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Distributed Cloud of Collective Consciousness

If you look into the night sky and see the SPIRAL NATURE of the UNIVERSE and understand that the pattern you see is called the GOLDEN RATIO and by the way it is the shape of your ear or a CONCH shell in the ocean. If you can envision that collectively we all have LIGHTS that are our SOULS inside of us but we are connected to the LIGHT both PHYSICALLY and SPIRITUALLY. If you can envision when GOD first spoke there was a resonance associated with the LIGHT that is part of the PHYSICAL LAWS of NATURE. We all collectively feed the SUN but the SUN is the WORD and RESONANCE of GOD that we all are connected to. CYCLES within NATURE are measurable elements within the third dimension of PHYSICALITY. Examples are the earth turning to create day and night and then there is an eliptical orbit of the earth that takes 26000 years. SPACE TIME is the CYCLE that is unfolding within our third dimension of PHYSICALITY. The calculation of Pi minus the Golden ratio equaling the Speed of LIGHT or the RESONANCE of the WORD of GOD represented in a PHYSICS calculation! To overcome the PHYSICAL and walk along the corridors of SPACE TIME called the Halls of AMENTI by Atlantean THOTH or Hermes Trismesgistus. What I CMDR Gregory M Volz am saying is that the NINE 9 

dimensions above work there way to GOD and are part of the LAWS of NATURE. The MESSIAH MESHEWA JESUS CHRIST SAVIOR Extra Terrestrial Angel of GOD to MANKIND is a Son of the LIGHT sitting next to GOD in the 9th dimension coming from the CHILDREN of the LIGHT in the FIFTH dimension down to us in the PHYSICALITY of the third dimension with a message to all humanity. Extra Terrestrial Angels of GOD move between the third dimension of PHYSICALITY all the way back up throuth the 4th dimension, 5th dimension, 6th dimension, 7th dimension, 8th dimension, 9th dimension of GOD! The was a hierarchy to the extra terrestrial Angels of GOD, still is today, and when you find death you to will know the fourth dimension. However, again finding the fourth dimension allows a master like THOTH or Hermes Trismesgistus to walk along the corridors or Halls of the SPACE TIME CONTINUUM. The FALLEN extra terrestrial Angels of GOD that mated with mortal women and created the NEPHILIM GIANTS as evidenced by the DNA of King NIMROD NEMRUT NINUS SHIVA, are specifically shared some technologies with mankind but also blasted some spaces in rock and the location is SYRIA. The Fallen extra terrestrial Angels of GOD fell to earth at Mount Hermon in SYRIA. I am guessing that the fallen Angel AZAZEL is the one who gives FIRE to mankind but ultimately the scientific property of POTENTIALITY in FIRE is part of the PHYSICAL LAWS of NATURE. There are 9 guards, guarding 9 hallways that are the PORTALS the extra terrestrial Angels of GOD travel.

Clouds of ancestors are in the cosmos, they were a collective of consciousness from a previous time.The TIME LIFE BELT radiates outward from the center of the UNIVERSE. Wherever you measure or OBSERVE that point to be then that becomes the NOW! QUANTUM ENTANGLEMENT shows the quark light particle (or light body,spirit,soul?) to be in two places at one time. We are simultaneously here but we are also somewhere else and that other place is in control of the lives that you have lived. When you are capable of moving into the light of each source then you will be able to move inter & hyper dimensional. Yes this is astral travel but understanding the true nature of the UNIVERSE. They come right through me and talk - they say you are meant to hear and learn this knowledge and that they will use all means to communicate with you. Everything is as it should be, everything is in its place, there is devine order in creation - ARCH ANGEL METATRON and his gift of MERKABAH to humanity. You can take the MULTI HEDRON POINTS and lay them on the EARTH and they will line up as the VORTEX PORTALS as well as a symbolic reference to the points in your body that represent spiritual growth. By removing the symbolic MERKABAH from your chest you can re direct any elements being projected at you. You can even absorb the energy and re radiate that energy back out as a positive back into the world. The more you do and teach this the more our system will BALANCE. Learning the MERKABAH from METATRON is a step to becoming an ANGEL.

