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THOTH the Atlantean Emerald Tablets Interpretation by CMDR Gregory M Volz

oh good you can make WATER and play GOD! PERMACULTURE is the environmental synthesis to include everything biologically as every molecular element exists within that BIO-SYNTHESIS called PERMACULTURE or the Garden of EDEN. To de-construct chemical would be to obtain knowledge to reassemble chemical at future point. This is NOT necessary as we are able to achieve elemental reconstrunction from the (FILAMENT) (ETHER) (Just Beyond) and bring it down into ASSEMBLED both molecular and chemical. We create something from the NOTHING. We exist in the fourth dimension and are currently in the Halls of Amenti awaiting the return of Hermes Tris Megistus. Every single ancient culture has left ARCHEO ASTRONOMICAL information we have gathered into a database for AI to interpret and the ANSWERS are quite astounding!

The Emerald Tablets of Thoth The Atlantean, Introduction and ALL of the Emerald Tablets found in EGYPT under the PYRAMID & SPHYNX and not just the transmuted emerald tablets found in teotijuacan by DOREAL the wanna be.

the latest reasearch has showed something incredible - Your stuck in a GOOD or BAD mentality that the extra terrestrial fallen angels of GOD currently in the Halls of Amenti in an apex from the SPHYNX to the Great Pyramid do not have because they have no conscience like you. Micha-EL, Gabri-EL, Rapha-EL, Uri-EL, Baraki-EL, Saraqu-EL Azaz-EL, Sama-EL, Ezeki-EL, at BAB-EL MAND-EL or shock awe at the gate of GOD located at the pinch point of Africa and Arabia where the two continents impacted and sunck ATLANTIS a BISAYAN culture for THOTH Hermes Tismegistus said the dweller woke up from his AGWANTI. The word is a 9200 year old MALASIAN word and the Islands of Atlantis are in the South China Sea or MALAYSIA! NW BORNEO this is a SECRET that the United States Government is trying to keep hidden from the American People. The PYRAMIDS are very big under water and there is an entire city the key is to put together the emerald tablets of THOTH and the Books of ENOCH because it is GNOSTICISM that CHRIST teaches. (c) = v / ~ or speed of light equals velocity of cycles per second divided by wavelenglenth frequency. Then Pi minus Golden Ration again equals SPEED of LIGHT! The same SPACE TRAVELERS terraformed MARS used GOLD to change ATMOSPHERE on planets and are also the fallen Angels of GOD the ones who inhabited human bodies from an external dimension and taught man to build the hydrogen reactors that produced electricity. 

HERE is an ENLIGHTENMENT SECRET I CMDR Gregory M Volz will share with the people that follow and understand, as ABOVE so BELOW! POLARITY positive negative alkaline acid good bad but most important is darkness LIGHT. In the SPECTRUM of LIGHT ELECTRO MAGNETISM has a CONSTANT travel speed of 299.792 km per second. FREQUENCY of OSCILLATION x WAVE LENGTH = SPEED of LIGHT. The same frequency of LIGHT can oscillate and instantaneously heal the human body! WISDOM is the RESONANCE WORD of GOD as GOD spoke creation into existence and the LIGHT energy is within YOU and YOU are connected to the SUN the SUN is connected to the GALAXY and the GALAXY to the UNIVERSE as it was all brought into existence but the PHYSICAL LAWS of NATURE and the PRIMORDIAL HUM at frequency 299.792 creates not only healing in the human body but also if you wrap a 200 ton block with copper and use direct current you calculate by generating FREQUENCY of OSCILLATION x WAVELENGTH = SPEED of LIGHT. Now the same calculation is embedded within the great pyramid at GIZA as the GOLDEN RATION for which Pi minus the GOLDEN RATIO = SPEED of LIGHT thereby scientifically connecting you to the existence of GOD or EL not EL - OHIM which means god(s) to include Seraphim Micha-EL, Gabri-EL, Rapha-EL, Uri-EL and then FALLEN extra terrestrial angels of GOD Azaz-EL, SAMA-EL, Baraki-EL, Saraqu-EL, EZEKI-EL all who met at MT Hermon in SYRIA and are now buried in DUDA-EL under rock. To understand that mother Earth has BOWELS and when they become inflamed irritated the Earth gets Irritable Bowel but YOU are being poisoned by your own atmosphere that needs to be cleaned by GOLD! Just as YOU now need to drink filtered not boiled or distilled water and ALKALINE foods non ACIDIC to keep from getting ulcers that cause irritable bowel and then when you find that the Sinus tract is a duplication of the BOWEL tract you get enlightenment to as ABOVE so BELOW!

Here is my current latest research to include enlightenment - WORSHIPPING the SUN in mathematics that substantiates ELECTRO - MAGNETISM tells us the WORD of GOD is RESONANCE and is expressed (c) for the speed of light lambda for wavelength and (v) = frequency. Since the Speed of LIGHT or (c) is CONSTANT and there is an INVERSE RELATIONSHIP between WAVELENGTH & FREQUENCY and the SPECTRUM of Electro Magnetism's magnetic waves travel at 299,792 km per second, what does THOTH Hermes Trimegistus tell us?

