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Billionaire WARS & NOT FAKE NEWS

This is me right after I found out that I am being poisoned by the illegal dumping of chemicals Barium, Aluminum, Strontium and other nasty nano particulate matter that was developed by MONSANTO who is working in collaboration with Bill / Melinda Gates Foundation with CONTRACTS going to the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration, the United States Air Force and the Department of the INTERIOR who have CONTRACTS to dump these chemicals across the United States of America on unsuspecting CITIZENS. I began to feel tremendous health problems and they describe it as a CHEM TRAIL FLU, but the truth is we have had Doctors analyze the findings for which I have provided the best VIDEOS here on this page. Iif you are suffering health problems related to CHEM TRAIL FLU which NO ANTI-BIOTICS will cure and you must watch the video Is Chem Trail Flu Real with Dr. Ed Group. There is a SOLUTION video called CHEMTRAIL Do you have it, find out here where you can get something that binds to the NANO particulate matter. I would like to state here that the Government was sold a bill of goods and is destroying land permanently. MY GREATEST CONCERN is that +POTUS ㅤ +Donald J. Trump for President recognizes this as his internal THREAT to his administration and MONSANTO, HUGHES AIRCRAFT COMPANY & Bill / Melinda Gates really want to #geoengineer TRUMP out of office. There are literally millions of people overwhelming the hospitals with symptoms that are not cured with standard anti-biotics. My thoughts are these sir and I highly suggest you talk with Michael Cohen right away on this, but we can take any CIVIL ACTION and move for JURISDICTIONAL AUTHORITY under Maritime Law and gain INSTANT RELIEF through the Federal Courts by of course a true Maritime Admiralty Officer, like me CMDR Gregory M Volz, however I suggest taking this to the THINK TANK and determining outcome after much input from Alan Dershowitz, Michael Cohen & Jay Sekulow. To come forward to the American People after stopping these, in my OPINION, illegal CONTRACTS with the Air Force, NOAA & Dept of INTERIOR! This Shadow Government is real sir and they mean to take you down. I am sorry for my outburst on video complaining about NO VA but this issue would take precedent.     
This video makes sense when you understand who the SHADOW GOVERNMENT that is trying to corrupt the TRUMP ADMINISTRATION is and that again is Bill / Melinda Gates, Hughes Aircraft Company & MONSANTO with the #geoengineering of Stratospheric Aerosolized Injection - SAI (NANO PARTICULATE that only Monsanto can cure get it!) and the Global Elite all buy the STOCK!

If after reading this article you wish to PROTEST here is the LINK to your SENATOR so please call them and tell them to STOP the SPRAYING of AEROSOLIZED ALUMINUM as Stratospheric Aerosolized Injection SAI for it is causing destruction of our Atmosphere or the Air we breathe! LINK HERE -

Save these links, absorb the VIDEOS, and share the links with friends and family.
We are called Northwest UFO Chasers

I suggest several things -

CONTACT YOUR Senator tell them Stratospheric Aerolization Injection MUST END NOW! -

George Soros, Bill & Melinda Gates, Warren Buffett are in VIOLATION of 18 U.S. Code Chap 115 - TREASON, SEDITION, & SUBVERSIVE ACTIVITIES and here is why and how -
George Soros
EVIDENCE going before the Federal District Courts

Connection between HUGHES AIRCRAFT COMPANY & Bill / Melinda Gates Foundation

Bill & Melinda Gates with Warren Buffett
We now have EVIDENCE in both Video Format and Picture format as well as uncovering a National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration CONTRACT to do #GEOENGINEERING of planet Earth. The Department of Defense was sold a LIE about being able to make it rain, but the UNDESIGNATED WHITE aircraft are now flying their aircraft lower than 22,000 feet and targeting innocent citizens with Aircraft Chemical Pollution that contains Aluminum & Barium.

This is NO CONSPIRACY THEORY and goes to the heart of the matter & why NBC owned by Bill & Melinda Gates has threatened to fire Morning Joe, Jim Acosta and any other employee not towing the line and causing disruption and chaos for President TRUMP.

I have NOTIFIED the President & the Department of Defense and I work for Secretary of Defense James Mattis as a AMICUS CURIAE Federal Officer on CONTRACT.

The NSA & CIA seems to be involved and I have sources within Ft Detrick Maryland who have admitted the NEFARIOUS NATURE because they are being threatened to LOSE their JOBS if they DO NOT commit this SUBVERSIVE TREASONOUS VIOLATIONS against are president and Hillary Clinton, George Soros, Bill & Melinda Gates as well as Warren Buffett are all behind this effort to remove the President of the United States of America.

They have gone to great links to try and HARM Citizens and here are just some of the PHOTOS taken over the last months.

When President TRUMP had the interchange with Jim Acosta from CNN and they talked of the MSM reporting FAKE NEWS, the issue is even worse, NBC the company and its employees are committing VIOLATION of 18 U.S. Code Chap 115 - TREASON, SEDITION, & SUBVERSIVE ACTIVITIES for which I, CMDR Gregory M Volz am putting United States Attorney General & former Senator Jeff Sessions on NOTICE as well as James Mattis our Secretary of Defense that We the People want answers as to why these operations are being conducted on average citizens and why has the current administration NOT SHUT DOWN this illegal activity?

You already have failed because not one of you bastards tells me why the veterans administration keeps denying my service to this country and I'm tired of pods of whales dying and flocks of different species of birds while you jack off over trump

+POTUS ㅤ  +Donald J. Trump for President -  Ft Wainright Alaska the individuals Rick Barnhill, Erik Eichost & Gary Schuster have gone rougue and are working for +Department of Defense on these illegal CONTRACTS to deliver Aluminum & Barium & also known as Aircraft Pollution called Chemical Trails to unsuspecting citizens under the current approval of Secretary of Defense James Mattis, WHY?

and by the way YOUR stupid Veterans Administration keeps taunting me telling me that they are there to help when the CRISIS LINE has been recorded telling me to go committ SUICIDE and this BULLSHIT ARTISTS says he works for the VA with twitter handle , and I 

I know I am on to this because they came over my house like 15 of them today after complaining to these entities @B4INChemtrails @ChemtrailsNews @CAchemtrails @Chem_trails @Chemtrails_818 @Chemtrail_Watch