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SOLUTION to HOMELESS CRISIS for every city? - Pay Me LINK

We have actually SOLVED the HOME less CRISIS with Earth Ships. Now if +Elon Musk would like to venture let's just create by renaming the Earth Ship the "ELON / TESLA" HOME and then create the "ELON / TESLA" City.

BULLET AGENDA ITEMS for +Donald J. Trump for President 

1. Inform people & every major city and organize to build Earth Ships or "ELON / TESLA" HOMES. 

2. The GARBAGE floating in the OCEAN can be salvaged and used to construct EARTH SHIPS or "ELON / TESLA" HOMES!

3. your idea here? 

Watch the following VIDEO and if you come up with any GOOD IDEAS just either twitter "@NWUFOCHASERS" or Google Plus a comment to +Gregory Volz 

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CMDR Gregory M Volz