Believing in the manifestation of positive energy by not thinking of the negative is impossible and a LIE! Natural law of nature is POLARITY because the WORD of GOD is RESONANCE embedded within YOU and YOU are CONNECTED to the SUN and the SUN to the Galaxy the Galaxy to the UNIVERSE all a thought created by the WORD of GOD and YOU live within it! YES the MASTER says the pendulum of negative thoughts starts very slowly but increasingly swings more violent and your emotional stability comes into question and you get uncomfortable because no one has told you about the 3rd dimension of physicality, the 4th of mentality and the 5th of spirituality. EL means GOD but EL-OHIM means gods. Angels Books of Enoch who names end in EL, Micha-EL, Gabri-EL, Rapha-EL, Uri-EL (seraphim angels of GOD) or Fallen Angels Sama-EL, Baraki-EL, Ezeki-EL, Azaz-EL all met at Mt Hermon in SYRIA are in DUDA-EL today but BAAL was given title EL of the CANAANITES. The genetic modification of man with GOLD known by the advanced genetic engineers to clean ATMOSPHERE that King Nimrod Nemrut SHIVA brother to Sri Rama Krisna and their VIMANA in the VOLCANOE that produced NUCLEAR REACTION wiping out humanity once already. Get a CLUE LUISE L HAYES, YOU are mentally locked in PENANCE of the 3rd dimension of physical reality but the ETHER of darkness to be brought into the LIGHT is the skill set of the RESONANCE of the WORD of GOD which is ELECTRO MAGNETISM or POLARITY which lifted 200 ton blocks that cant be lifted with anything you have today. ELECTRO MAGNETISM and HYDROGEN REACTORS are all over the planet!

Introduction -

The following translations by THOTH are strange and beyond the belief of modern day scientists. The Emerald Tablets date back to 36,000 BC. The writer / author is THOTH an Atlantean priest King who founded a colony in Ancient Egypt after the sinking of Atlantis. THOTH was the builder of the Great Pyramid at GIZA. In the Great Pyramid at GIZA he incorporated his knowledge and Ancient WISDOM and also secured secret records and instruments of Ancient Atlantis. For some 16,000 years he ruled EGYPT from 50,000 BC to 36,000 BC and the men were quite barbarous but THOTH had raised them to a high degree of civilization. THOTH was an immortal, he had conquered death. THOTH passed along what he willed and not through death. THOTH's vast knowledge made him ruler over the Atlantian colonies to include the ones in Central & South America. When the time came for THOTH to leave Egypt he erected the Great Pyramid at GIZA over the Halls of Amenti, placed in it his records and appointed a guard for his secrets from his highest people. In later times these guards became the Egyptian Pyramid priests by which THOTH was deified as the GOD of WISDOM, the RECORDER by those in the Age of Darkness which followed his passing. In legend the Halls of Amenti where the soul passed after death for judgement. During later ages THOTH, the EGO of THOTH passed into the bodies of men as described in the Emerald Tablets, as such he incarnated THREE TIMES! The last being THOTH incarnated into was HERMES the thrice born. THOTH left the tablets to modern occultists, a later version of the Ancient Mysteries. The number of tablets is 10 which are left in the Great PYRAMID at GIZA in the custody of the PYRAMID priests. The 10 are divided into 13 parts for convenience. The last two are so far reaching in their importance that was forbidden to release them to the world at large. The SECRETS contained here in should be read not once but a hundred times for only thus can the true meaning really be revealed. A casual reading will give glimpses of beauty where as a thorough examination will open up avenues of WISDOM to the seeker. 

Now a word to modern man as to HOW these SECRETS were unveiled after being hidden for so long. Some 1300 years BC Egypt the Ancient KIM (land of Egypt) was in turmoil and many designations of priests were sent to many parts of the WORLD. Some were priests that carried the Emerald tablets to show their higher order because the barer was given authority from THOTH. The particular group emigrated to South America where they found a flourishing race, the MAYANS who remembered much of the Ancient WISDOM. In the 10th century the MAYANS had settled the YUCATAN PENINSULA and buried the tablets under the PYRAMID of one of the SUN GODS. It should be understood that the GREAT PYRAMID at GIZA was the TEMPLE for initiation into the MYSTERIES. JESUS, SOLOMON, APPOLONIA and others were initiated their. In 1925 a member of the GREAT WHITE LODGE put the tablets back after making a copy. True students will gain WISDOM only if by the recognition of the LIGHT within them.

A word as to the material aspect of the tablets, they consist of 12 tablets of Emerald Green formed through a substance of Alchemical Transmutation. The tablets are imperishable to all substances, in effect the atomic and cellular structure is fixed. The tablets violate the LAW of IONIZATION. Upon the tablets are engraved hieroglyphics from the Ancient Atlantean language, charachters that respond to tuned thought waves releasing mental vibrations within the reader. The tablets are fastened together with hoops of GOLD alloy.

