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Roger it is imperative that you get this message to the President to immediately allow his Federal Attorney's at Law to file a GOOD CAUSE TERMINATION MOTION in the Federal Circuit Court that will preside over any hearing of the Special Prosecutor and the HEAT will come down on Rod Rosenstein and NOT Jeff Sessions to move for INJUNCTION RELIEF in terminating Bob Mueller Special prosecutor for GOOD CAUSE. Either way this needs to be preserved NOW procedurally to protect the President at any possible APPELLATE level in the future. I am NOT a FEDERAL ATTORNEY but I am a AMICUS CURIAE FEDERAL LEGAL Technician in the state of Washington as under RULE 19 and my advice is FREE and I have reviewed & sheperdized many case precedents dealing with CONSTITUTIONAL PRESIDENTIAL POWERS. Further the TRUMP attorneys can move the ADMINISTRATIVE, CIVIL or CRIMINAL matter to ADMIRALTY court giving the President RELIEF instantaneously!

The following is an EXAMPLE ONLY -

As an Amicus Curiae CONTRACTED FEDERAL Criminal DEFENSE attorney I can state it this way that you have been falsely accused of a CRIME for which you (Farmer G) must be indicted because you are INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY but an investigator says that he needs to see the FINANCIAL RECORDS and AUDIT your Grandmother to prove the false crime that you did not commit. You ask what protections are in place, (THE FEDERAL SCOPE of the CRIMINAL PROBE must be justified and argued before the courts). In the case of Bob Mueller the special prosecutor his SCOPE was limited by the body that apponted him, which is CONGRESS. Legal Case PRECEDENT and it can easily be SHEPERDIZED is the FISHING EXPEDITION (a legal term) in a WITCH HUNT (another legal term). This was all decided by the SUPREME COURT. Donald J TRUMP has never even been the target of an INVESTIGATION, nor has he been indicted and yet they want to AUDIT his GRANDMOTHERS, MOTHERS, DAUGHTERS, SONS finances! WHY, not because he is hiding anything but because that is why you REMAIN SILENT because THEY (Investigators & Law Enforcement ) documents and are then allowed to use anything YOU say against you in court. JAY SEKULOW & MARC Kasowitz have already filed a MOTION in Federal Court making NOTIFICATION of this WITCH HUNT & FISHING EXPEDITION for a person not charged with a CRIME, the President! Even a Special Prosecutor can't go FISHING for a CRIME, he must have a crime and then apply FEDERAL CRIMINAL or CIVIL or Administrative STATUTE in a MOTION before the courts. All of this is known as the PROCEDURAL ELEMENT and no matter what the Main Stream Media lies about there arte process in place to protect the INNOCENT like Donald J TRUMP & YOU (Farmer G).

Debbie Wasseman Schultz and the AWAN brothers have been arrested for ESPIONAGE. The ESPIONAGE entails the UNMASKING of Republican names in FISA court documents and very high level Obama Aides are being sought for arrest now as WARRANTS are being issued to ultimately include the Violation of the Records ACT by Hillary Clinton & Huma Abedin. The Russia Counter Intelligence operation at the @FBI is a complete success so far and pressure is being applied to flip the colluders. So I am being proven right in stating that the only COLLUSION going on was between the DEMOCRATIC CAMPAIGN and RUSSIAN HACKERS of the DNC Server and the Clinton EX Secretary of state illegally set up server.

This is a LINK to an article listing all of the DEMOCRAT CRIMINALS in 2015,16,17 -

The story of the Awan Brothers

BREAKING NEWS TRUMP 7/28/17: Circa- FBI lawyer allegedly under investigation

@POTUS The Presidents DIRECTIVE to Assistant Attorney General Rosenstein will be as follows - 1. GOOD CAUSE MOTION before the Federal Circuit Court and one issue only would be the MEMO SCHEME cooked up by James Comey & Robert Mueller over whine and or work and it does not matter if the potential existed Bob Mueller MUST RECUSE or be removed for GOOD CAUSE. CNN FAKE NEWS keeps reporting that President Donald J Trump is worried about Bob Mueller getting his taxes but that is NOT true. The President is worried that GOVERNMENT is trying to make AUDITING the ENTIRE Family a justification on a RUSSIAN CRIMINAL PROBE because the DNC server was hacked by RUSSIANS. The ATTORNEY'S for TRUMP are forced to intervene and request immediaate INJUNCTION in to all these MATTERS and a FEDERAL INJUNCTION COURT JUSTICE will DECIDE whether BOb Mueller is LET GO for GOOD CAUSE DETERMINATION!

There is a LEGAL CASE PRECEDENT for which SUPREME COURT & others have made opinion stating that a WITCH HUNT would be like trying to look into the finances of all of Donald J TRUMP'S children because the RUSSIANS hacked the DNC server and we think that a Special Prosecutor should have that power and that is known as a FISHING EXPEDITION. Everyone is INNOCENT Until Proven GUILTY Beyond Reasonable Doubt in any Criminal DUE PROCESS but the target must be indicted and charges filed against for which there is NO AUTHORITY vested from the EXECUTIVE CMDR & CHIEF to Bob Mueller the Special Prosecutor to Audit any financial records of any TRUMP ADMINISTRATION OFFICIALS and this would be called BEYOND SCOPE a legal term to a FEDERAL JUDGE!

We are going to REPEAL & REPLACE OBAMACARE with TRUMPCARE, Right? WRONG! The Republicans can't PASS HEALTHCARE for Citizens or provide you with a JOB and you can't keep your doctor. The BILLIONAIRES are playing with the little people again and they call YOU SHEEPLE. They are putting dried baby blood in pharmaceutical products, vaccines and food chain and we have EVIDENCE.

BAAL or BA-EL or CANA-BA-EL wants your blood and your soul and he is manipulating the BILLIUONAIRES who want to SACRIFICE YOU to him, MOLOCH SATAN SOBO-EL SAMHAIN the Devil and real fallen Angel of GOD! Remember the Anti-CHRIST on Earth does the bidding of MOLOCH SATAN SOBO-EL SAMHAIN the Devil who is a fallen Angel and the others are locked inside MT Hurran or HORAN in a chamber known as the Halls of Amenti.  

Presidents roundtable on JOBS  and he says if you want to work you can, well sorry that is BULLSHIT!

