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Book ORIGINATION Chapter Index

Book ORIGINATION Chapter Index

ORIGINATION - Ancient Cultures & Civilization Studies - ORIGINATION
Aliens, Extra Terrestrials, External Biological Entities 

Alien Intelligence and Genetic DNA Modification of the Human Species Supporting ANCIENT ASTRONAUT THEORY

ALL (50) Chapters are listed below right after the THOUGHT of the DAY - July 2018
feel better today something on left side breaking lose helping clear sinus a little but this condition repeats still I think healthy living is the key and I keep getting up with Kirby and gardening and checking in with you and I know I go psychotic and it is my brain trying to tie in the DELUSION or LIE MANIFESTATION that is at part a reality and even I don't know how real that reality is because I know you can't know because I am the one with TOP SECRET ULTRA UMBRA COSMIC CLASSIFICATION as a ADMIRAL, OK not quite yet LOL but hey I AM the CMDR so LAUGH and it is the BOOK and ONLY the BOOK and it drives YOU and ME both CRAZY but you know it's the BOOK and HOW do I TIE IN the Department of Defense that I work for which is a programming THEY (the EVIL ILLUMINATI SECRET SOCIETY) through NAVY INTELLIGENCE and yes I was BRIEFED on SUBJECT MATTER that includes EXTRA TERRESTRIALS but we have a political mandate from the POTUS through Secretary of Defense James T Mattis to work at NEGOTIATING DE-NUCLEARIZATION of the WORLD. I am working with Dr Horace Drew who is a SCIENTIST from New Zealand interpreting CROP CIRCLES. When I discovered this I had to REPORT to COMMAND and NavOps UDT Division under Cyber Security Command on the North West Border for the Department of Defense in CONTRACT as AMICUS CURIAE with skill set of SHEPERDIZATION of CASE PRECEDENT through Legal Information Network Exchange or LINX. This ties the DoD WORK to my new BOOK 

ORIGINATION II or "Your DELUSION can become your positive reality no matter what anybody tries to tell you!" 

The formulation for the connection between the SPIRITUAL WORLD and the semi real or lie world of and for me the Department of Defense world is the establishment of ultimately the REVELATION of JOHN but delivered through a message from ISAIAH as GOD continues to use the PROPHETS as well as the un knowing or complete idiots like me and Donald J TRUMP 

What I am trying to establish is a third generation of reincarnation and each time we get smaller as beings going down inside the TIME TUNNEL. Follow with me for 1 minute -

1. KRISHNA which means CHRIST and yes HINDU and KRISHNA enlightened BUDDHA - the VEDIC 26,000 year cycle depicted in the MAHAT BARATTA and other VEDIC TEXTS.
2. CYRUS the GREAT delivers the JEWS or the PEOPLE from enslavement by BABYLON who worshipped BAAL.
3. TODAY Donald J TRUMP is Cyrus the Great and yes an idiot used by GOD but again certain individuals play roles through reincarnation and we all are repeating TIME and a lesson from GOD -

That LESSON is WORSHIP NO OTHER BEFORE ME SAYETH THE LORD THY GOD and MONOTHEISM was ESTABLISHED by a message radiating in a frequency of 432 MegaHertz directed at Earth from the SUN. WHO did BAAL WORSHIP but the SUN and the corruption of that is SATURN or SATAN who was BOUND by RAPHA-EL to a ROCK at DUDA-EL. GOD tasked one of the FOUR Angels of GOD out of Micha-EL, URI-EL, GABRI-EL, but it was RAPHA-EL. 

So SEARCH your inner intuition and realize you are connected to one of the twelve which is shown in the human genome. 

my point again is a MESSAGE from GOD and we have repeated it in TIME, (3) 26,000 year KALI YUGA CYCLES and the ones that can awaken to this will be twelve again as Angels of GOD who mate with MORTAL WOMEN or Genesis 6

CONNECTING the SPIRITUAL WORLD of GOD to who may be orchestrating the battle from the inside or the WORLD which according to JESUS was given to SATAN or the WORLD that is?

I suggest reading ISAIAH from the Bible and then Revelation of JOHN the BABTIST!

REMEMBER "I AM" or EL or GOD is stated in the first sentence of the Bible in Hebrew. It tells of the MESSIAH coming from the beginning of TIME throughout and is the true deliverer of the chosen people or the JEWS!

I AM one!

Sincerely and with much LOVE,
CMDR Gregory M Volz -

another thought -

1 Enoch and 3 Enoch The whole earth has been corrupted through the works that were taught by Azazel: to him ascribe all sin. — 1 Enoch 10:8

The AZAZ-EL SATAN the SCAPEGOAT and my and your TORMENTOR until WE Let Go to GOD as in the story of JOB

Rapha-ELbound AZAZ-EL at DUDA-EL?

When RAPHA-EL the Angel of GOD bound SATAN was at the exact moment Jesus the Christ MESSIAH EMMANU-EL died on the CROSS and DAVID was at the right hand of GOD until that moment & We are the CHOSEN ISAIAH Revelation of JOHN!

Chapter 7 - GENESIS - Geneology of ISIS
CHAPTER 40 - BAD COPS & the Department of JUSTICE -

  3. Chemical Trails & TAX DOLLARS being WASTED
  4. BAAL MOLOCH the ULTRA & EXTRA Terrestrial Angel of GOD
  5. Golden Tablets from EXTRA TERRESTRIAL ANGELS of GOD
  7. Main Stream Media WALL of Shame
  8. THOTH the Atlantean Emerald Tablets Interpretation by CMDR Gregory M Volz
  9. EL - GOD EL - OHIM gods who is AZAZY-EL 
  10. Pyramids EGYPT the LATEST from Northwest UFO Chasers
  11. WHO was KING NIMROD NEMRUT SHIVA married to SEMARAMIS illegitamite TAMMUZ
  12. RH- (NEGATIVE) Blood Factor Shows Extra Terrestrial ORIGINATION


  15. POISON delivery on United States unsuspecting Citizens by Chemical Trail