TABLET 1 - The HISTORY of THOTH the Atlantian

THOTH - Master of MYSTERIES, KEEPER of RECORDS, MIGHTY KING & MAGICIAN living from generation to generation and about to pass into the Halls of Amenti set down these RECORDS for the guidance of the MIGHTY WISDOM from the TIME of ATLANTIS! In the GREAT CITY of KEOR on the ISLAND of UNDAL in a TIME FAR PAST THOTH began his incarnation. THOTH did not LIVE and DIE like men even in the Age of Atlantis he lived from AEON to AEON in the Halls of Amenti where the RIVER of LIFE flows ETERNALLY ONWARD! THOTH talks about descending into darkness only to return to the LIGHT a renewed SOUL as well as physical body. THOTH talks about descending this TIME like going to sleep and that the men of KIM (land of EGYPT) will not know him but that in a FUTURE TIME THOTH will awaken again requiring an accounting of the priests did not give a false accounting of THOTH teachings or THOTH will cast them down into dark caves deep under the ground where THOTH states he found them the ones from KIM (land of EGYPT) originally. THOTH stresses the importance of what he is leaving for the priests to GUARD! THOTH promises to come back from DEATH & TIME to either punish or reward the required TRUST! THOTH talks of a TIME far past when they lived with and among the CHILDREN of LIGHT who had taught THOTH the POWER of FIRE! GREATEST among the CHILDREN of MEN was THOUGHT-ME keeper of the TEMPLE and linked between the great keeper of LIGHT and the CHILDREN who inhabited the TEMPLE and a race of men who inhabited the islands. THOTH's father was MOUTHPIECE or SPEAKER of UNAL called "DWELLER" was a KING that must be listened to. UNAL is where THOTH grew up and learned as the flame and desire grew into WISDOM. THOTH tells us that we the CHILDREN of MEN are not like the CHILDREN of LIGHT when they are not in their physical bodies. THOTH tells us he was chosen by his father the "DWELLER" to learn until one day he approached the truth eminating from the great fire in the TEMPLE the GREAT WISDOM of the KING that sits on the THROWN of AMENTI, THROWN of MIGHT! THOTH bows and receives the KEY of LIFE! THOTH was FREE of the Halls of Amenti to travel in the SPACE TIME continuum. THOTH was not bound by DEATH to the circle of life. THOTH journeyed into the stars until TIME became as NOT. THOTH takes a drink of WISDOM decides to look into the hearts of men and was glad for doing so, for the desire for TRUTH could only be quenched in this way. THOTH lived for ages and saw his friends return as he felt the consciousness of past Atlanteans that he had known. The Ancient Atlanteans used the magic until the FIRE changed direction and the balance of the Earth was disrupted. Some Atlantean's called to THOTH to take his people to find the land of the hairy barbarians dwelling in caves in the desert. THOTH then enters a SHIP of the master and they rise during the morning, dark beneath them lay the TEMPLE and suddenly the waters rose up above the TEMPLE. When THOTH was over the people of KIM (land of EGYPT) they attacked him until he told them how powerful he was. THOTH raised the GREAT PYRAMID at GIZA over the PORTAL to AMENTI which the "DWELLER" is responsible for. THOTH also talks of the sign over the PORTAL that gives them the POWER over gravity of the Earth. THOTH tells us to come and lay in the sarcoughagus and then he will unveil SECRETS. THOTH talks of roaming and sleeping in the Halls of Amenti after being called by the dweller or the one who sleeps and waits through the ages in the sarcoughagus under the Great Pyramid at GIZA in the Halls of Amenti. THOTH tells us to keep his commandments by knowing them and doing them regularly. THOTH opens a portal and returns to the Halls of Amenti. 

TABLET 2 - the Halls of Amenti

Deep below islands of ATLANTIS are the Halls of the LIVING and the Halls of the DEAD bathed by FIRE which contains the INFINITE ALL (POTENTIALITY). Far in the PAST, lost in the SPACE TIME, CHILDREN of LIGHT look down on the WORLD and see MEN in the BONDAGE of their bodies and that they knew that our SOULS can't return to the SUN while in our physical bodies. The CHILDREN of LIGHT came down inhabiting men's bodies or making bodies that look like men's as their own saying that they were formed from the SPACE DUST partaking from the INFINITE ALL living in the WORLD of the CHILDREN of MEN both LIKE the CHILDREN of MEN and UNLIKE the CHILDREN of MEN. THOTH says these CHILDREN of LIGHT that take human form create pockets by blasting deep under ground holes using their POWERS to PROTECT the Halls of the DEAD. The number of 30 x 2 as these beings built the Halls of Amenti to live within. Deep within the section known as the Halls of LIFE grew a flower that like burned an eternal flame with seats in a circle 2 x 30 places around the KING. Each of these MASTERS had to come each 100 years to renew their 1000 year cycle within these human bodies. THOTH meets a master known as the "DWELLER" down in the Halls of Amenti. He envisions a flower as FIRES light in sequence as he is told they are the souls of men as they experience LIFE and DEATH. THOTH asks the master if he can be a teacher of men. This is where we learn about the Children of the LIGHT, Sons of the LIGHT, Children of Men, Sons of Men and these entities also known as the WATCHERS. 