All for what $7.50 an hour if you can get it! There are NO JOBS in my town and it is overrun by illegal immigrants working illegally in fish processing centers in Westport Washington state. ICE is to busy to go to the TACOMA SWAP MEET where the illegal immigrants actually live and sell their stuff. The OWNER of the property in TACOMA WASHINGTON state loves illegal immigrants and they all pay rent to him. I mean I believe in Donald J TRUMP but what has he done for me, absolutely NOTHING. I still can't access American Lake Veterans Administration even with my HONORABLE DISCHARGES and half my face blown off from Wasabi Pakistan and NOW they have messed up my DOCTOR in OBUMMER CARE, she went to Canada to get paid. It's a SHIT SHOW for average american citizens!
When you put this whole thing together you will find out that it is the "QUEEN of ENGLAND" who owns NBC and is at WAR with President Donald J Trump through the Main Stream Media and it is known as the ILLUMINATTI vs the CHOSEN ONE = code name CYRUS the GREAT = Donald J Trump (repeating time).

NBC and Brian Willaims have a NEW LINE about there being a RUSSIAN OFFICIAL at the Trump; Jr meeting that was NOT disclosed. This is FAKE NEWS again because there was NO RUSSIAN OFFICIAL but a man who does DEALS for RUSSIA, YES, but he is NOT EX RUSSIAN OFFICIAL either. Like I am stating here NBC Can't get there sources and or their own story straight.

Jay Sekulow, Alan Dershowitz, Mark Kasowitz, Michael Cohen and many FEDERAL ATTORNEY's are beginning to see the Special Prosecutor Bob Mueller Authority of RUSSIAN INVESTIGATION will derive from the QUEEN of ENGLAND paying to FISH for the FINANCIAL RECORDS of the TRUMP Family. I first heard of this as NBC is reporting that they are going after IVANKA TRUMP'S financials now in the NON EXISTENT INVESTIGATIONS both Counter FBI and Special Prosecutor Bob Mueller RUSSIA (MATTERS LOL)  INVESTIGATIONS.

The KEY to the UNDERSTANDING of what is going on is that the ILLUMINATTI NBC The Queen of England wants to control the WORLD and she CAN'T with Donald J TRUMP in the WAY! This is a BILLIONAIRE WAR to include PBS, NBC, ABC, CBS, NBC vs President Donald J TRUMP Administration.

In my humble opinion you have to ask yourself why do the JUDGES wear BLACK ROBES and incite incantations procedures to gain standing of Authority and wave a MAGIC WAND?

Both the DEMOCRATS & the REPUBLICANS are pawns in this huge BILLIONAIRE WAR and are using the LAW and LEGAL SYSTEM which is being corrupted by CONGRESS OBSTRUCTION of GOVERNMENT!

Again MSNBC is reporting FAKE NEWS! Donald Trump Jr & Jared Kushner met with an attorney that was representing the FUSION GPS company of the United States of America but funded by a RUSSIAN BANK and in advance of that meeting there was no mention of a RUSSIAN representative of any RUSSIAN bank! However, the DEMOCRATS used #CIA #FBI #NSA resources to SURVEIL the meeting. The same entity then uses a process of Special Prosecution to request the EVIDENCE. The EVIDENCE is the SURVEILLANCE TAPES that were of this meeting between Jared Kushner & Donald Trump Jr but the funny part is that the meeting was recorded by the Main Stream Media #NBC who has twisted this into a WITCH HUNT of the #DEEPSTATE for President Donald J TRUMP. The NARRATIVE that the RUSSIANS infiltrated and hacked our elections is the FACT that the DNC server was HACKED by RUSSIANS! However Debbie Wasserman Schultz SUBPOENAED testimony on this subject is in direct controversy with HOUSE INTELLIGENCE testimony from JEH JOHNSON former Department of Homeland Security! ALL of this is about the FAKE NEWS #NBC created  of the "PHONY STEELE DOSSIER" that never existed on President Donald J TRUMP!

OK I get so pissed off about this point, IT IS NOT a TRUMP RUSSIAN INVESTIGATION! It is a RUSSIAN INVESTIGATION by at 1st the FBI and now the Special Prosecutor Bob Mueller. In that regard get this straight you sheeple that are morons who don't understand the LAW - Barak Obama, Loretta Lynch, Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, IMRAN AWAN, AWAN Brothers,  John Podesta, Huma Abedin, & James COMEY have COLLUDED and the EVIDENCE is becoming crystal clear. #1 is they won't let law enforcement look at the DNC server that was hacked by the Russians and are now being SUBPOENAED and already testimony conflicts between JEH JOHNSON DHS Law Enforcement Debbie Wasserman Schultz the lying criminal!

TO: @POTUS @AlanDersh @JaySekulow @MichaelCohen @MarkKasowitz @JeffSessions @ABC @NBC @CBS @PBS @CNN @FOX @reaslAlexJones @InfoWars
FROM: Federal Officer CMDR Gregory M Volz - @DoD

Laying out a case for OBSTRUCTION of JUSTICE against the individuals involved in COLLUSION with Russia would be the following legal elements -

1. Barak Obama has hidden CLASSIFIED material in his presidential library which is needed in both the @FBI & Special Prosecutor @BobMueller Criminal Investigations for which we have an EVIDENTUARY LETTER of denial from Freedom of Information ACT request stating such.

2. Loretta Lynch met with Bill Clinton on the airport tarmac  for which it was formulated there would be NO CRIMINAL INTENT established in Hillary Clinton's mind thereby she could not be charged.

3. Hillary Clinton set up a SERVER in her basement as well as at the DNC which was hacked by the RUSSIANS we now know for a fact because of JEH JOHNSON testimony for the DNC refusal to patch the vulnerability. The CLINTON FOUNDATION financial records indicate a sale of PLUTONIUM to RUSSIA for which is DIRECT EVIDENCE.

4. James Comey may or may NOT be a COLLUSION individual if he turned everything over to Special Prosecutor Bob Mueller, but he still had an obligation to NOTIFY for which he did Loretta Lynch & later President Trump and she made clear her intent not to hold Hillary Clinton accountable for her CRIMINAL INTENT.

FOIA request being denied by FEDERAL GOVERNMENT because OBAMA put all CLASSIFIED into his LIBRARY. The FOIA people send out letters stating this fact. We need REPUBLICAN LEGISLATION immediately to circumvent this scenario from ever happening again and that is called SUNSHINE LAWS or TRANSPARENCY in GOVERNMENT!