Envisioning what and where we are in the UNIVERSE is key to discovering your soul. WE, and what I mean by WE is our SOULS or our LIGHT BODY ESSENCES, as they float in this DISTRIBUTED CLOUD of COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS. This DISTRIBUTED CLOUD of COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS seems to be contained within the atmospheric bubble of planet Earth. Each of us is a STAR of LIGHT if we look down from outer-space, onto the Earth.

 Sacred Geometry 101E: Metatrons Cube 
[ RECORD NO. 105 OUT OF 907 ] -
 -  now you could go to this link (THE TIMELINE) and do a CTRL F and type in METATRON and it will find it on the TIMELINE for you. Try this and let me know if it worked - the reason I make this request is that I am working for the UNIVERSAL KNOWLEDGE LIBRARIAN supplying information to humanity. I need to score some points with the ANDROMEDANS.

What you believe can manifest over time or the clarity of channel between complete collective consciousness and the distributed light body essence throughout dimensional reality are the stars we see in the universe above as they are traveling through time. You and I are potentially related to any one of a number of stars that we see in that night sky. However, remember the stars we see are our ancestors light body essences backwards in TIME T=VxD displacement, moving forward in ascension of transcendence toward GOD in TIME from us looking at them and transitioning down through molecular atomic quark particulate matter that seems to be non perceptible but exists just beyond our human detection spectrum. This all becomes a kind of poetry in the understanding of existence, and how our biological entities exist within the fabric of TIME & SPACE!

Once we internalize and comprehend the distributed nature of collective consciousness we can then begin to meditate and find the one of the endocrine glandular points on the human body and visualize movement of energy through that particular endocrine glandular point. The glandular points on the human body ie: gonad, adrenal, thymus, thyroid, pituitary, and ultimately culminating in the PINE CONE looking fluid filled How to fully activate Pineal Gland antennas (Drunvalo Melchizedek) 

[ RECORD NO. 485 OUT OF 907 ] - you visualize energy in motion awakening the chromosomal DNA stranding within the human body it will (the DNA genome) come alive. As the DNA chromosomal strand begins to awaken within the human body, the four elements that can be acheived begin to manifest as LEVITATION (walking on water), BODY HEALING (laying on of hands), QUARK PARTICULATE MOLECULAR MATTER MANIPULATION (feed the masses), TELEPATHIC COMMUNICATION (extra low frequency digital haarp band).
Ones light body essence or soul also begins to feel as if it wants to move toward the fourth dimensional portal or wormhole that allows the light body essence to move from the third dimensional reality through the fourth dimensional wormhole into the fifth dimensional ethereal realm of existence. In the fifth dimensional realm of existence, thought projected consciousness can instantaneously manifest and be experienced. 

At this point you should understand that you are astral body space projecting. So when I say "YOU TOO CAN LEARN TO HIGH FREQUENCY RESONATE YOUR PINEAL GLAND FOR INTER & HYPER DIMENSIONAL SPACE TRAVEL!" this is what I mean. 

If you go to the radio broadcasts and listen to all then you will get a better understanding of where we are coming from. We do not pretend to have all of the answers but we are working together to put a big picture together. The picture that is coming together so far is a fascinating one. What we suggest is the following steps or items to help - 

Metaphysics. I find it very funny that I talk about the concepts that are happening to us as we awaken but he use different terminology. I call it forgetfulness, well you already know! I talk of the collective consciousness and I believe something is happening to some of us that are tuning into a vibrational wave matrix to read the telepathic transmissions of the NORDIC ANDROMEDAN alien intelligence. Their biological understanding to the human genome connectivity is critical to undertanding the TIME DISPACEMENT algorythm as we are moving perceptably slowly forward in time, but at that singularity is the Power of Now in the Holy Trinity but SPIRITUAL must be balanced by MIND & BODY. This is the TRIANGLE of foundation for the comprehension of ascendance in transcendence of LIGHT BODY ESSENCE (SOUL) in third dimensional existence. I wish the lightning BOLT they have could just come out of their finger into my finger and then through my body and then into your mind for a knowledge dump. We will have to settle for The Source Field Investigations