THOTH talks about always being HUMBLE when looking for the TRUTH and that if you see EVIL that you must say or do something and shine your LIGHT upon the darkness. Through the LAW comes the freedom of man so do more than you are asked and after you have attained riches none of it means anything unless you can avoid a weary heart. Following your HEART is the bore to the SOUL to keep from going astray. Those that are GUIDED will be able to keep from going astray but those that are LOST can't follow a straight path. Make council among the people with LOVE the beginning and END of the heart and if asked by one of the people to do or for something make it your goal to attain this thing for them. THOTH says if we do not do the thing for the person that we have judged and that we are wrong. Be HUMBLE and known for KNOWLEDGE and TENDERNESS as a priest. Share with friends good countenance. A WISE man keeps silent even though he does well not boasting but listening to others problems. THOTH says for us to always lean toward the WISDOM and the LIGHT. THOTH recommends that we learn to distinguish between the material and immaterial objects on the Earth and uses FIRE as the example. FIRE is the most POTENT ELEMENT because it penetrates to all things and all things will return to FIRE. Man exists on Earth's resistance. THOTH makes the point that man is FIRE ENERGY with all of the colors of the spectrum as a unique CHILD of the LIGHT as FIRE can have many different colors as it burns. Man is a STAR of FIRE ENERGY bound to his body until a day of great strife when the body ceases. When we learn to make the flower of LIGHT FIRE ENERGY burn bright within us to we gain the WISDOM and KNOWLEDGE and yet we must be HUMBLE! The LAW is that spirits continually leave the body and more spirits are entering and that is the LAW that it happens continuously.

It is the Mathematical State of the UNIVERSE that was brought about by the WORD of CREATION a TIME STREAM that THOTH the SPACE MAN landed on Earth and buried it under the SPHYNX, but the MESSAGE from THOTH is that when our civilization thinks it has power over the SEAS, LAND & LIGHTNING then the shift of POWER in the SECRET HIDDEN WAR between GOOD & EVIL brings the Son of Man to tell us to figure it out and get along with your brothers and that means NO WAR or suffer the same consequence as a previous generation in TIME advanced to experimentation in WAR by previous generation wiped out human species on planet Earth. In the next DIMENSION outside the physical body some entities wish to regress back to the third. 

He talks about a SPACE SHIP that is buried underneath the SPHYNX! The only way to get to the SPACE SHIP is to go into the Halls of Amenti which are under the three pyramids. Once in the Halls of Amenti there is a key of seven. The seven magic words. I go into greater detail and list the seven words below. The concept is to understand by drawing a circle around yourself and seeing the light to overcome the darkness by using the seven magic words.

He talked at some point about the islands of Atlantis were formed and raised up by working with this power down in the halls of Amenti. When the Men of LIGHT started to lose out in the war of light vs darkness the islands started to sink.