How do you know that the NSA with their surveillance techniques didn't have the President & James Comey recorded? Now if a TRANSCRIPT is released of the conversation between James Comey & President Donald J Trump then you will eat your words won't you. Further Julliane Assange has indicated that the LEAKER has supplied him with this transcript and both CNN & NBC know it! This is what the government is worried about and it is called the DEEPSTATE NSA CIA FBI. Further you have confused in your own mind that Donald said there were tapes but what he said clearly was that James Comey better HOPE that there are no tapes. Then Donald clearly stated that HE did not RECORD the conversation and that only leaves one possibility that there are tapes but that they are classified TOP SECRET ULTRA UMBRA COSMIC and that the President has been briefed. Now I really work for the Department of Defense as a CMDR doing investigations for the CRIMINAL DIVISION in the Department of Justice and I have direct knowledge in FISA court that SURVEILLANCE has taken place by several administrations. If you really want to know how the case is progressing on the RUSSIA FBI Investigation you had better look at the legal elements laid out in my article -

FEDERAL SUBPOENA POWER by FEDERAL ATTORNEY'S at LAW Mark Kasowitz, Jay Sekulow, Alan Dershowitz, Michael Cohen in either CIVIL or CRIMINAL FEDERAL INVESTIGATIVE CASES can obtain this information under penalty of crime for withholding any EVIDENCE of CRIME! Also, FEDERAL SUBPOENA POWER by United States House of Congress members with SUBPOENA POWER under ADMINISTRATIVE LAW. There is definitely an OBSTRUCTION CASE being made by DREEBIN & MUELLER for Loretta Lynch, Hillary Clinton, James Comey who are all complicit in COLLUSION. There is NO EVIDENCE that anybody in the TRUMP ADMINISTRATION COLLUDED with RUSSIA, again NO EVIDENCE, no matter what CNN NBC ABC CBS PBS or FOX say! EVIDENCE has very strict parameters for acceptance in courts of LAW. ADMINISTRATIVE, CIVIL, CRIMINAL, FAMILY MATTER, ESTATE PLANNING TAXATION, BUREAU of INDIAN AFFAIRS & ADMIRALTY are all areas of LAW with STATUTE for potential prosecution or RELIEF. Did you know that you were born in water in the womb which is admiralty and that is where you gave your rights up when you accepted CITIZENSHIP. HOWEVER, a few men to include me CMDR Gregory M Volz with ADMIRATY JURIS DOCTORATE in CONSTITUTIONAL LAW. ASK FOLEY, DREEBIN or DERSHOWITZ! The thing about this is that the President has the highest AUTHORITY and can demand relief from the courts and they must provide it under ADMIRALTY LAW!

is it TIME to ask Assistant Attorney General to FIRE MUELLER?

99% Real News Says YES!

(Do you hear the people sing) Trump Anthem -

BREAKING NEWS - Mark Kasowitz, ATTORNEY for TRUMP, files for Production of Documents from WIKILEAKS Julianne Assange for the TRANSCRIPT recordings of James Comey & President Donald J Trump.

The @CIA @NSA @FBI are all aware that the IPHONE RECORDINGS were made of the conversations between President Donald J Trump & EX FBI Director James Comey. There is NOW PROOF that a hidden SOURCE has turned over the "TAPES" in TRANSCRIPTED form to WIKILEAKS Julianne Assange.

BOB MUELLER & JAMES COMEY developed MEMO SCHEME and again CIA, NSA & FBI have EVIDENCE & PROOF! Looks like the COLLUSION for DEEPSTATE Operation Memo Scheme is NOT going to work to bring President Donald J Trump down! The CRIMINAL OBSTRUCTION CASE will be filed against Hillary Clinton, James Comey, Loretta Lynch & Barak Obama. 

According to Alan Dershowitz and Mark Kasowitz there are many FEDERAL CONSTITUTIONAL issues with the pursuit of the President of the United States for Abuse of Power or Obstruction by Bob Mueller the Special Prosecutor since the original pursuit was based upon the FBI RUSSIAN INVESTIGATION for which CONGRESS OVERSIGHT does not know even existed which is another LIE by James Comey!

The President of the United States of America is a very tactful man and he conducts himself like that all the time. He is like a MOB BOSS, but better than that We all know who Donald J TRUMP is, and he doesn't take any BULLSHIT or POLITICAL CORRECTNESS!

Currently there is a DEEPSTATE FBI MEMO SCHEME between James Comey & Bob Mueller because we see the linkage. The SENATE Judiciary has been called to investigate the OVERSIGHT and has many questions about this supposed targeted investigation by Special Prosecutor and it's CONSTITUTIONALITY? Alan Deshowitz, Jay Sekulow, Michael Cohen & CMDR Gregor M Volz are all bound by OATH & DUTY to report anything and everything, and that includes YOU HAVE A DUTY to REPORT to the President of the United States of America as a FEDERAL WORKER or OFFICER.

MICHAEL DREEBIN the Criminal Law EXPERT has been selected by the Special Prosecutor to research something about Obstruction of Justice for Bob Mueller.

The "TAPES" have been found that recorded James Comey & President Donald J TRUMP. The "TAPES" have been forwarded to WIKILEAKS and Julianne Assange. We were very skeptical at first until we were supplied with a partial transcript for which WIKILEAKS will be releasing the full transcripts soon!

Corey Lewandowski: James Comey’s Credibility ‘Is Zero Right Now’ | TODAY
Comey is Lying About Hillary - Chris Farrell Judicial Watch

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Stratospheric Aerosolized Injection or SAI = Chemical Trails

The harvesting of human body parts at the MAYO CLINICS and the linkage to the dried blood mixture called chaffe being put into containers onboard aircraft for delivery in your skies called Stratospheric Aerosolized Injection or Chemical Trails is being blown WIDE OPEN. The lawyer in this video presents factual EVIDENCE connecting multiple murders to the CLINTON FOUNDATION and the MAYO CLINICS who harvest body parts. I have stated that the Royal Society, Bill & Melinda Gates, and the Queen of England are funding the weather modification #GEOENGINEERING of the SAI Chemical Trails. 

