Book ORIGINATION Chapter Index

Book ORIGINATION Chapter Index

ORIGINATION - Aliens, Extra Terrestrials, External Biological Entities - ORIGINATION
Ancient Cultures & Civilizational Studies 
by CMDR Gregory M Volz MS JD PHD - Ancient Cultures & Civilizations with minor in Ufology

Alien Intelligence and Genetic DNA Modification of the Human Species Supporting ANCIENT ASTRONAUT THEORY

Chapter 7 - GENESIS - Geneology of ISIS
CHAPTER 40 - BAD COPS & the Department of JUSTICE -



It is amazing when GOD starts to talk to his PROPHETS on Earth. When I started to research and of course PRAY to GOD for answers little did I know how much GOD would reveal to me. I am a PROPHET similar to Joseph Smith who received the BOOK of MORMON from the ANGEL MORONI. The ANGEL MORONI is or was the son of MORMON who came back to Earth after dying in a spirit form to JOSEPH SMITH and told him where to find the BOOK of MORMON buried GOLDEN TABLETS in a hill at a place called CUMORAH. The writings that were given to JOSEPH SMITH were in ANCIENT HEBREW or also known as EGYPTIAN HIERATIC. The GOLDEN TABLETS were deciphered letter by letter without punctuation into what we know today as English. The English translation was then punctuated many times over the years to clarify and bring meaning to this BOOK of MORMON. 

The connection to the BIBLE is with BEIT LEHI or BOOK of LEHI who was a prophet of GOD and ministered in JERUSALEM and we have ARCHEOLOGICAL EVIDENCE. This man seems to have disappeared from EUROPE, sailed across the ATLANTIC OCEAN and brought the HEBREWS to NORTH AMERICA.

The stories in the BIBLE about SAMPSON & DELILAH are of SAMPSON using a LEHI, which means jawbone of a DONKEY for which SAMPSON slew thousands of PHILISTINE GIANTS.

Here is the VIDEO titled Beit Lehi, Israel (Translation: The House of Lehi) or BOOK of LEHI.

After LEHI and his sons NEPHI, LAMAN, & LEMUEL sailed across the ATLANTIC OCEAN in and around 600BC, father LEHI dies and the story of the BOOK of MORMON tells the story. The STORY is of the NEPHITES & LAMANITES fighting as to which was greater in the eyes of GOD and or which group was more obedient to GOD and the ten commandments.

After doing some tremendous research we have correlated what MODERN ACADEMIA terms as the HOPEWELL NATIVE AMERICAN INDIANS are in fact these NEPHITES and LAMANITES which are descended from the tribes of ISRAEL.

in the following video titled
Alma 22 Deciphered: Book of Mormon Map and Geography -high def
researchers use the HOPEWELL ARCHEOLOGICAL INFORMATION and overlay that with the BOOK of LEHI INFORMATION and we come up with a stunning MAP of what really transpired in North America.

My concern at this point is to get the message out but also to relay that there has been a systematic cover-up by ABRAHAM LINCOLN who hired a man named SMITHSON for which the Smithsonian institution is named after, and this man removed land markers that were found written in ANCIENT HEBREW and of course the link to the TRUE NATIVE AMERICAN INDIANS or the people from the tribe of LEHI. BEIT LEHI or the BOOK of LEHI!