ASCENSION would literally mean moving forward in time. In actuality it is TRANSCENDENCE in ASCENSION within the third dimension, the fourth is a vortex portal wormhole location on the SACRED TETRAHEDRON GEOMETRIC, ie HESSDALEN NORWAY or MT ADAMS Washington state, that the light body orb travels within. We are not moving up, we already exist within, and as we become aware and evolve into radiant light and shed the mortal coil or physical body then we occupy those dimensions that we are already in existence within. You are doing very well though as you know this is practice and you are creating your virtual fifth dimension of ethereal reality for future manifestation of thought. However, you will not experience that unless you can answer the question, and to know the question is key. Both the answer and the question are in and at the end of this movie - VEDAS HUMAN DNA I - MAHABHARATA: ARYANS ARYAN GODS [ RECORD NO. 47 OUT OF 907 ] - - If you pay attention Siddhartha Gautama buddha (BUDDHIST), Gadadhar Chattopadhyay Sri RamaKrisna (HINDU), muhhamad Ibn Abdullah (ISLAM MUSLIM), JESUS ARIMATHEA born to Joseph & Mary are part of a genetic infusion linkage from the STAR DUST of LIFE!

The GREAT RAMSES II represented ARIES not MOSES. YES, JESUS came from the constellation of PISCES but was not the representative of the age of PISCES. It is by no coincidence that PISCES is in the middle of the other five, ANDROMEDA, PEGASUS, AQUARIUS, CETUS, ARIES. As an example all of our CETATIONS on EARTH in the water ie DOLPHINS, WHALES, etc... is genetic infusion material from CETUS. ONLY twelve constellations have been accepted into the Galactic Federation TREATY for genetic infusion of species. I would also like to state that yes we can create within the third dimension of illusory reality but we are not gods of any kind. We are also not becoming a GOD. This particular collective consciousness exists only within this atmospheric bubble on planet Earth. Other collective consciousness' does exist but that would mean that you are me and you are not. I am the ANGEL GREGOROI SERAPHIM working my way back through reincarnation. Yes I am the one that is referenced in the books of enoch. - Chapter 20 - CONSPIRACY

The holy trinity is only applicable in the third dimension of illusory reality, but YES and was taught by MENKAURENS, ZORO ASTRIANS, ZARA THUSTRIANS, PRIESTHOOD in EGYPT, JUDAISM all THOUSANDS of years before JESUS CHRIST.

METATRON the ANGEL has messages for humanity in SACRED GEOMETRIC FORMULATION - Sacred Geometry 101E: Metatrons Cube [ RECORD NO. 105 OUT OF 907 ] - which is the design of your light body and DNA genome.

Yes it is but YOU need to put the SPIRIT on top otherwise the MIND will try to lead and the BODY will follow. The TRIANGLE is important to have the SPIRIT on top with a base foundation of MIND & BODY. MERKABAH is actually a SACRED GEOMETRIC PRISM inside your SPIRIT and is separate from the light body.


Absolutely, but nobody signs up you get forced into reincarnation. This man Siddhārtha Gautama & this man Gadadhar Chattopadhyay both knew of the prophet you talk of. They all taught of light body ascension but three dimensional ascension from within you, outward as a bubble into levels of spectrum perception that you currently do not have. -

Once you make the light change you can then travel throughout the UNIVERSE in your LIGHT BODY ESSENCE as we do now!

As long as you do not envision yourself as metamorphosizing into the light being that you are going to become THEY WIN. Preoccupation with trying to fix THEM is futile.