Do you realize we have now linked the Royal Society, Bill & Melinda Gates, the PHARMACEUTICAL manufacturer working with the MAYO CLINICS and financial transactions from the Clinton Foundation show DRIED EMBRYO BLOOD being put into FOOD Preservatives and this product was added to Aluminum, Barium & Strontium combined in containers on aircraft known as CHAFFE dropped on American Citizens all over the United States of America. I have a CAMBRIDGE REPORT and deep level analysis by REX BAER from the LEAK PROJECT showing the linkage of EVIDENCE and this ties to Debbie Wasserman Schultz and the AWAN Brothers with the Murder of Seth Rich which leads us back to Hillary Clinton and ultimately Barak Obama.

Queen Elizabeth? You are talking about a ninety year old? The most outrageous thing the queen has done of late is to adopt another Corgi! As the head of the Church of England, I doubt Her Majesty would drink dried babies' blood.
Reply 1

Gregory Volz
Archon Harvesting Centers - Real Reason Aborted Baby Cells in Foods & Vaccines - I am positive and have a great deal of EVIDENCE in a CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY REPORT I know you don't research things out but I really need you to read this and put two and two together! Until we can get SENATORS & CONGRESSMEN to understand that the Royal Society on #GEOENGINEERING is in VIOLATION to the CLEAN AIR ACT. It is the QUEEN & the ROTHSCHILD'S doing what they want to in direct contradiction to humanity, but my point is follow the MONEY. If we can get some politicians to buy in to SUE the ROYAL SOCIETY for doing #GEOENGINEERING in VIOLATION of the CLEAN AIR ACT, as of to date I have seen NOTHING stopping these bastards. Take your time on STUDYING this one Climate Change Geo engineering Philosophical Perspectives, Legal Issues, and Governance Frameworks Lab Results Test Positive, Blood Cells Falling From The Skies. Archon Buffet -

@POTUS @INTERIOR These are the LAWS & ACTS that are in VIOLATION by the illegal CONTRACTORS doing #GEOENGINEERING!

The Department of the @Interior is hereby NOTIFIED that the G20 NATO Climate Accord funding #GEOENGINEERING or the delivery of Chemical Trail Dumps or Stratospheric Aerosolized Injection is in DIRECT CONFLICT & in VIOLATION of LAW with the CLEAN AIR ACT. We have been exhausting REMEDY and filed with our state attorney general criminal division who suggested the MILITARY was involved. Both the Department of Homeland Security and and the Department of Defense became alarmed as to these CONTRACTORS delivering the pollution problem.

I am a AMICUS CURIAE with JURIS DOCTORATE FEDERAL ATTORNEY at LAW and work for the Department of Defense I want to tell you why they #GEOENGINEER. 

1. The military applications include the dropping of aluminum oxide, barium & strontium and have convinced whoever gave them the contract that this enhanced Satellite Image Technology which is used to spy on CHINA & North Korea. 

2. G20 NATO CLIMATE AGREEMENT had them #GEOENGINEER to supposedly reverse INDUSTRIAL POLLUTION and this was there solution at the United Nations. (by the way this is in VIOLATION of the CLEAN AIR ACT). 

3. HIGH level DoD is worried that Extra Terrestrial life that is harmful to our planet and the #GEOENGINEERING helps hide planet Earth from being detected. (this was another excuse for a CONTRACT during Obama Administration).

 There are more BS lines about SAI Stratospheric Aerosolized Injection or Chemical Trails than you can think up. These were all to access a huge pile of TAX money in the EPA but most of the projects are WEATHER MODIFICATION for different purposes. HAARP, ROTHR but a CORPORATION you can target for sure is RAYTHEON, HUGHES AIRCRAFT COMPANY, Bill Melinda Gates Foundation. Until you truly get involved and we could use your help writing letters to Senators to make them aware that there has been a VIOLATION of the CLEAN AIR ACT and definitely file a complaint with your states Attorney General even for the REJECTION LETTER as that helps Attorney's EXHAUST REMEDY! 

We have actually gotten INJUNCTION for them to STOP after threatening PILOTS with FEDERAL CRIMINAL PROSECUTION.

There is NO GOVERNMENT SCIENTIST AGREEMENT on GLOBAL WARMING CLIMATE CHANGE! YET there are TRILLIONS of DOLLARS being wasted on the POISONING of Americans by BIOLOGICAL CHEMICAL WEAPONS DROPS by CONTRACTORS who have never NOTIFIED any American Citizen that they are even starting the program, denied it's existence and there has never been SUNSHINE LAW applied to any CONTRACTOR delivering GEO ENGINEERING CHEMICAL POISON TRAIL DUMPING. I now have PROOF that the Attorney General of Washington state criminal division says that they are MILITARY. We have EVIDENCE of illegal CONTRACTS by Department of Interior & Bureau of Land Management as well as National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration. READ MORE LINK HERE...

I know you don't research things out but I really need you to read this and put two and two together! Until we can get SENATORS & CONGRESSMEN to understand that the Royal Society on #GEOENGINEERING is in VIOLATION to the CLEAN AIR ACT. It is the QUEEN & the ROTHSCHILD'S doing what they want to in direct contradiction to humanity, but my point is follow the MONEY. If we can get some politicians to buy in to SUE the ROYAL SOCIETY for doing #GEOENGINEERING in VIOLATION of the CLEAN AIR ACT, as of to date I have seen NOTHING stopping these bastards. Take your time on STUDYING this one Climate Change Geo engineering Philosophical Perspectives, Legal Issues, and Governance Frameworks


Image result for zucker nbc

JEFF ZUCKER is the IDIOT who is running NBC & poisoning YOU or United States American Citizens & if proven their pockets are NOT DEEP ENOUGH and we are filing CRIMINAL CHARGES Federally in every single FEDERAL District Court for the VIOLATION of the CLEAN AIR & WATER ACTS!

CNN's Jeff Zucker Runs From O'Keefe–Afraid of the Truth?

When President TRUMP had the interchange with Jim Acosta from CNN and they talked of the MSM reporting FAKE NEWS, the issue is even worse, NBC the company and its employees are committing VIOLATION of 18 U.S. Code Chap 115 - TREASON, SEDITION, & SUBVERSIVE ACTIVITIES for which I, CMDR Gregory M Volz am putting United States Attorney General & former Senator Jeff Sessions on NOTICE as well as James Mattis our Secretary of Defense that We the People want answers as to why these operations are being conducted on average citizens and why has the current administration NOT SHUT DOWN this illegal activity?