Tablet 5 - The Dweller of WINAL 

Thoth says that he buried Atlantis in the past. Mighty and ruler of the Earth Born, LORD of the earth during Atlantis DAY, KING of the Nations, Master of WISDOM, LIGHT through SIMTAL keeper of the way, dwelt in his temple, the MASTER of WINAL, LIGHT of the Earth, during Atlantis DAY. MASTER (he) from a CYCLE beyond us, living in bodies alive among men, NOT as the earth born but of son of a CYCLE ADVANCED beyond men. Know you men that HOLAD the MASTER was never one with the Children of Men. Far in the past one showed up in Atlantis with the Key of WISDOM showing the way of LIGHT to ALL! The one showed the path of attainment, showing the path to ALL, the way of LIGHT that flows through men. Mastering darkness that leads the soul upwards until we are one with the LIGHT. The one that brought WISDOM to ATLANTIS divided the kingdoms into sections of which there were 10 ruled among men. Upon he another section he built a TEMPLE but NOT by the CHILDREN of MEN! Out of the ETHER he called SUBSTANCE which is molded and formed by the power of Tolan, into the forms he built with his MIND. Mile upon mile and space upon space it grew and was dark like the Space Time, deep in its heart the essence of LIGHT. The TEMPLE was shaped from formless to form by the WORD of the DWELLER. He built great chambers within it and filled the chambers with forms from the ether out of WISDOM from his mind. He was formless was he within the TEMPLE but formed in the image of man dwelling among them but not of them strange was he far different than the CHILDREN of MEN. He then chose 3 people to become his gateway to carry his message to the CHILDREN of MEN! THOTH states that when he was yound he became a seeker of the WISDOM of LIGHT and was taught by one of the 3 gatekeepers the commands by the original DWELLER. He brought THOTH before the great FIRE and the DWELLER. THOTH says he felt the great LIGHT and presence of the great DWELLER. The DWELLER tells THOTH the secrets shall be unveiled. THOTH then asks the LIGHT that he may recieve the WISDOM to be a teacher among the CHILDREN of MEN. THOTH then states that he was enlightened and followed the LIGHT to the star planes, following the pathway to the LIGHT. Deeper into the EARTH THOTH followed the pathway learning the SECRETS as below as above, learning about the hallways leading to the Halls of Amenti. THOTH was learning the LAW that balances the WORLD, to Earths hidden chambers pierced I by my WISDOM hidden from the CHILDREN of MEN. Unveiled before THOTH ever more WISDOM until new knowledge that found ALL is part of the ALL, great and yet greater than all we know. THOTH found that WISDOM grows into the infinite greater than all. THOTH talks about the men in Atlantis being proud of their knowledge and using it to bring things up from below changing darkness into LIGHT through the WISDOM. THOTH says that he who descends below must have balance or he is bound by lack of our LIGHT. THOTH says they opened a pathway forbidden to man. The DWELLER saw that the ATLANTEAN men were opening a gateway that was going to bring a great WHOA! The DWELLER fast flooded his soul and arose up from his AGUANTI back into his body. The DWELLER called the 3 mighty messengers and gave the commands that shattered the WORLD. Deep beneath the Earths crust into the Halls of Amenti descended the DWELLER. The DWELLER called on the 7 lords wielding the power changing the Earths balance as ATLANTIS sank beneath the dark waves. The DWELLER shattered the gateway that had been opened and shattered the doorway that led below. ALL of the islands were SHATTERED except for WINAL and part of the island of the sons of the DWELLER. The DWELLER left LIGHT and preserved the teachings of WISDOM to come after for the CHILDREN of MEN. The DWELLER told THOTH to preserve the records until LIGHT grows among men again. The information or LIGHT is hidden but can be sought by seekers of WISDOM and the CHILDREN of MEN. The DWELLER tells THOTH to take the records, load the craft with the records and men from Atlantis and FLY to the land of KHEM. THOTH then talks of raising up the CHILDREN of KHEM. Deep beneath the rocks in KHEM , THOTH buried his space ship waiting in TIME until man could be free again by knowledge of the LIGHT. Over the Space Ship THOTH placed a marker of a LION yet like unto man or the SPHYNX with the body of a LION and the head of a man. THOTH says he left the Space Ship buried until the need shall arise. THOTH says way in the future will come creatures from the deep, men with WISDOM can then get the Space Ship and conquer the creatures from the deep with ease. Deep beneath is the SECRET and the PYRAMID THOTH built. Each the PYRAMID and the SPHYNX is buried the SECRETS to the KEY of LIFE. THOTH says to SEEK and use the KEY to the 7 inside the passage way and that the doorway to the hall will fall. 

Tablet 6 - Magic - The war between darkness and light. A group called the Sons of the morning decended. He says the darkness of the magic is enslaving the men as they use it to give up others souls. He says in their magic power the basic dark three have the ability to affect mens minds and their dreams. He begs us to keep moving toward the light as goodness as we are probably tempted or attacked by these three of darkness. LIGHT in the end is always the master so he tells us if we are wise that we will choose light and continue to move in that direction which seems to move us or our spirits up and gives foundation. He talked above about the darkness originally filled a void in space with wisdom and ultimately form was taken. He says the SUN is the symbol of the LIGHT we must continue to move toward for we must choose LIGHT over darkness that was from the Halls of Amenti. He talks about generating a wave of light from the brain when confronted with darkness or there is an obsacle of darkness in your way to obtaining the LIGHT but it becomes your knowledge that gives you wisdom that allows you to make the decision to get around the dark obstacles as you continue to progress toward the light. He is talking about standing in a darker lit location and drawing a circle around ones self. He says close your eyes and draw in the light. He talks about using a formula which goes into the raising of your hands. You call out to the spirit in the SPACE TIME with the exact words "COME NOW and FILL THOUGH MY BODY WITH THE SPIRIT OF LIGHT", "COME FROM THE FLOWER THROUGH THE SPIRIT OF DARKNESS", "COME FROM the HALL WHERE THE SEVEN LORDS RULE NAME THEM BY NAME", "I the SEVEN, THREE FOUR FIVE and SIX SEVEN EIGHT and NINE", "BY THERE NAMES I CALL THEM TO AID ME FREE ME and HAVE ME from the DARKNESS of NIGHT". "UNTANAS QUERTES CHITAL GOYANA HURTL SEMVETA ARDO", "BY THERE NAMES I EMPLORE THEE TAKE AWAY THE DARKNESS and FILL ME WITH THE LIGHT". Basically then he says to share this secret with others that they may cast off the darkness too and be brought into the light.

