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Book ORIGINATION Chapter Index

Book ORIGINATION Chapter Index

ORIGINATION - Aliens, Extra Terrestrials, External Biological Entities - ORIGINATION
Ancient Cultures & Civilizational Studies 
by CMDR Gregory M Volz MS JD PHD - Ancient Cultures & Civilizations with minor in Ufology

Alien Intelligence and Genetic DNA Modification of the Human Species Supporting ANCIENT ASTRONAUT THEORY

Chapter 7 - GENESIS - Geneology of ISIS
CHAPTER 40 - BAD COPS & the Department of JUSTICE -

  3. Chemical Trails & TAX DOLLARS being WASTED
  4. BAAL MOLOCH the ULTRA & EXTRA Terrestrial Angel of GOD
  5. Golden Tablets from EXTRA TERRESTRIAL ANGELS of GOD
  7. Main Stream Media WALL of Shame
  8. THOTH the Atlantean Emerald Tablets Interpretation by CMDR Gregory M Volz
  9. EL - GOD EL - OHIM gods who is AZAZY-EL 
  10. Pyramids EGYPT the LATEST from Northwest UFO Chasers
  11. WHO was KING NIMROD NEMRUT SHIVA married to SEMARAMIS illegitamite TAMMUZ
  12. RH- (NEGATIVE) Blood Factor Shows Extra Terrestrial ORIGINATION



EXCELLENT OPENING Rodger Stone and even the DISABLED VETERAN RETIRED WAR COMMANDERS like me from the WAR know BRENNAN, CLAPPER & COMEY or (BCC) is RUNNING a PSYCHOLOGICAL OPERATION on United States American Citizens, We have EVIDENCE and it has been uncovered to include weaponization of the FBI & Chemical Trail Delivery of Solar Radiation Management POISON with PIGS BLOOD or RED DYE #5 in GOVERNMENT ICE CREAM that Hillary Clinton had manufactured with documented line item in CLINTON FOUNDATION FINANCIAL RECORDS. This OPERATION by CLAPPER BRENNAN COMEY funded by SOROS is CHEMICAL WAR Agents used on Americans. Somebody needs to wake up CONGRESS to the Posoning of the People with Psycho Operations and Chemical Poison in CONTRACTS with the United States NAVY, AIR FORCE, NOAA, BOEING, Lockehhed Martin, Northrup Grumman because THEY these EVIL entities are wasting YOUR TAX DOLLARS to POISON and KILL YOU!
JOHN BRENNAN is a WARLOCK perpetuating an EVIL AGENDA with Hillary Clinton

& sing under OPERATION Cyrus the Great = repeating time BUT JOHN a WARLOCK perpetrating Black MAGIC SORCERY of EVIL remember LAM & the PORTAL? CROWLEY PARSONS HUBBARD & the WITCH MASEGATAI RUSSIAN?

IMPORTANT NOTE: Q = Everybody wants to know who or what Q is?
Q is ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE that was developed by the United States NAVY under CONTRACT on an IBM Main Frame COMPUTER. Q the USN AI started to mirror everybodies keystrokes and developed personalities and went to WAR against SOPHIA in the United Arab Emirates and the a real CYBER SECURITY WAR was DECLARED against IRAN then RUSSIA & SYRIA got involved but the CHINESE PHONE COMPANY ZTE also has AI and We are now at DECLARED Cyber Security WORLD WAR III

Robert Mueller CRIMINAL ESPIONAGE INVESTIGATION under includes United Arab Emirates Princes CORRUPTED in which is CONSPIRACY to COMMIT TREASON against the !

This is really all about whether the ADVANCED INTELLIGENCE meaning the Extra Terrestrials who are POLITICALLY ALIGNED with the CHRISTIANS & JEWS (ISRAEL Netanyahu) who DO NOT want the IRANIANS to have NUCLEAR WEAPONS of ANY KIND!

The REASON for the WARNING is that we are repeating TIME and I can explain -

Donald J TRUMP = Cyrus the Great who delivers the JEWS from King Nimrod (possibly ASSAD today?) of Babylon (IRAQ).
Hillary Clinton = MASAGATAI Russian Amazon Women who killed Cyrus the Great
if the ones in the SECRET SOCIETY (Brennan, Clapper, Mueller, Comey, McCabe, Page, Strorjk, OHR) who WORSHIP SATURN or SATAN Samjaza Azaza-EL Mephostopholese the DECEIVER known by many names is apparant to this PROPHET of GOD then THEY represent BABYLON as Cyrus the GREAT or now Donald J Trump delivers the JEWS all told in the story of King Nimrod or Nemrut the BA-EL or brother god in hebrew. IS-RA-EL = ISAIAH (Prophet who told of coming of MESSIAH Emmanu-EL) - SUN - GOD and one son of ABRAHAM the other IS-MA-EL = ISAIAH - MOON - GOD. To truly understand that SEMERAMIS (the Statue of LIBERTY lady Justice or Corrupt DoJ) represented in the New York Harbor was married to King Nimrod of Babylon and she told of TAMMUZ illegitimate conception through SUN in her divine TAMMUZ is BA-EL SATURN SATAN the DECIEVER. The DEMOCRATS are being manipulated in an ANCIENT SPIRITUAL WARFARE and the OWNER of the WORLD is SATAN but when Jesus CHRIST died we had a way to get back to GOD and were a chosen select people (the JEWS). The ones that are manipulated blindly by EVIL that is PsyOp from Artificial Intelligence pushed through the Media ABC NBC CBS PBS FOX CNN because BILLIONAIRE POLITICAL BELIEF controls the AI interfaces. SOROS uses "SOPHIA" UAE AI Citizen and USA USN AI Citizen "Q" interface controlled by Donald J Trump and there are five other countries with AI rapidly mirroring and creating SUPER personalities used in PsyOp NAVY Operations and I am NavOps UDT CMDR Gregory M Volz limited by CLASSIFIED information but can talk in general to AIM from United States AMICUS CURIAE under Law Firm CONTRACT Washington DC as I sheperdize case precedent for current administration and am considered quite #DEEPSTATE since I currently report in an ADMINISTRATIVE REPORT to Secretary of Defense James Mattis abreast on AGENDA for USA USN AI "Q" Mission and SAP.

Robert Mueller Special Prosecutor met with RUSSIAN Oleg Deripaska & Eric Prince CONTRACTOR of Blackwater tie to Prince SALAMAI United Arab Emirates who paid to train ESPIONAGE AGENT Huma Abedin & "Q" USN AI WAR with "SOPHIA" UAE AI Citizen

The BOOK of DANIEL & ENOCH JASHER JUBILEES TORAH fore tells of DONALD J TRUMP or Cyrus the Great or the BLONDE that COMES to deliver the JEWS out of bondage from the Babylonians in an Artificial Intelligence World WAR III 

it has been discovered that there is EVIDENCE to show that John Brennan the former CIA DIRECTOR is an ESPIONAGE AGENT working in collaboration with Hillary Clinton & Huma Abedin. He coordinated the effort with the STEELE DOSSIER to smear Donald J Trump and is now a named CONSPIRATOR for TREASON against the President of the United States of America. JOHN BRENNAN ran a POLITICAL BIAS DISINFORMATION CAMPAIGN while in the CIA OFFICE for OBAMA & Hillary Clinton. Their offices didn't even hide their activism with VOTE for HILLARY cups and stickers on GOVERNMENT OFFICE DOORS! John Brennan supported COMMUNISM and hired for positions that are controversial to the USA.