WHO OWNS NBC & MSNBC? WHO HATES USA GOVT & President Donald J Trump? ANSWER Bill Gates! -
  Image result for bill gates melinda gates chemical trails hughes aircraft

Bill Gates & Melinda Gates want to KILL YOU with BIOLOGICAL CHEMICAL TRAIL WEAPONS of NANO PARTICULATE MATTER put in the back end of aircraft and they are poisoning you without approval from the CONGRESS. WAKE UP Sheeple - PROOF BEYOND REASONABLE DOUBT - Class Action for your health dumb asses that will NOT sign a petition to have CONGRESS INVESTIGATE the biggest CONSPIRACY of ALL TIME, the pollution poisoning by CHEM TRAIL Stratospheric Aerosolized Injection of the CLOUDS with POISON to MURDER & KILL YOU STUPID! LOOK UP! ---->----->---> LINK

TO: Jay Inslee Governor & Bob Ferguson the Attorney General of the state of Washington, I AM a Federal Officer and requesting that a CRIMINAL WARRANT be issued against the pilot of the airplane that just dropped BIOLOGICAL CHEMICAL WEAPONS causing me direct causal linkage of my own personal health affects and we have a FEDERAL LAW in multiple federal district courts with CLAIMS & SUIT. 

June 2017 Westport Washington state!

This is what it is doing to me and my dogs!

Over Memorial Day Weekend  2017,  I went to Mt Rainier to get away from it all but the illegal Chemical Trail dumping in VIOLATION of the CLEAN AIR ACT was in full swing. Since I am suffering direct Aluminum, Barium & Strontium poisoning their is causal linkage and we are exhausting remedy and bringing CLASS ACTION against the United States of America in FEDERAL COURT with Dane Wigington! -

ALL YOU TRUMP SUPPORTERS, better understand the nature of
BIOLOGICAL WARFARE in the United States against IRAN +Iran ♥ (ايران) , Russia +Russia Beyond the Headlines , Syria +Syrian Network for Human Rights , CHINA +China Digital Times  & KOREA ! find out more here -


To Eddie Bravo, Joe Rogan & Alex Jones -

Dr Lenny Thyme in this VIDEO says that he believes that the United States Department of Defense are dropping metal chaffe so that EXTRA TERRESTRIALS or ALIENS from Outer Space can't find Earth!

In the following VIDEO Dr Horace Drew states that the EXTRA TERRESTRIALS that have already found us and made contact are communicating that either we DISCLOSE their EXISTENCE or we suffer the consequences of destroying the Earth because the knowledge that the EXTRTA TERRESTRIALS gave was to go to EVERYONE on the planet! That has NOT happened yet but maybe eminent that President TRUMP (DISCLOSE) or release the UFO FILES!

is SAI or Statospheric Aerosolized Injection Chemical Trails REAL?

WHY do the 11th & 2nd FEDERAL DISTRICT COURTS have injunctions against SAI? @RT and the Russians along with Bill Melinda Gates Foundation, NBC, Hughes Aircraft Company, MONSANTO, RAYTHEON are so STUPID with their FAKE NEWS when We the People have EVIDENCE that RUSSIANS are doing the SAI or Stratospheric Aerosolized Injection and the Department of Defense has no capability to STOP the RUSSIANS from flying lower than 22000 ft over the United States Air Space. This is a TRUE BIOLOGICAL WARFARE GAME with RUSSIA, KOREA & CHINA. EVIDENCE PROOF HERE in this LINK -


CHEMICAL TRAILS or Stratospheric Aerosolized Injection SAI DATABASE LINK -

We the People have EVIDENCE that Bill / Melinda Gates through the United States Trade Patent Office has and owns HUGHES AIRCRAFT COMPANY. The Gates Foundation is working with MONSANTO to develop the only known CURE for TOXIC METAL POISONING coming from Stratospheric Aerosolized Injection also known as SAI.


Do you have any of these symptoms RASHES, GUT ACHES, FLU & COLD?

When you go outside is it always a dark cloud cover?

What we know for a FACT so far is that MORGELLONS is brought on by

SOLUTIONS to include POTASSIUM IODIDE, IODINE, EPSOM SALT BATHS, using the OLD BORAX laundry soap, as we TARGET a FUNGAL INFECTION brought on by Electronic Biological Warfare Chemical Trail Dumping also known as #GEOENGINEERING!

EL BASHAR ASSAD is the ANTI CHRIST, the Devil Satan who has PUTIN RUSSIA and the MSM or Main Stream Media along with POLITICIANS arguing while he destroys the planet!

The United States Air Force is also testing an updated version of their MK-ULTRA mind control and after they get the Nano Particulates into your system and that means that you have Aluminum , Barium, Strontium & nano particulate metals inside, the United States Air Force then uses their Satellite to shoot a MICROWAVE BEAM from outer space directed at YOU an unsuspecting United States Citizen. The reason is that they don't like you talking about or thinking about UFO'S, GIANTS and of course MIND CONTROL. 

I personally have been poisoned with metals and subjected to their particle beam weapons. 

We are all poisoned by the illegal dumping of chemicals Barium, Aluminum, Strontium and other nasty nano particulate matter that was developed by MONSANTO who is working in collaboration with Bill / Melinda Gates Foundation with CONTRACTS going to the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration, the United States Air Force and the Department of the INTERIOR who have CONTRACTS to dump these chemicals across the United States of America on unsuspecting CITIZENS. I began to feel tremendous health problems and they describe it as a CHEM TRAIL FLU, but the truth is we have had Doctors analyze the findings for which I have provided the best VIDEOS here on this page. If you are suffering health problems related to CHEM TRAIL FLU which NO ANTI-BIOTICS will cure and you must watch the video Is Chem Trail Flu Real with Dr. Ed Group. There is a SOLUTION video called CHEMTRAIL Do you have it, find out here where you can get something that binds to the NANO particulate matter. I would like to state here that the Government was sold a bill of goods and is destroying land permanently. MY GREATEST CONCERN is that +POTUS ㅤ +Donald J. Trump for President recognizes this as his internal THREAT to his administration and MONSANTO, HUGHES AIRCRAFT COMPANY & Bill / Melinda Gates really want to #geoengineer TRUMP out of office. There are literally millions of people overwhelming the hospitals with symptoms that are not cured with standard anti-biotics. My thoughts are these sir and I highly suggest you talk with Michael Cohen right away on this, but we can take any CIVIL ACTION and move for JURISDICTIONAL AUTHORITY under Maritime Law and gain INSTANT RELIEF through the Federal Courts by of course a true Maritime Admiralty Officer, like me CMDR Gregory M Volz, however I suggest taking this to the THINK TANK and determining outcome after much input from Alan Dershowitz, Michael Cohen & Jay Sekulow. To come forward to the American People after stopping these, in my OPINION, illegal CONTRACTS with the Air Force, NOAA & Dept of INTERIOR! This Shadow Government is real sir and they mean to take you down. I am sorry for my outburst on video complaining about NO VA but this issue would take precedent. 