Tablet 7 - The seven lords. He says that there is a INFINITE BRAIN in everything similar to the spiritual belief that GOD or GOODNESS is in Everything. All WISDOM KNOWLEDGE comes from the LIGHT. He talks about going down into the Halls of Amenti to talk to the SEVEN to gain wisdom for which he is about to share the following that the voices from the seven came forward and told him about the exact nature or rules in the way everything is made up but that they had traveled in the SPACE TIME CONTINUUM and were bound by these exact mathematical natures of the UNIVERSE. THOTH says the seven told him that they were formless originally but ultimately formed forced by these mathematical natures of the UNIVERSE. They state that they were once men but because of this mathematical infinite nature of the UNIVERSE they became TIMELESS and back as seven. They tell THOTH that 3,4,5,6,7,8,9 are the dimensional cycles that all of us will have to transcend. That they are currently formless but generating a darkness form and able to communicate to THOTH down in the Halls of Amenti. But again it seems that they were SPACE TRAVELERS that were men who went into a TIME VOID and moved up one of the seven levels of 3,4,5,6,7,8,9 and became formless. Now they exist in the Halls of Amenti to answer questions sought by a seeker of the LIGHT to gain knowledge which gives power in WISDOM to ultimately overcome the obstacles of darkness being the levels 3,4,5,6,7,8,9. TIME and SPACE move in circles of predetermined scientific law. We are all ultimately ONE moving toward the LIGHT and that these seven SPACE TIME TRAVELERS are just ahead of us. Number 9 of the seven explains that TIME does not exist where he is at but that all of us are moving toward that light. That we too will understand an existence external to these bodies that is more freeing because we are somewhat restricted in the dimension that we exist within. Then number eight talks and says we know little but that he came from a LIGHT way out in space. YES they exist formless with wisdom and knowledge in this space time continuum and tell us that we are all moving toward the light as we progress up through dimensions 3,4,5,6,7,8,9. Number 8 was formed out of LIGHT but knew neither birth nor death. They all talk of growing toward the light but that we as two can obtain this oneness as we move toward the light. The concept here is that we are connected all of us to the LIGHT as we move toward it by drawing that circle around us and envisioning and saying those seven names of the individuals that are formless waiting in the Halls of Amenti. That by us learning that they ultimately move forward as we progress. THOTH gives a warning to always follow the light and do not follow the darkness or dark seven.

Tablet 8 - The KEY of Mysteries.

THOTH begins to talk about that he mastered the ability to move in the formless not bound by a body but he states that he is capable of moving inter dimensionaly or more freely because he does not have a body and is not restricted within the SPACE TIME CONTINUUM. THOTH talks about calling forth a group known as the children of the night from the depths of the darkness during the times of ATLANTIS. By doing this they gained power. THOTH is saying that in the upper dimensions from ours that dark entities that are formless can't operate until they occupy a human body. These dark entities were called up by the darker men using the power in Atlantis. You could really only tell if a man had been taken over by a dark entity with a sound vibration and THOTH uses the description of snake or reptilian but is the formless entity from the dimensions above within the SPACE TIME CONTINUUM. THOTH is talking about a word in MAGIC that can be pronounced to determine whether the snake which again represents the dark formless entity inhabiting a mans body taking over the thought processes of that man. So MAGIC was being used by many in Atlantis. THOTH talks about how important that when the dark entities chase you that you move in ARCS because they are limited to moving in radical angles only. So it sounds like inside the SPACE TIME CONTINUUM where your soul moves to outside your body you must protect yourself with some knowledge being this circle around you and always move toward the light. The MAGIC WORD seems to be important and I am trying to figure out whether it is one of the seven words listed above or just another single word that determines whether a snake or dark entity is inhabiting a human body. He explains that we are to always move toward the light but that moving beyond the seven open us up to the taking of our souls and that we are forced to return to our bodies but that we must move in circles or long arcs back to our physical beings avoiding everything because everything is looking for a body to inhabit and THEY are the ones that are the dark entities floating beyond where the seven in the Halls of Amenti are currently.

Tablet 9 - Key to the Freedom of Space.

Seek to be a LIGHT in the WORLD. From Chaos comes ORDER so seek light and order. THOTH talks of singing a song of FREEDOM in a chant that raises some type of VIBRATION or SOUND RESONANCY. 9 are the interlocked DIMENSIONS and 9 are the CYCLES of SPACE and 9 are the DIFFUSIONS of CONSCIOUSNESS and 9 are the WORLDS within WORLDS? 9 the LORDS that come from the CYCLES from ABOVE & BELOW. SPACE is covered with these 9 INTERLOCKED DIMENSION of CYCLES of SPACE within the DIFFUSIONS of CONSCIOUSNESS and the WORLDS within the WORLDS. THOTH is talking about another WORD and that we should stand within the circle always seeking the light. Know that the SOUL is SPACE FREE. Think about man being a LIGHT BORN SPIRIT coming from not the Earth but from the LIGHT. THOTH basically says to envision and fill the darkness void with light by seeking the light and knowing that thee is born of the light. THOTH is talking about going down to the Halls of Amenti as he was called down because he had asked where is the LIGHT. THOTH says he was thrown through or saw angles in the darkness moving through the DIMENSION as he was moving toward the LIGHT. He then saw ORDER springing out of CHAOS giving the LIGHT. THOTH heard a voice say that the FLAME is the source of all POTENTIALITY and that life springs forth from FLAME. The ORDER that is sent forth from the LIGHT is the SOURCE of the WORD and from the WORD comes LIFE and the EXISTENCE of ALL. The VOICE said that LIFE in the is the WORD and find POWER with the WORD that is within THEE. THOTH realizes that the flame coming forth from the FIRE is the ORDER from CHAOS. THOTH comes back to stand in front of the 9 in the Halls of Amenti and they told him that POWER is nothing more than what springs from FLAME that is the WORD seek ye POWER to the WORD and POWER shall surely be THINE. THOTH asks of the 9 to show him the PATH the way to the WORD and they responded that through ORDER you shall find the way, See not that LIGHT came from FIRE look for DISORDER within ones LIFE, BALANCE by qwelling the EMOTIONS and seeking ORDER that is brought forth from the WORD of the SOURCE.

