder ‘what if’ human abilities could be combined with some other animal’s abilities; or what a composite of one animal’s body parts attached to another animal’s body parts might achieve.

But then again, maybe that’s not the case.

NOTE: when LOVE actually struck me - it was impossible for her - WE DID fall in LOVE - My life has been one of a lesson for which I am not supposed to have LOVE of any kind. Although I am a spiritual devout man, I prayed to GOD and asked that he send the angels to surround and protect this person and then I asked for restoration and healing. I had to let go and HOPE for a friendship but I knew that the LOVE was real. Where is GOD? Where are the ANGELS? You people LIKE what you do not understand, human nature and emotions are your only way out of HELL. I AM GREGOROI reincarnated SERAPHIM fallen. I remember the glorification of HEAVEN and I dream to get back. These exercises in LOVE are a gateway to the METAMORPHOSIS of your SOUL or LIGHT BODY. Just as the GNOSTIC ESSENNES or the SONS of LIGHT knew the gospel of JUDAS was a sharing of CHRISTS SECRET EXTRATERRESTRIAL KNOWLEDGE. What LOVE can be shown for a MILLENIA of broken HEART?

The ruling planet of Sagittarius is Jupiter, and the ruling planets of Aquarius are Saturn and Uranus. The three planets are highly compatible with one another. Thus Sagittarius and Aquarius could be happy and comfortable with each other. Jupiter symbolises knowledge, development, and excess. Saturn stands for persistence and discipline. Uranus is the planet of inventiveness and innovation. The influence of Jupiter and Uranus gives the partnership the strength and motivation to embark on different project, and the influence of Saturn ensures that there projects are carried to completion.

Sagittarius is a fire sign, and Aquarius is an air sign. Aquarius are always into new ideas and experiments, and Sagittarius have the energy and enthusiasm to get involved in these plans. The archer and the water bearer could use each other’s intelligence and zeal to encourage each other to invent new schemes. Both star signs have varying interests. Sagittarius’ active and restless nature would be eagerly looking forward to put Aquarius’ vision into practice.

Sagittarius is a mutable sign, and Aquarius is a fixed sign. Sagittarius have a dynamic character, and could agree with Aquarius on the pursuit or desertion of their endeavours. Aquarius are more desirous of completing their ventures, though they might yield to Sagittarius’ decisions, reluctantly. Sagittarius love to keep shifting from one plan to another, and Aquarius could encourage them to be steady and work on the conclusion of their endeavours. Both signs are faithful and dedicated to each other, and could go a long way if they cooperated with each other.

The best aspect of a relationship between Sagittarius and Aquarius is the efficiency and productivity of the team, when they cooperate with each other. The partners have the intelligence and resources to invent new ideas, put them into practice, and ensure their successful completion. Together, they make a formidable team.

Member Name: The Great Star Union of Centaurus.Accepted into the Galactic Federation: 1.1 million years ago.
Location: The Constellation of Centaurus is located between the constellations of Lupus and Vela. It is best known for its brightest star, the triple star system of Alpha Centauri (also known as Rigel Kentaurus). One of its triple stars is Proximi Centauri, which, at 4.3 Light Years, is the closest known star to Earth.
Distance From Earth: 4.3 to over 1,000 Light Years.
Life Form Type: A humanoid and a reptoid species.
Physical Appearance: The humanoid Centaurian closely resembles those humans now found on Earth. The male is very muscular and well-proportioned with blonde, brown, black or red hair. The eyes are either slightly Asian in shape, or are rounded, and are brown, black, blue, green or hazel in color. In height, males vary from nearly 6 feet to almost 8 feet (1.8 to 2.4 meters). Their skin color can be either a very dark brown or a slightly tanned white color. The female is also well-proportioned but less muscular, and ranges from 5 feet 5 inches to almost 7 feet (1.65 to 2.1 meters) tall.
The reptoid Centaurian has a very scaly lizard-like and muscular body. Its skin color is in patches of either green and blue, or red and green. The hands are narrower than a human’s and contain six digits which end in a razor-sharp, curved claw. The eyes are rounded and bulging with a reptoid-like vertical slit, and are either bright red or golden in color. There is no tail, but the feet have five long toes ending in the same curved claw. The female, at just under 8 feet (2.4 meters), is slightly taller.
Special Traits and Abilities: Centaurians are known for their abilities as great strategists and Federation Liaison Counselors. They excel at bringing groups of diverse sentient Beings together and at achieving their goals in a most peaceful and harmonious manner.
Average Amount of Sleep Needed: 2 to 4 hours.
Language: Humanoid language is quite guttural like German, but tonal-sounding like Chinese. Reptoid language is extremely guttural and filled with sounds that are difficult for most humans to replicate.Mother Ship and Other Craft: Centaurians have two types of ships visible in Earth’s skies. The first ship is an all-purpose scout. It is bell-shaped, with a large lens-like circular wing attached to its underside. It is about 45 feet (14 meters) in diameter, and nearly 30 feet (9.1 meters) in height. The second is a command ship, shaped like a cigar with a small bulge in its middle, and is approximately 200 feet (over 60 meters) in length.