This video makes sense when you understand who the SHADOW GOVERNMENT that is trying to corrupt the TRUMP ADMINISTRATION is and that again is Bill / Melinda Gates, Hughes Aircraft Company & MONSANTO with the #geoengineering of Stratospheric Aerosolized Injection - SAI (NANO PARTICULATE that only Monsanto can cure get it!) and the Global Elite all buy the STOCK!

EVIDENCE going before the Federal District Courts

Connection between HUGHES AIRCRAFT COMPANY & Bill / Melinda Gates Foundation

POSSIBLE SOLUTION if you have the CHEM TRAIL FLU in your body!
TO ORDER the Product Cure & we make NO MONEY off this -

If after reading this article you wish to PROTEST here is the LINK to your SENATOR so please call them and tell them to STOP the SPRAYING of AEROSOLIZED ALUMINUM as it is causing destruction of our Atmosphere or the Air we breathe! LINK HERE -

Save these links, absorb the VIDEOS, and share the links with friends and family.

We are called Northwest UFO Chasers

I suggest several things -

CONTACT YOUR Senator tell them Stratospheric Aerolization Injection MUST END NOW! -


As far as the GLOBAL WARMING THEORY, the Earth is in a 26,000 yr elliptical orbit around the SUN and when the Earth gets close FIRE or ARMAGEDDON and the Ice Melts then when the Earth is at its farthest location in the elliptical orbit ICE FROZEN PLANET soon to be a FLOOD. This elliptical orbit takes 26,000 years also known as a KALI YUGA cycle of time for which the CHRIST comes to HU-MAN(s) and NOT NEANDERTHAL.

The illegal Weather Modification CONTRACTS by NOAA & Clinton Global Initiative to do #GEOENGINEERING of planet Earth pursuant to Global Warming are coming to an END, THANK GOD!

February 21st 2017 - AEROSOLIZED Aluminum & Barium

Please join me in praying to the LORD that GOD'S will be done. I point out that GOD covenanted with MAN by creating the Earth which provides an ATMOSPHERE to grow fruit bearing shrubs and trees for food to eat. MAN who has become corrupted is now destroying his own ATMOSPHERE by putting AEROSOLIZED ALUMINUM into it under several pre-texts of which I as a PROPHET of GOD know to be EVIL for whatever reason, weather modification to make it rain or now so that they can stop GLOBAL WARMING by blotting out the SUN with this blanket of material. The other context was a military application to enhance RADAR for in coming nuclear threat. All of these reasons in my opinion are NOT JUSTIFIED and I feel the LORD crying out to me and I truly feel like CHRIST when he said FATHER THEY KNOW NOT WHAT THEY DO! Neither YOU or I have any power except to pray to GOD that his will be done and I have seen it many times in my life for it is called a miracle the way GOD blinds others and they turn there heads for an instant and GOD allows what his will is to be done whatever that might be. OH how I have struggled with the story of JOB and suffered until I wish NOT to suffer any more and that means turn it over to GOD and let GOD'S will be done and I feel he will battle this EVIL and stop these oppressors. There is so much OPPRESSION in the world it makes me think that the ANTI-CHRIST is or has arrived and gaining power. SO I PRAY! I HOPE YOU PRAY TOO!

Sometimes I blame the past when my health gets out of control and say things I regret and my disability causes me great distress for which others want to LOVE me but I must let go and LOVE GOD. I need this time to reflect on GOD and the dogs no matter how wonderful they seem like children with constant pulling and demanding take me away from that pursuit. I am NOT trying to make things right with GOD, for GOD sees all and knows all about me but as the PROPHETS before me YASHUA said that we would suffer in his name.

It is time we understood who are enemy is and we can only PRAY for that enemy is ANGRY at GOD and wishes us to be FRUSTRATED and ANGRY along with SATAN but that is the trap I circle through without stopping to realize I need in that very instant to turn it over to GOD. It is so hard for me to let go and let GOD'S will be done on Earth as it is in HEAVEN for this is the lesson we are here to learn.

I want to pick up a sword and fight for GOD against the EVIL but that may NOT be GOD's WILL.

SO PRAY with me as I begin to study CHRIST and his walk in the desert when he talked to SATAN and was tempted for I may think I know and YOU may think you know but it is time to take a good hard look at what transpired in the DESERT for YASHUA Jesus the Messiah EMMANU-EL

Also I would like you to know the story of the PISTIS SOPHIA and get your opinion.

I am going to refrain from calling on the phone as it is the devils tool and I find frustration in it and I would rather write to you. I believe this is a much better way to communicate my true feelings and intentions.

You already have failed because not one of you bastards tells me why the veterans administration keeps denying my service to this country and I'm tired of pods of whales dying and flocks of different species of birds while you clamour over trump

THADD Terminal High Altitude Area Defense

Operation Dome Force Protection is the name of the illegal #geoengineering CONTRACT by Bill Gates & United States Government dropping aircraft pollution on all of us!

If YOU are an individual state OUT LOUD that YOU have FREE WILL and DO NOT ACCEPT their EVIL DUMPING of Aircraft Pollutant for De-Population.

— Northwest UFO Chaser (@NWUFOCHASERS) January 8, 2017

+ABC World News Tonight +NBC News +CBS Evening News +CNN +Fox News +Donald J. Trump for President +DonaldJTrumpUpdates

George Soros, Bill & Melinda Gates, Warren Buffett are in VIOLATION of 18 U.S. Code Chap 115 - TREASON, SEDITION, & SUBVERSIVE ACTIVITIES and here is why and how -
George Soros

Bill & Melinda Gates with Warren Buffett

We now have EVIDENCE in both Video Format and Picture format as well as uncovering a National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration CONTRACT to do #GEOENGINEERING of planet Earth. The Department of Defense was sold a LIE about being able to make it rain, but the UN DESIGNATED WHITE aircraft are now flying their aircraft lower than 22,000 feet and targeting innocent citizens with Aircraft Chemical Pollution that contains Aluminum & Barium.

