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Jeb Bush Illuminatti Bilderberg Skull & Bones

Jeb Bush is the third brother that is seeking the presidency of the United States. His brother the former president was a member of the Skull and Bones Society which is a secret membership. I want you to know that Jeb Bush is part of a conspiracy theory that is working with the evil Illuminati and the Bilderberg Group in a coordinated effort to pollute the earth in many ways one of them being from the exhaust of jets. This type of pollution from jet exhausting needs to be taxed by the United States government because they are modifying our weather under Department of Defense contracts from Raytheon known as relocatable over the horizon radar and harp hi auroral research project that is shooting Terra wattage into I our ionosphere that is disrupting the magneto sphere and destroying our atmosphere ON PLANET EARTH. When the atmosphere is destroyed everybody on planet earth will die but that is the indicator that we are not in control of our own atmosphere. It turns out that it advanced homosapien species living deep within the earth proven by genetics the human genome and Dr Spencer Wells are in control of the atmosphere on planet Earth. There is clarity to all of this and it is from God himself who brought the flood to the earth. What GOD said was when Cain murdered Abel that the Canaanites would be cursed and later he came and flooded the earth because they were worshipping Moloch and Moloch requires child sacrifice now all of this talk in the Senate about child fetal tissue and these issues about Planned Parenthood are just a diversion for them to repeat in time what they had accomplished once before. What they had accomplished was evidence of a nuclear explosion in mohenjo-daro Pakistan now this region of the country close to Iran is following the same genetic traits that led them to the decision to use nuclear capability and left the world in a tremendous state. Remember Moloch requires the sacrificing of children and Stonehenge and what they call the American mini Stonehenge has stone platforms where they sacrifice the children they have evidence of the blood they've done studies and they now have the genome of Canaanites Phoenicians that occupied North America and this is what the Smithsonian Institution has been trying to keep secret from you for a very long time it seems that the governments around the world are working in a coordinated effort to destroy our atmosphere and are taunting sacrificing children and this is why we are confused and the REPUBLICANS run off and make statements that are just pure stupidity.

I highly recommend you read my article on MOLOCH! The Evil Illuminatti Bilderberg Masons do not want you to know about the CANAANITES in North America or that they still worship MOLOCH and MOLOCH requires CHILD SACRIFICE!

MOLOCH the ULTRA & EXTRA Terrestrial Angel of GOD