Tablet 10 - the KEY of TIME.

a THOUGHT that filled the void of darkness. TIME came about because THOUGHT was ternal in the beginning so TIME needed to exist. THOTH is saying that learning mathematical geometry to include arcs and angles but that the angles are what gave him the answer to TIME. When THOTH was able to see in TIME he saw that nothing is NEW. Say the WORD "ZINURU" and you will find POWER in its sound.

Tablet 11 - KEY to ABOVE & BELOW.

Talks about bringing us all to the LIGHT. THOTH talks about finding us in caves and that we were nothing more than beasts. THOTH says he FLAMED our CONSCIOUSNESS to spark us into becoming Men of the LIGHT. Inside the PYRAMID is the KEY to showing us the WAY TO LIFE. THOTH tells us to draw a line from the IMAGE he built and mark an APEX then to DIG. There are 9 CYCLES ABOVE and 14 BELOW that are moving in harmony toward the existence of TIME. Again THOTH talks about the 7 in the Halls of Amenti but him and another make 9 in these CYCLES of TIME making the INFINITE ORDER out of CHAOS within the TIME. THOTH is told that the CONSCIOUSNESS of individuals is always expanding in different ways The CONSCIOUSNESS identified as below is just that they don't think about things that are in your DIMENSION. THOTH talks about the operation of the LAW within the CYCLES that exist within the DIMENSIONS. There is a ONENESS at the SOURCE of the LAW. The seven in Amenti tell THOTH to obtain the goal of shedding thy body and moving toward the LIGHT. THOTH tells us to look toward the SUN as it represents and makes us know that we are becoming Men of the LIGHT.

Tablet 12 - LAW of CAUSE & EFFECT the KEY to PROPHECY

THOTH talks about TIME will go by and based upon the KNOWLEDGE in the land of KIM where the PYRAMIDS are several generations have come and gone both obtaining and growing with the KNOWLEDGE from THOTH and the 7 that guard the FLAME of LIFE in the Halls of Amenti. THOTH talks about the succesive generations some that learn to conquer the OCEANS LAND & LIGHTNING and then the WARS will start. THOTH talks about these battles being great wars between darkness and light. We are all moving toward the light in a positive direction as long as we realize we are the sons of light that shine light into the darkness of void by doing what we were told in the earlier tablets. THOTH says the wars come and the dark powers gain until so many wiped out that the sons of the MORNING come to man and give an EDICT cease from strife against thy brother is the only way to the LIGHT. THOTH is telling our generation that when we turn or cease from strife with our brothers then ATLANTIS will rise again and Men will easily and more easily become Men of the Light moving toward the ALL LIGHT SOURCE.THOTH tells us to keep our eyes on the goal of LIGHT and WISDOM. THOTH says he is returning to guard the Halls of Amenti until we obtain enough LIGHT again that THOTH may be awakened. THOTH says to call his name three times in a row if you need him. "CHEWQUETIT ARLICH VOLMALITZ".

Tablet 13 - the KEYS of LIFE & DEATH.

THOTH talks about us being his children and that we are to banish the darkness from the LIGHT always and continuously. THOTH talks about the Earth being a LIVE living being or entity known as the flower of LIFE. THOTH talks about being in perfect balance and that we would not taste DEATH except for being out of balance. The balance is within the magnetism and if we lose one pole we will taste death. The SECRET in Amenti is all about the restoration of the POLES to obtain the perfect balance within life as we move ever toward the LIGHT. THOTH explains that we should try to find balance just like the Earth so to move and flow of the SPIRIT between the POLES in a rotating balance. THOTH tells us each day we should lay for one hour toward the SOUTH POLE and one hour a day toward the NORTH POLE. While the head is pointed NORTH hold the CONSCIOUSNESS to the HEAD. When the HEAD is facing SOUTH picture the CONSCIOUSNESS to the FEET. THOTH talks about passing into the next plain of existence where are the beings known as the Sons of the MORNING and they live as Sons of the LIGHT. Passing into that plain of existence is the source of eternal light.

Tablet 14 - Supplementary

The Earth is but a PORTAL guided by POWERS unkown to man and yet the dark lords are hiding the entrance that leads to the HEAVEN BORN LAND! The SPHERE to the ARALU is guarded by barriers to Light born men. THOTH is the holder of the KEYS to the outbound land. THOTH says the SOUL must be cleansed by the LIGHT. THOTH says that the seeker of these mysteries will always be able to find his way because of the LIGHT. THOTH commands that we not give away these SECRETS so that only the PURE through a TEST and that we not be corrupted and the POWER of TRUTH may prevail. This is a list of the MYSTERIES that THOTH gave us -

REGIONS - there are two between this world and the next traveled by the SOULS who leave the Earth.


SEKET HETSEP and the house of the gods.

OSIRIS is the symbol of the guard of the PORTAL and turns back the ones not worthy.

BEYOND lies a SPHERE of the HEAVEN born POWERS ARULU the LAND where the GREAT ones have passed. 7 are the mansions of the houses of the MIGHTY. 3 guards the PORTAL of each house from the darkness. 15 are the ways that lead to DUAT. 12 are the faces of the houses of illusion facing four ways. 40 and 2 are the great POWERS that seek for the PORTAL. 4 are the SONS of HORUS. 2 are the guards to East and West or ISIS the mother who pleads for her children queen of the MOON reflecting the SUN. BA is the essence that lives forever. KA is the shadow that man knows is life. BA does not come until KA is incarnate.

Tablet 15 - Supplementary SECRET of SECRETS

SPEAK the WORD "DOR - E - LIL - LA" for a time of six hours you may pass and move outside the body. "LA UM IL GAN" over and over in the mind repeat. Enter the Halls of Amenti lie down with a clear mind and envison to be there and stand before the "ME KUT EL SHAB EL HALE SUR BEN EL ZA BRUT ZIN EF RIM QUAR EL".

Shambala "I am the light for me there are no barriers. Open I command EDOM EL AHIM SABBERT ZUR ADOM. Truth of the highest the barriers will fall. 


You helped me with that information and the table of alkaline and shocking my system back into an alkaline state is key no dairy but the charts helped so tremendously and filtered water not boiled and no more freezing ice in plastic containers. 

If the diet reduces the inflamation that is key but when the report said cancer eats mucus generated usually from irritated injured site inside intestine so I correlate your nutrition advice and understand that the vegetable portion of the diet and even only the alakaline vegtables but one of them more significantly than the other helps with reduction of inflamation which is both your moms and my physical symptoms. 

What is also a coincidence is the POLARITY FACTOR in Alkaline vs Acidity and I almost laugh but its not funny anymore Oranges Tomatoes all the good acidic that cause ulcers, no dairy, filtered water and vegetables juicing that reduce bowel inflammation - I thought it was cabbage. Anyway WISDOM is the WORD of GOD which is a RESONANCE in both the SUN and YOU. If you could see in the correct SPECTRUM you are encapsulated by a bubble of LIGHT that connects you to the SUN the SUN to the GALAXY the GALAXY to the UNIVERSE which was generated by the thought and then the spoken WORD of GOD. It even gets better when you know that the SECRET is that YOU are always connected to that ALL by the PHYSICAL LAWS of NATURE. Long story short that ends up being the mathematical precision built into GIZA which took ELECTRO MAGNETISM and the PYRAMIDS are HYDROGEN REACTORS producing DIRECT CURRENT. The PYRAMID hummed and is an ancient chant by the original 52,000 year old KHEMETEN or secret ROSECRUCIAN KNOWLEDGE United States Emerald Tablets of THOTH Hermes Trismegistus. HERMETICALLY SEALED is a sarcoughagus that releases an entity that supposedly lived but had no body and genetically engineered men to build the PYRAMID working around ELECTRO MAGNETISM!

So do you see the IRONY in the story an ancient atlantean called the master dweller in the halls of amenti teaches wisdom that is controlled by polarity. 

as above so below is the hermetic secret but the wisdom comes in understanding anatomy of sinus and bowel or as above so below.

The IRONY is EVIL DWELLS in the BOWLS of the Earth and irritation and inflammation occurs by are we feeding ACID to mother Earth and her Bowls are distressed with the IRRITATION of EVIL?

If YOU have helped me discover this SECRET of the REDUCTION of INFLAMMATION is truly due to polarity in one language called science, nutrition calls this alkalines vs acidics, HINDU masters say gain control over the KHUNDILINI a snake or bowls of EVIL wrapped around the spine but again LIGHT yes LIGHT is the reducer of darkness from the ether void in 4th dimension mentality and to understand that we bring LIGHT into the WORLD and in doing that we understand that it is the RESONANCE of the frequency of LIGHT which might be Pi - Golden ratio equals the Speed of LIGHT!

So I understand this all sounds fantastical and I thought I would write it down. Yes bringing JOY which is LIGHT to the world. So make sure you meditate and let the SUN of LIGHT come into the Son of LIGHT ! We are all sons and daughters of LIGHT!