This is NO CONSPIRACY THEORY and goes to the heart of the matter & why NBC owned by Bill & Melinda Gates has threatened to fire Morning Joe, Jim Acosta and any other employee not towing the line and causing disruption and chaos for President TRUMP.

I have NOTIFIED the President & the Department of Defense and I work for Secretary of Defense James Mattis as a AMICUS CURIAE Federal Officer on CONTRACT.

The NSA & CIA seems to be involved and I have sources within Ft Detrick Maryland who have admitted the NEFARIOUS NATURE because they are being threatened to LOSE their JOBS if they DO NOT commit this SUBVERSIVE TREASONOUS VIOLATIONS against are president and Hillary Clinton, George Soros, Bill & Melinda Gates as well as Warren Buffett are all behind this effort to remove the President of the United States of America.

They have gone to great links to try and HARM Citizens and here are just some of the PHOTOS taken over the last months.

For MORE got to my article 

Weather Modification equals CLIMATE CHANGE - 

You already have failed because not one of you bastards tells me why the veterans administration keeps denying my service to this country and I'm tired of pods of whales dying and flocks of different species of birds while you clamour over Trump.

+POTUS ㅤ  +Donald J. Trump for President -  Ft Wainright Alaska the individuals Rick Barnhill, Erik Eichost & Gary Schuster have gone rougue and are working for +Department of Defense on these illegal CONTRACTS to deliver Aluminum & Barium & also known as Aircraft Pollution called Chemical Trails to unsuspecting citizens under the current approval of Secretary of Defense James Mattis, WHY?

and by the way YOUR stupid Veterans Administration keeps taunting me telling me that they are there to help when the CRISIS LINE has been recorded telling me to go commit SUICIDE and this BULLSHIT ARTISTS says he works for the VA with twitter handle , and I 

I know I am on to this because they came over my house like 15 of them today after complaining to these entities @B4INChemtrails @ChemtrailsNews @CAchemtrails @Chem_trails @Chemtrails_818 @Chemtrail_Watch 

The FOLLOWING PICTURES were taken on CHRISTmas day 2016. When will a SENATOR with some IMPORTANCE tell the American People what in the hell are they doing dropping this aircraft pollution right over our houses. When we call law enforcement everybody just laughs and its really getting sickening. +Senator Elizabeth Warren +Senator Doug Black +Sen. Rand Paul +Senator Bob Casey +Senator Chris Murphy +Senator Patty Murray +Congressman Xavier Becerra +Congressman Stephen Fincher +Congressman Steve Chabot +Congressman Francisco "Quico" Canseco 

February 7th 2017

January 2nd 2017 Northwest Coast Alaska Washington state

#GEOENGINEERING funded by Bill Gates & +Raytheon 

September 23rd 2015 Violating 91.119 Minimum safe altitudes; general - now they are doing this right over my house you bastards and here is the evidence and all I do is laugh because the ILLUMINATTI is so upset!

August 26th What are they now sending United States Citizens a MESSAGE? 

What the "HELL" is any Senator or politician doing about the POLLUTION coming from these undesignated aircraft? +Potus +DonaldTrump#Braaaah +Hillary Clinton +BernieSanders2016 Senator Kay Hutchison 

August 23rd in the afternoon near Ocean Shores there were two UN DESIGNATED WHITE aircraft emitting a white POLLUTION delivering a trail across the sky. 

I DO NOT KNOW if Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton are BILDERBERG ILLUMINATISTS who worship the god MOLOCH that requires CHILD SACRIFICE. Same Policy Issue surrounding ABORTIONS and Fetal Organ Harvesting or the JUSTICE Department wasting money on CHILD SEX Trafficking. All SUBJECTS the BILDERBERG ILLUMINATIST'S to include Weather Modification conducted on United States Citizens and human species!

The first question I have is, Who is in control of our Air Space because it certainly is not the Air Force! They are allowing UN DESIGNATED WHITE Air Craft to emit a WHITE POLLUTION over the skies in Washington state! If the military is under CONTRACT, then these CONTRACTS need to CEASE! #TRUMP #CLINTON #OBAMA

This POLLUTION has modified the weather and is causing FLOODS, EARTHQUAKES, & STORMS! Whoever it is thinks THEY (and WHO are THEY?), the ones who are taking orders from the ILLUMINATTI which worships MOLOCH the CANAANITE GOD who demanded child sacrifice. GOD came to Earth and wiped out the Canaanites once already with a flood. National Geographic and Dr Spencer Wells are doing marker analysis on human genomes to determine the existence of the Angels of the one true GOD being extra terrestrials from Andromeda which is really HEAVEN and talked about in the Nag Hammadi and Books of ENOCH. The temples that were built by Solomon and David in ISRAEL are the same plans delivered to EZEKIEL. The ILLUMINATISTS know this ! The ones (known as the BILDERBERG GROUP to include the BUSH & CLINTON names) who worship MOLOCH in the BOHEMIAN GROVE in Northern California. When I write about the ILLUMINATI they threaten with the CHEMTRAILS from above which are their fog disbursement mechanism to KILL US ALL! The #HAILSTROM initiative was a mandate that came out of the United Nations security counsel if the WORLD was attacked by extra terrestrials. 

Weather modification is the title to the pollution that is coming from jet aircraft it is known as chemtrails. The pollution or chemical trail that you called condensation trails that was coming from jets that are circumnavigating the globe is now disrupting the magneto sphere and the ionosphere and destroying our atmosphere and when that happens we are all dead.

The President of the United States understands the secret Senate Intelligence subcommittee hearings on weather modification and the programs known as HARP and ROTHR the United States military and their plans to modify the ionosphere disrupting the magneto sphere using what they call weather modification.

Weather Modification

After a 35 year career in Intelligence for the Department of Defense to let you know that the government believes that a Advanced Terrestrial Intelligence created the ATMOSPHERE which then works with the MAGNETOSPHERE and an IONOSPHERE.

Illegal Weather Modification with pictures of planes dropping Aluminum & Barium with CHEMTRAILS

These are the SECRET Black Operational Programs by the United States Government that works with the ADVANCED TERRESTRIALS, EXTRA TERRESTRIALS & the United States Department of Defense at the Pentagon.





The WEATHER MODIFICATION Senators wont tell you the truth but the facts are that we sold JETS to CHINA, RUSSIA, IRAN with WEATHER MODIFICATION technology built in and THEY are now cir cum navigating the Earth delivering Aluminum and Barium as a FOG DISBURSEMENT that ultimately works in coordination with an ILLUMINATI PLOT to include HAARP ROTHR with TTY cabling under the ocean. The PENTAGON BLACK Operational Weather Modification is designed to work with genetically engineered & modified HUMAN organisms or GEMHO's!

All the Senators on the committee still continue to say that CHEMTRAILS DO NOT EXIST, so We the People have provided proof!

2014 -

Then the RAIN COMES and we repeat this cycle. 

The MUCOSA in your body is sticky and thickened by this FOG DISPERSEMENT.


these are REPUBLICAN SENATORS that are being paid by the ULTRA WEALTHY in coordination with the MILITARY to drop BARIUM / ALUMINUM in clouds to create rain and weather modification. This is what has led to TORNADOES, HURRICANES & FLOODING all over JUST THE UNITED STATES. The same weapons can cause EARTHQUAKES, IE Japan. Wake up sheeple and e-mail your Senator if you feel ILL and the weather is BAD all the time now. Then when you see a blue sky it only lasts a short while after watching these friggin jets drop the BARIUM from backends. CLOUDS come next day and they are keeping this all a SECRET at the NSA. 

The SECRET HAARP facilities are located on the same longitudinal line all the way around the planet. The facilities shoot TERRA WATTAGE into the IONOSPHERE to produce weather pattern changes and EARTHQUAKES at directed targets. Some of those targets are Katrina, Sandy, TORNADOES, FLOODS? HAARP - Don't you find it IRONIC that the Federal Government named their home loan program after HARP after we complained about weather modification with PROOF! Secret Weather Modification OPS = Operations

This always leads into the NEGATIVE so watch out for the ARCHONS and there MIND MANIPULATION, BUT, if you look on a BLUE SKY day there are nothing but CHEMTRAIL JETS DUMPING WEATHER MODIFICATION with LRAD HAARP FREQUENCY TO MANIPULATE YOUR MIND! Now the ILLUMINATI that is ORGANIZED is working through the PENTAGON funding SECRET BLACK OPERATIONAL SECRET SPACE CORPS UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT CONTRACTS. We are not the ANNUNAKI or the ANGELS - we are a genetically modified human race. The ANGELS have won and fought this battle in past KALI YUGA CYCLES. Just put baking soda and vinegar in any PYRAMID and watch the HYDROGEN REACTION push the water out the spouts and symbolizes the projection of the SOUL or LIGHT BODY through outerspace - which is where you are ultimately going to go so get READY!

Please don't just believe me - WE have listed the GPS coordinates of the HAARP, LRAD & ROTHR devices. These are the tools of the ILLUMINATI. Both the Angels of GOD and the ANNUNAKI have battled with the ILLUMINATI. The 33rd degree MASON contracted a treaty with extraterrestrials, thousands of years ago. They put your SOULS / LIGHT BODIES on the line for FREEWILL and no interaction on their part until DEC 12 2012 at 12:00AM PST. 

Washington State - FRIDAY HARBOR

I walk outside to enjoy a beautiful summer day and I look into the sky and it is like THEY (the ILLUMINATI or whoever is in control of this NEFARIOUS GOVERNMENT MILITARY ACTION) are sending us a message. There were two jets dumping something, with these long white contrails. Not just one but like multiple crop dusters these two jets were dumping their crap all over. These jets are wasting fuel by dumping it on all of us and screwing with our minds because they have loaded these jets with chemicals. All I could think was - if they decide to wipe us out that is how they are going to do it. They are just going to dump a true TOXIN on all of us. 

So here is the pattern, a BEAUTIFUL CLEAR BLUE SEATTLE SKY. Then a jet or two together come across the sky and these white con trails are left of which I am sure if you have looked into the sky that you know exactly what I am referring to. Then a few hours later the skies accumulate with white cumulus rain clouds. Then supposedly by sheer coincidence this stuff ends up on our outlying grass.

I know that there are a lot of conspiracy theories on this subject matter. This is just a small amount of EVIDENCE that is leading to a bigger picture of human manipulation. 

If you do not call or write or message your SENATOR & CONGRESSMAN and tell them we are tired of watching them waste this money in the military or on private contractors in GOVERNMENT CONTRACTS then you are accepting the FACT and EVIDENCE that THEY are trying to kill us all. 

VIDEO EVIDENCE provided by the Northwest UFO Chasers VIDEO LIBRARY -

HAARP - High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program

ROTHR - Relocatable Over the Horizon Radar


I was stationed on TREASURE ISLAND in the NAVY and I wrote Half Grey, a story about the island. There was an Admirals home that was beautiful but we were dosed with chemicals and forced out of the military involuntarily. They have never acknowledged this publicly but our team did some bad ass stuff with Under Water Demolition known as the UDTs. Nose cups, wet suits, oxygen breathing apparatus, dolphins, and the beautiful waters near Bremerton Washington. Advanced projects were in the interchange of communication between species ultimately analyzed for patterning in a super computer. HAARP & ROTHR are actually the communication device that blasts high energy wattage in a pulsing factor at the constellation of ORION. The elites have tried to keep all of this a SECRET from YOU. The massive amounts of energy they are blasting into the IONOSPHERE is causing weather pattern disruption. The EARTHQUAKES, TORNADOES, TSUNAMIS, HURRICANES ARE BEING CREATED by the SCIENTISTS who are working for ultimately the ILLUMINATI but are playing with technology of the GODS?

VIDEO EVIDENCE provided by the Northwest UFO Chasers VIDEO LIBRARY -

For anyone still “on the fence” about weather modification / manipulation :

all links below should satisfy MOST questions: save the pdf’s before they’re gone for good from the net!

HAARP patent:
weather modification COMPANIES in operation today inside the USA:

example of the HAARP RING anomalies we’ve been witnessing: